Today, I had lunch with former Dark Matter line producer Norman Denver.  Yesterday, it was lunch with Utopia Falls writer Andrew Burrows-Trotman.  Tonight, it’s dinner with former Stargate Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper.  Saturday, it’s dinner with writer Gail Simone.  

Lunch at Buca with ABT!  We killed those desserts!

Aside from all the eating, it’s also all systems go on the development slate.  Three pitches more or less locked down, and two to go.  But perhaps more important than nailing down those pitches is nailing down the restaurants Akemi and I will be checking out while we’re in L.A.  Any recommendations?

The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament continues!  The Fifth Race secures its spot in second round action with its big win over Solitudes.


Next up, it’s Abyss vs The Pegasus Project.  And it’s surprisingly close early on.  Click on the link and cast your vote:


12 thoughts on “August 22, 2019: Lunches! Lunches! Dinners!

  1. One of my favorite places to eat in LA is a sandwich shop that claims to have invented the French dip, Philippe the Original. They’ve been in continuous operating since 1908. Great, great sandwiches. Not far from downtown.

  2. I can’t remember “Abyss” or “The Pegasus Project” very well so I voted for “Pegasus” because I love a good crossover story!

  3. I got to slow down in my reading or something. I read this:

    “…nailing down the restaurants Akemi and I will be checking out while we’re in L.A. Any recommendations?”

    as this:

    “…nailing down the restrooms Akemi and I will be checking out while we’re in L.A. Any recommendations?”

    I thought… what?! 🙂

  4. That’s a serious schedule of meet-and-eat! Hopefully, as productive as you want them to be.
    The Greatest Episode is going to be EPIC! XD

  5. By the way… actually dinner with writer Gail Simone would be top on my list, then, of course, the ever-so-talented Robert C Cooper. Stick with him and you’ll go far. But then, look at that pizza with Andrew Burrows-Trotman! Yum!

  6. Tasty!

    I’ll be headed off to Burning Man today, so will be offline for a bit. I am taking MyLarry’s ashes and kilt to the Temple there, as worn by Bucky, our art project skeleton. I made a small imgur album for those who know next to nothing about the whole thing….

  7. I hope all the restaurants meet/exceed your expectations! Have a fun, productive, and safe trip.

  8. How cool you get to visit with Robert Cooper again.
    No matter how good the eats are at Buca or anywhere else
    I bet you miss Rob’s yummy pizza, eh?!
    If you are meeting with colleagues
    I gather it means you are feeling a renewed sense of confidence
    one of your projects are soon to obtain a green light.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for ya.

    Have you and Akemi finally figured out where you are going to get married??

    These days LA is all about pop up restaurant, shop and museum events.
    Its too bad you wont be there before end of September.
    Someone is doing a Pokemon theme bar pop up September 7-15.
    Begin googling “Los Angeles pop ups” once per week
    for latest events and reservation/ticket information.
    You will need to be quick in responding for restaurant events.
    Limited booking for many tend to fill within 72 hours after initial posting.

  9. Getting MARRIED??!!!!!! (cough, cough, about damn time). I missed some MAJOR NEWS. Congratulations you guys. I can’t wait to hear the details.

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