As a fan of mochas, lattes, and various chocolate/coffee drinkables, I make it a point to sample as wide a variety as often as possible.  For research purposes mostly.  And, having done my due diligence over the past year, I offer up my Top 5 Toronto Mochas…

#5. Bar Buca

November 8, 2018: Toronto’s Top 5 Mochas!

This place boasts a host of fancy lattes laced with everything from honey and ginger to dulce de leche and, well, chocolate.  They also do a delicious Cafe Al Zabaglione for that taste of Venice.

#4.  Les Moulins LaFayette

November 8, 2018: Toronto’s Top 5 Mochas!

The latest addition to the Queen Street West scene is the Toronto branch of this Montreal bakery.  Enjoy your mocha with lunch – or, better, yet a tartelette tropezienne and/or a Paris-Brest.

#3. Oretta Cafe

November 8, 2018: Toronto’s Top 5 Mochas!

Adjoining the Oretta Restaurant is a little cafe that offers up terrific Italian bites and, of course, a stellar mocha (aka The Cioccolacciono).

#2. Hot Black Coffee

November 8, 2018: Toronto’s Top 5 Mochas!

One of the chocolatiest of mochas hails from this quaint little Queen Street coffee shop whose internet-free environment ensures conversation over solitary browsing.

#1. Soma Chocolate

November 8, 2018: Toronto’s Top 5 Mochas!

This should come as no surprise.  Toronto’s premiere chocolatier makes one of the city’s premiere mochas.  If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, check out their decadent drinking chocolates.


I’m sure there are a lot of other great candidates out there.  No doubt, in time, I’ll check them all out.

9 thoughts on “November 8, 2018: Toronto’s Top 5 Mochas!

  1. It looks like I have my work cut out for me on the next time there. Problem is, I love SOMA so much I’ll always wind up going there first!

  2. I’m not a coffee fan. Hot Chocolate is my hot drink of choice so Soma will have to go onto the top of my to do list!

  3. Mmmmm if it’s chocolate milk. Barf if it’s coffee. Coffee smells sooooooo good. Too bad it tastes like dirt.

  4. I’m not a coffee drinker and it’s nice to hear from other posters that’s not unusual. When I say that here, people look at me so baffled. It’s similar to the look I get when I order unsweet tea. Memphians/Mississippians love their sweet tea.

    Thanks for the drink porn though. I wish I could follow you for a week or so and try some of the foods/drinks you recommend. Maybe, you should write a travel book?

    The covers yesterday were excellent! My favorites were “Death of the Inhumans”, “Friendo” and “Spawn”.

    I have an Apple question for someone out there. How do I keep those U2 songs from being downloaded into my playlists again? I delete them and they come back. It’s very annoying and it’s making me look at androids.

    How are the trip plans coming? Poor Suji! I hope the new sitter helps her adjust. Suji might not let you out of her sight for a while, when you return.

  5. Is your Awesome Untitled Project about a loveable Android who somehow “escapes” from space and makes her way to earth and tries to fit in until she can find her way back??

  6. (I’m watching all these cute GIFs on Twitter with the Android and wishing you could bring her back.) (Such a great character and casting.)(and writing)

  7. In investigating improved diet to improve memory I have read many places that Dark Chocolate is one such food. I was right in your suggestion of Soma. I visit every time I’m in YYZ; have a rue in the frig waiting for my daily (must do decaf for the BP) moca

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