11 thoughts on “June 13, 2019: Dark Matter Storyboard – The Android Trench Walk!

  1. It is like a Dark Matter comic! It amazes me how much detail goes into those that the public usually never sees. It really is art unto itself.

  2. I love storyboards. These are the first Dark Matter storyboards I’ve seen. Who was the artist who drew these? Did they draw all the boards for the series?

    Although I would really prefer to see Dark Matter concluded on the screen, I guess I would almost as happy to know what happens to our Raza Crew in comic form – end as it started.

    Thank you so much for sharing the storyboards. A look back in time when we thought we’d see all Dark Matter seasons to their conclusion…

  3. Nice work! Can you remember who the artist was?

    “The Lord Of The Rings” movies were completely storyboarded (by Christian Rivers who went on to direct “Mortal Engines”) and were cut together with temporary music, sound effects and actors reading the dialogue. I think at that point it was about 4 hours long. While watching the storyboard animatic I quickly realised that the movies were going to be pretty good. If I could be so engaged by black-and-white still images for four hours then the script and story were obviously solid . . . we just had to film the damn thing!

  4. Very interesting. It reminds me of when I am having lots of company coming for dinner (like at Thanksgiving) and I draw pictures of the table with all the varied dishes of food on it. It is to make sure I have what looks like enough food for everyone and how it will sit on the table. Yes, I’m weird, but maybe I could work for you. Same thought process. (I haven’t drawn anybody sitting around the table yet, but maybe…..)

  5. The process from idea to film is fascinating! Thanks for sharing this.

    How is your tennis elbow?

    I’m having knee pain now that I’m “trying” to run. I guess I should work up to it? Anyway, I’m heading to my Mom’s house. The black hole, where no digital signal resides….

  6. Very cool, the Android looks very Victorian in these drawings, like she was on a dirigible that was whooshed into space.

    I finally got to see Stargate Origins: Catherine Wheel: The Wheelining on Prime. Now I’m wondering if Michael’s origin coming from a professor of antiquity, and I guess it explains how English came to the SG galaxy. Seeing the whoosh imparted the o’ goosebumps.

  7. @PonyTail I bet you’d be great at doing story boards. 🙂 xo

    @Tam Drive safe. Hope your moms health improves soon.

    @Gforce Feeling any better?

    By the way Joe: Summer session, with special focus on the arts,
    for our learning community
    begins July 8th
    so drop me a note (with brief description and any links)
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