8 thoughts on “September 22, 2019: Suji Sunday!

  1. I expect you’re in transit by now, but have a great trip and I hope the pitch(es) go well!

    I’m looking forward to all the reports!

  2. Safe travels!

    And I love the Futurama tie in! As Suji fans, we need to start a write-in campaign to promote Suji as Nibbler for the eventual live-action Futurama movie…you could retire on the residuals! (That’s gotta be a fool-proof retirement plan! :-D) )

  3. Thanks for Suji Sunday.,,, Safe journey and come back soon with treats says Lulu!

  4. Hope your pitches go well this week.
    Here are the mash potato recipes I promised.

    Potato types utilized depend on total recipe ingredients.
    Some are peeled. Some skin on.
    Some smooth & creamy. Some stiff & lumpy.

    French Onion Mash:
    1. Yellow Potato. Peel Quarter & Boil.

    In a separate pot
    cook over low heat for 10 minutes:
    Beef broth. Tiny dash of red wine.
    Salt. Pepper.
    Carmelized, quartered pearl onions layers.
    Crushed italian seasoned croutons.
    On the cutting board:
    Grated parmesean cheese. Shredded gruyere cheese.

    Mash your potatoes by hand to stiff consistency with black pepper
    and a bit of onion powder for extra flavor kick. (no milk or butter).
    Add in grated parm then slowly mix in your broth, onion & crouton mix.
    You’ll want to keep em stiff so be careful how much of the liquid mix you add.
    Once its done add your gruyere.
    (microwave finished mash for 20 secs to melt cheese).
    I usually pair my french onion mash with a medium rare

    roast beef or a thick cut london broil beef steak.

    Simple. Delicious. Sweet yellow corn mash.
    Russet potatoes Peeled, Quartered Boiled.
    Drain, dry and mash with milk, butter, garlic, pepper
    and sweet yellow corn till smooth & creamy.

    Pair it with baked, bone in, pork chops.

    Remember yellow mustard & butter wings?
    Well it makes for great mash, as well.
    Only, for mashed potatoes
    use ‘unpeeled/skin on’ russets And its all about the butter!!
    Lots! n Lots! O’ Butter! XO Yep! Just like your fav, Joe.
    Add in just enough yellow mustard for an excellent flavor kick but not enough
    to overwhelm. (exclude milk, salt & pepper for this one)
    Serve it up thick/stiff.

    Pair it with breaded fried chicken drumsticks! XOXOXO

    Red , Skin on, Mashed potatoes.
    Just mash em up with butter, salt and pepper and top with dried fine grated
    Parmesan cheese.

    I’ve also done red skin on mash with Kraft italian marinade dressing and bits of
    Jarred Mezzetta brand sweet roasted bell peppers. Topped with dried aged fine grated
    parm cheese, garlic & pepper.

    By The Way: While you may not be into adding crumbled bacon per se…
    Try making thick mash potatoes using a touch of bacon grease and a dab of sour cream
    instead of milk and butter. Next, mash in till smooth a ‘small’ amount
    of cooked sweet baby green peas. (Add just enough for flavor. Not enough
    to turn it green like pea soup.)
    This is usually made with white, or gold, skin on/ unpeeled potatoes.
    Albeit, I personally tend to lean toward russet for ‘any’ mashed potato recipe
    more often than not.

  5. Drea — Sounds yummy.

    Joe: I think you’ve landed already because I see a new post. So I’m moving there. But the costumes are so adorable.

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