Thanks to everyone who joined in on our last Stargate tweetstorm.  Although the aim wasn’t really to trend, we did nonetheless place in the Top 10 in France, Germany, and Canada, and ended up showing in the U.S., U.K., and Worldwide trends.  So well done.  The potential homes of a new series were blasted with a reminder that Stargate fandom is out there – and very much looking forward to a new in-canon series.  The rest is up to them…

Came across this nice little article the other day:


Dark Matter is a mind-bending space drama that’s totally bingeable

“It’s gripping viewing right from the start, in part because the storytelling displays a confidence that you don’t always see in mystery-heavy series like this. It’s not just that it feels like the show already knows the answers to the big questions; it feels like the pathway to those answers is clear – to the showrunners, if not the characters themselves.”

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did have a plan – for every story and character arc.

“Part of what makes Dark Matter so satisfying to watch is the way that it doesn’t let questions pile up. Some of the mysteries in the first episode are answered later in the same episode; others turn out to be questions that hang over the first season, and sometimes over the show’s entire three season run.

And no sooner are some questions answered than new ones come to the fore. What’s going on behind that mysterious locked door? Why is there a murdered teenage boy in the cargo hold? And most importantly of all, it’s clear that it was one of the six who tampered with their stasis pods and wiped their memories – but which one and why?”

Man, this article made me all sorts of nostalgic.  So much so that I’m considering organizing a fan re-watch of the series during which I’ll offer up behind the scenes pics, videos, and trivia on every episode.  Who’s interested?

Behind the scenes fun on Dark Matter – Jodelle Ferland and Zoie Palmer edition:

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9 thoughts on “January 27, 2020: Tweetstorm, Dark Matter and #AmazingPeopleWithWhomIHaveWorked!

  1. Definitely count me in for a Dark Matter fan re-watch! And may the Stargate Tweetstorm catch fire throughout the world!

  2. A lovely article, indeed.

    The Tweetstorm was good fun! Glad to hear that the numbers held up. We did our best. On that front, why do you feel like network or cable TV wouldn’t have any interest in a new SG series? Star Trek and Doctor Who are still on regular TV networks.

    Did your mum’s appointment go well? I hope she is well on her way to being healed.

  3. I really need you to find a home for the last two seasons of Dark Matter. The universe is incomplete without them.

  4. Awe, Martin Gero. You didn’t mention his finest production… “Road To Dream” Featurette on the Season 2 DVD. I was laughing sooooo hard I could not hear. Better than Broadway! 🙂

  5. You forgot the wonderful Martin Wood! Apart from his brilliant directing his exuberant “CUT” is a highlight of many a “behind the scenes” videos of the DVD’s. Talking of which, I’ve been a fan of SG1, SG Atlantis & Dark Matter from the first episodes of each show (sorry but not SGU). I have the DVD’s of all three and once a year I re-watch them all, one show a night, including all of the DVD extras. I have just started this years re-watch beginning with Dark Matter and I am up to Season 1, episode 3. That’s the great thing about DVD’s, once you have them you can watch them any time with out the disappearing from streaming TV channels. My personal preference from a new SG show would be to bring SG up to date – maybe a new threat to human kind has arisen and the SG teams are needed to save earth yet again., It must involve some of our much loved characters from SG 1 & SG Atlantis but in a present day time lime. I think I read it somewhere else but a crossover with Dark Matter would be the icing on the cake. If MGM read your blog them I would like to give them an example of the PERFECT way to continue a much loved franchise with out changing it beyond that which the original fans love – Star Trek: Picard. What they have done with that is bang on and it is not hosted on an inclusive “CBS” streaming service, no no no, it’s on Amazon. MGM take NOTE.

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