We cannot move to Japan.  One in every three girls you find cute.

  • Akemi (December 6, 2018 – Tokyo)

Well, we’re back home and settled.  Ish.  I fell asleep at 1:30 a.m. last night.  Woke up two hours later, took a Benadryl, and slept in until 10:00 a.m.  Hopefully, tonight, I’ll be able to sleep straight through – until one of the dogs has an accident on the bed.

So, I may have mentioned that, prior to my Tokyo departure, I pitched my uber-secret Untitled Awesome Project to a broadcaster.  The pitch, I thought, went very well, but experience has taught me to temper expectations.  So even though I was incredibly excited about the project (which I’ve likened in tone and theme to Dark Matter with a potentially broader appeal) and despite the positive response to the pitch, I vowed to put it out of my mind while I was on vacation.  And then, on my last day in Tokyo, I received a message informing me that we’ve been given the go-ahead on a pilot script, a sign the broadcaster sees some real potential here.  So, still in the development phase, but a HUGE step forward.

December 7, 2018:

Check it out!  Akemi found a rice cracker shaped like The Destiny.  Is this a sign?!!!

December 7, 2018:

High-steppin’ back into the neighborhood.

13 thoughts on “December 7, 2018:

  1. I know there’ll be bumps in the road, but may things continue to go well for you!

  2. I could type the most amazingly romantic heartfelt response, that you could give to Akemi so you could both live in Japan, but that might affect production on new tv series, so instead i throw my backing to Akemi,and her wise words.

    And major congrats on the Pilot script

  3. Tut tut… you’re checking out all the women? Your response should have been “yes, cute but they don’t compare with you.”
    Good luck on the show.

  4. “We cannot move to Japan. One in every three girls you find cute.” <— Hmm, I’m assuming she means all female? Senior citizens included? Not sure what your taste is, but I’m sure there are lots of cute senior citizens around .😉

    The UAP similar to Dark Matter?! Sounds like something that can fix my withdrawal and depression from the Dark Matter cancellation. 😃

  5. Whoop! There it is!
    The lovely Akemi always thinking ahead.
    She didn’t buy reindeer ears in Tokyo
    because she’d already pre-purchased them
    prior to leaving TO for holiday
    (Oh lookie! She even remembered the adorable red christmasy boots, too)
    and had them awaiting their debut on model Suji for when you got home.

    Hope your sleep cycle returns to normal soon.

  6. What do you mean 1 in 3 ? All Japanese girls are cute. ( Or am I showing my age?)
    Anyway, GREAT news on the pilot for UAP.

  7. Well, if you want to follow up on the Destiny cookie. I have a ten page (soft) reboot plan for SGU ready to go….But for now, I recommend eating the cookie. (And I always call her Destiny, never The Destiny. I miss our girl. sniff)

  8. Hah! I first read that as “one in every three girls find you cute”.

    Great news on the UAP, I can’t wait to hear more.

    Suji doesn’t look any worse for wear for her time apart! I’m sure she did fine.

  9. Welcome Home! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! On a totally unrelated topic — Please let me know the brand of orange booties Suji wears. I have a small 14-year-old senior female Brussels Griffon named Maisey who recently started wobbling when she walks. I want to help her walk more safely and I’d like to find something just like Suji wears! Thanks so much <3

  10. Pilot script, whoot! Fingers crossed!

    My husband assured me that if I had not married him when I did, he’d have ended up with a Japanese wife, and probably would have done the retired in Japan thing so many military guys did. He always nagged me for not arranging a Japanese girlfriend for him. Each time I would explain to him that we were not Japanese, not living a century ago, and that if he could have a girlfriend, I could have a boyfriend. That was the deal breaker. You’d think it would be the time travel thing, but no. Damn, I miss him.

  11. Hm, hmmmm, new project, hmmm! Another interesting development! One in three maybe kawaii but only one in 7.53 billion is as awesomely uniquely marvelous as Akemi! Akemi reminds me of my adorable bestie who was determined to befriend an angry coworker because she was certain she should befriend every person she ever met.

    This week I roasted wings an baby drumsticks with loads of spices, root veggies, a dash of soy and a splash of honey; sooo good. And I made almond flour scones with blueberries and praline pecans, and put honey on them after they baked; whoa. The honey soaking in with buttery scones and the praline pecans with the blueberries; beyond tasty. As I wait for the Spiderman trailer to drop I’m enjoying this weird French rom com that is basically Friends, if Friends had real cojones: https://youtu.be/X1kdkjIjCb8

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