Hmmm.  Since yesterday’s post about my wordpress issues, my photos have been appearing sideways in my blog entries.  Coincidence?  Probably…?

Also, since making the move, my photos are no longer clickable, giving the choice of posting images that are either slightly too small or slightly too large.  ie…



Akemi in her natural element – amongst the plushies.

To those of you asking – no, Akemi and I did not tie the knot in San Diego.  In the end, it was too tight a window to put things into motions…and I didn’t want to upstage the Atlantis panel with a Stargate-themed ceremony.  But we’re looking at sometime this summer.  Akemi’s suggested wedding ideas include:

1 – Getting married at city hall.

2 – Nothing else.

3 –

THIS is why I never trust kids –


They’re unpredictable.

Came across this interview with the lovely and talented Alex Mallari Jr. –

I can believe I’m missing this!  Japanese city creates giant bread bed photo spot for limited time!


Finally, I leave you with this: Once again, I think I may have eaten one too many scotch bonnet peppers.

14 thoughts on “July 26, 2019: Friday Foofarah!

  1. Akemi’s wedding idea #3 … … Pretty awesome! LOL!
    (or could do it during Fan Expo week … cosplay wedding? Akemi in her “ninja suit” and you as either Funashi/Funassyi or Shin-chan? Yes? XD)

    I’d love to have a sushi bed instead. 🙂

  2. It’s the “once again” eating mistakes that really get me down. If I can’t learn by forethought, experience is my last ditch fallback so what hope is there?

  3. Remember the good old days when we could click on a dog photo and see a higher resolution one? I remember once you edited to slip in an even higher resolution photo after I said my kids wanted to see the dog better.

  4. Speaking of peppers… my son thought it would be a cool trick to give me a piece of chili to eat . It was the size of your pinky fingernail. After chewing and swallowing it I thought I was going to die, or at least have a stroke. He then ( through fits of laughter) told me it was a California reaper.
    Have you tried this?
    Or am I just a pussy?

  5. Oh Joe! Here are some more places you can get married at:

    The dog park. All the dogs there can be your guests.
    Under that wedding flowery arch thing at work
    Ivon’s apartment. (Let him do all the prep work and cleaning, tacos)
    Mom’s backyard. She would LOVE it!
    Marry in Tokyo (but make a special trip now, don’t wait)
    And the list goes on and on.

    Also, don’t listen to all that dumb advice about “you can get this disease if you eat that…”. My dad has dementia and he never ate peppers. People get lung cancer who have never smoked. Extremely fit people have heart attacks and die instantly too. Skinny people can have super high cholesterol. Live your life!

  6. I don’t know when you switched sites but at some stage in the last week instead of getting your full posts delivered to me via the RSS feed I just get the first couple of sentences.

    I don’t expect you to know what the hell RSS is but it’s something that WordPress does automatically and something has changed recently!

  7. Ponytail‘s idea about Japan sounds good. Although, her family would probably want a “do”.

    The ceremony should be the smallest part. It always amazes me how much money people spend on a wedding. I dread going to them now because it takes hours for the photographer to get shots of the couple/family. I like the idea of giving guests cameras and getting a ton of candid shots of friends enjoying themselves.

    You could always throw a chocolate/bourbon/sushi party and just have fun.

  8. Big pictures will have to do, although it was nice to have the click option.

    I know I haven’t been commenting, this is a weird summer for me. Still, I went to New Orleans for a Reddit widow/widower meet up. Nice to put real people to usernames, and to talk and laugh and cry with those who truly get it. The food is simply fantastic. I even made it to Cafe du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait. I think I need to visit the city again, preferably with a drinking buddy …

    MyLarry and I married in a courthouse in Las Vegas. Lasted 31 glorious years until death did us part. Cheap, and you can wear comfy pants for the wedding feast afterward.

    Anyone saying marry in Tokyo has no clue what a Japanese wedding would entail. I’m sure they do quickie weddings somewhere there, but the full on ones cost as much as a new car. Or house. The guest giftbags would be outstanding, no doubt, StarGate themed? One of the guys in our shop married into a wealthy Japanese family. Like department store owning wealthy. The commanding officer was invited, but none of us, his friends. Those wedding photos though, WOW. And on yet another tangent, I have a couple or three old rental wedding kimonos stored away. I never planned on living in a house without the wallspace to display one.

  9. If push comes to shove … you could always get married at the Hattendo Bun place. 😀 Or
    Rent a banquet room at a fav restaurant where you could combine the ceremony and reception all in one. i.e Host a lunch/dinner for 15-20 family and friends. Have staff bring everyone drinks, and take menu orders for individual meals. Then, you and Akemi stand at head of the room with officiator. A Quick, 10-15 minute, ceremony and vows. Everyone holds up their glasses and toasts you. “Long live Joe & Akemi” . glasses clink together. Everyone says cheers Then everyone has lunch.

    Easy peasy. No complex planning involved. And no one goes hungry. 🙂 As for a wedding cake – you’d have to ask what that particular restaurant can whip up.

  10. Have you ever considered that the peppers might be related to your WordPress problems. Don’t say it can’t happen!

  11. thanks for sharing the wedding info with us, Yeah !!!! Can’t wait for the pictures , sideways, longways, however they turnout! Akemi will be a beautiful bride!! and, you will be a handsome groom, a Joe outfit…

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