Here are the Top 10 Seeds (as decided by you, the fans) in next week’s Stargate: SG-1 Best Episode Tournament:

#1 – Window of Opportunity

#2 – The Fifth Race

#3 – Abyss

#4 – Moebius Part 2

#5 – 200

#6 – Lost City Part 2

#7 – 2001

#8 – Ripple Effect 

#9 – Foothold

#10 – Children of the Gods

Each of the above received the most votes in their respective seasons.  Seedings are based on overall votes received as well as percentage of overall votes cast.  


And here are the first 4 (of our 6) wildcard entries –

#11 – 1969

#12 – Heroes Part 2

#13 – Threads

#14 – The Pegasus Project

Each of the above did not win their respective seasons but garnered enough votes (and a big enough percentage of the overall votes) to earn their spots as wildcard entries.


Which leaves only TWO spots for the remaining 8 episodes (either strong write-in candidates or those that received a significant number of votes or percentage of the overall vote for their respective season) :

GROUP A will duke it out in tomorrow’s poll which will pit:

Nemesis vs Lifeboat vs Torment of Tantalus vs Solitudes for the second to last wildcard spot!

GROUP B will face off on Sunday’s poll which will pit:

Full Circle vs Urgo vs Camelot vs Meridian for the last wildcard spot!

At which point, our final 16 tournament teams will be set!

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And don’t forget to vote!

3 thoughts on “August 16, 2019: Here are (most of) the episodes that will be squaring off in the Stargate: SG-1 Best Episode Tournament!

  1. Little behind, sorry.I’m working in Greenland where there’s lots of work and very slow internet. Hufflepuff and Slytherin seem perfect.
    Definitely my favorite episodes, but 1969 and Heroes would make my top ten. Leave out 200 which I did love because of the Farscape tie in but not top 10.
    Group A: Torment of Tatalus
    Group B: tough but Full Circle

  2. Is there really any question which episode will prevail during this window of opportunity?

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