We have our last two contestants.  The field is set.  Here are your first round match-ups:

#16 Urgo vs #1 Window of Opportunity

The hottest episode coming into the tournament, Urgo rides a write-in vote and upset victory in the playoff round to capture the last seed.  But it has a tough first round match-up against Window of Opportunity, a perennial Top 5 favorite that sailed into the tourney on the strength of a commanding seasonal win that saw it garner 71% of the vote.

#15 Solitudes vs #2 The Fifth Race

Shippers, rejoice!  The Sam and Jack-centered Solitudes defied the odds and secured one of the last playoff spots as a late wild-card.  But it’s going to have its work cut out for it up against one of show’s seminal episodes.  Will The Fifth Race, another longtime Top 5 favorite, secure the victory or are things going to get cruvis?

#14 The Pegasus Project vs #3 Abyss

Two of Brad Wright’s best SG-1 episodes go head to head.  On the one hand, you’ve got that much-anticipated SG-1/Atlantis crossover; on the other, there’s Jack and Daniel and, also, Ba’al at his nefarious finest.  Still, Abyss may be the odds-on favorite to not only advance, but, perhaps, win it all.

#13 Threads vs #4 Moebius Part 2

Coincidentally, two of the episodes that wrap-up the Jack O’Neil era of SG-1 face off here in first round action.  Which one will have the final word in the tourney remains to be seen, but if there was any match-up that was primed for an upset, this would be it.

#12 Heroes Part 2 vs #5 200

One of the saddest episodes of the franchise’s 17 season run goes up against, arguably, one of its finest as fans are asked to choose between the poignant death of Janet Fraiser or puppets and invisible Jack.

#11 1969 vs #6 Lost City Part 2

The more humorous episodes continue their strong showing in the tourney with time travel romp 1969.  But it is up against an enormously significant episode, rich with mythology – and boasting one of the greatest space ship skirmishes in franchise history: the Battle of Antarctica.

#10 Children of the Gods vs #7 2001

It’s the one that started it all vs. the encounter that may have ended it all via a massive bio attack.  Although 2001 is the higher seed, Children of the Gods is in a great position to pull the upset here.

#9 Foothold vs #8 Ripple Effect

Two classic sci-fi concepts – alien invasion and alternate universes – go head to head in our final first round match-up.    Foothold was the surprise winner of the season 3 poll, edging out Nemesis by a mere 1% of the vote while Ripple Effect eked out a somewhat easier win (by 3% of the vote) over Camelot in its seasonal match-up.  Both episodes are a lot of fun and clearly have a lot of fans – but it’s the end of the road for one of them here.

The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament kicks off tomorrow.  Follow me on twitter (@BaronDestructo) for the latest – and don’t forget to vote!

Finally, while we’re on the subject of Stargate, I hear that Ben Browder’s latest movie, Hoax, is being released tomorrow and is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Epic Film’s Dread Central.  Check out the trailer.


6 thoughts on “August 19, 2019: The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament is set!

  1. Putting a picture with the episode helps me a lot. Now I know exactly which episode these titles belong to and can make a better decision. I’m ready to vote tomorrow on Twitter!

  2. Love these episodes, thanks for reminding me. and yes choices are tough … Ben Browder’s latest movie trailer is really scary, but good. Glad to hear what the actors are doing now.

  3. I will out of town tomorrow! Please enter my vote, this tournament is so funny and made me so happy.
    So, in order:

    16 vs # 1 this is a hard one, go for Windows of opportunity

    #15 vs #2 go for Solitudes
    #14 vs #3 go for Pegasus project
    #13 vs #4 another hard one Moebius part 2
    #12 vs # 5 go for 200
    #11 vs #6 go for 1969
    #10 vs # 7 go for Children of gods
    #9 vs # 8 go for Ripple effect

  4. I think my top one is #14. That’s all I got… I’m having such a hard time focusing. Maybe, it’s the heat? It’s over 100F here with the heat index pushing that up. How can it be 100% humidity without rain?
    (a weather mystery) Plus, we are helping our son buy Dr Jo’s house.

    It’s got a huge list of things requiring repair but we thought, we’d do them ourselves (or contract some out). Virginia (Dr Jo’s sister/heir) has been fabulous and we didn’t want to bother her more than we have already. Plus, Virginia still has a lot of stuff in the house.

    After Dr Jo died, family came out of the cracks and grabbed all they could carry. They didn’t take into account that Dr Jo had a shopping addiction. 😉 Virginia refers to Dr Jo as “Our Rich Sister”. Now, everyone in the family is running out of room. “How many cut crystal glasses does one person need?”. That was a quote from one of the other sisters. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. That’s one of my dad’s old sayings. My aunt used to kill her own chickens and the chickens DO run around after their head is cut off. Just for a minute but that might be one reason I’ve gone semi-vegetarian. 😉

    Hope everyone is okay there!

  5. ah damn you had to put Urgo up against Window of Opportunity!! damn it. love them both! RIP Dom DeLuise. I miss Capt. Chaos!

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