Ready to do battle for the future of Stargate?

Great!  And the bigger our online army, the bigger a splash we’re going to make, so rally the troops.  We launch in four days!

Today’s Stargate Question of the Day –

Head on over to twitter and vote – and retweet!

Hey, Dark Matter fans – we’d love you to join this Friday’s tweetstorm and support the many Stargate fans who supported Dark Matter during our tweetstorm.  A lucky randomly-selected participant will receive…

Alas, no, not Ivon, Akemi and I (unless you’re paying the shipping costs) but your very own Galactic Authority jacket.  Badge and blaster not included.

Finally, Happy Gotcha Day to Suji.  It was three years ago today that she came into our home, with her gimpy legs, wheelchair, and an instant aversion to me.  Oh, how times have changed.

12 thoughts on “4 Days to our Stargate Tweetstorm!

  1. Let’s do this!!!! Time is now to start a StargÅte series again. MGM could cash in, if not then let Amazon or Netflix make the show!! MGM will still cash in

    1. yea man thats why i dont get this mgm crap! u dont wanna have a new show with an already built in fanbase??? they have james bond and vikings! both r doing well for them! add stargate u morons! im sure jeff bezos from amazon would love to have it! as he saved teh expanse from syfy and bought international rights to the upcoming star trek picard series! mgm just fucking do it!!!!!

  2. Well sir, you have gotten me to break my no social media for me rule. I am standing by in the gate room awaiting the dial out sequence to complete.

    1. Simple. Just sign up for twitter, follow @StargateNow and me, @BaronDestructo, and, on this Friday, December 6th at 21:00 EST/18:00 PST, tweet about Stargate using the secret #hashtag (to be announced just before we start). Tweet and retweet with your fellow fans for about an hour. And that’s it.

  3. Yes I’d pay for shipping! Is the company selling the jackets?

  4. instant aversion? What? It wasn’t love at first sight? I guess you’re an acquired taste. 😉 Suji is a very lucky dog. I can see big differences in how she walks and her attitude (she may have been royalty in a former life. Or maybe a prison guard). It’s amazing what love and TLC can do. Great job to both you and Akemi!

    Speaking of Akemi, she should keep that jacket. She’s so beautiful in it. You and Ivon look ok too. 😉

    I need to forward all the tweet info to my son and his friends. For being computer programmers/gamers, they have no clue about twitter or tweet storms.

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