More often than not during Dark Matter’s first season, episodes came in short, often necessitating the scripting of extra scenes (usually featuring the Android – like the accents scene in Episode 7).  Occasionally, however, an episode came in long requiring edits to bring it down to time.  Rarely did this ever result in the excision of an entire scene – but this was the case in Episode 2 when the run time was so long that we needed to make a big cut.  And this scene was it.

As scripted, ONE, THREE, FOUR, and SIX return to the Marauder, preparing to head back to the Raza – only to learn the ship has left and they have presumably been abandoned.  In the next scene of the broadcast version, we pick them up back at the mining colony, offering their support.  BUT in the original version, there was an intermediary scene that saw our foursome discuss their options – and explain why they (and especially THREE) don’t simply ride out the storm somewhere else…

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9 thoughts on “June 18, 2019: Dark Matter deleted scene – Episode 2!

  1. How ironic, just watched this episode last night. Loved getting more. Maybe more coincidental than ironic. I mean it was kinda like a free ride when I’ve already paid, but not so much like good advice that i just didn’t take.

  2. That’s too bad, it was a great scene! It’s so weird to hear it so raw before post-production magic though. What is the weird thrumming noise in the background? Was that supposed to be there or just some background noise that would be removed later?

  3. Next time you create a series you have total control over, perhaps you could issue a DC of the series on blu-ray/DVD. We fans love extras or longer episodes than TV will allow. I realize it’s hard to cut a show to fit an hour these days as about 40 minutes of content on average occupies an average hour, with the rest occupied by ads & promos. I can remember it was more like 50-52 minutes (especially the Invaders). Today, the reruns are often shown at a higher speed to make up the difference for the ads. Also, gag reels are the most fun, especially when you see dead serious cast members break out in laughter when they flub a scene. I could stand an HOUR of that stuff. Commentary by showrunners per episode is also very much appreciated by the fans. I realize we have a much more crowded field today than in the 70’s, but Dark Matter could be the next Star Trek in growth since it had characters with a lot of depth and writing with great emotion and humor…the formula that helped Star Trek propel itself into a phenomenal success. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the near future. Keep being awesome!

  4. Oh wow! Can’t believe I didn’t comment on this on the day! Big time apologies….
    Thank you so much for sharing this sequence. Great to see the boys in an unseen sequence (especially One) I’m going to have this ready next time I binge so I can see it in the right place and watch it as was intended.

    Thanks again, Joe.
    (really, really still miss DM)

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