FOUR has restored his memories and, as Ryo Ishida, plots against the throne of Zairon with the help of Hiro, his half-brother.  The change in him has not sat well with the rest of the crew, especially Nyx.  In this scene (directed by series stunt coordinator John Stead and, sadly, cut for time) she and TWO discuss the recent disconcerting developments…

4 thoughts on “June 22, 2019: Dark Matter deleted scene – Episode 212 “Sometimes in Life You Don’t Get to Choose”

  1. I am appreciating these deleted scenes moments even more. I now an watching the whole series as I am at S1 E8. I don’t know the numbering significance, but sure I will figure it our. The nice thing about iTunes; it states when I watch an episode last. Now I have reason to go back an watch with new interest.

  2. These deleted scenes are a lot of fun. You got any blooper scenes in that vault of yours?

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