Limited Edition Dessert Whopper!

Kraken Spotted on River Thames!

Clean out your inbox with the Bad Joke Detector via The Files Go team –

Matching Makeovers for You and Your Pet!

Coca-Cola Launching Three New Flavors!

PinDrop’s new tongue printing technology

Klingon Alphabet Fridge Magnets from

Brexit Emojis For Your Social Media Profile

New from PopChips!  Unicorn Balls!

VHS is making a comeback!

Presenting Honda Sixth Sense for the smart phone walker/talker –

Good Cloud Hummus API

Finally!  Fried food supplements for those who can’t stop for that burger and fries

Logitech’s Business Speak Detection for Video Conferencing –

Porch Piracy Protection from Man Crates

Tasmania’s Police have a new addition to their K9 unit!

The world’s first in-class cycling studio!  Virgin Spin Class!

From the makers of SodaStream comes…SodaSoak!

Ensure your clothing fits with Zappos new resizing service!

Who needs a remote when you have Roku’s Happy Streaming Socks?

Life Storage’s Smart Storage Smart Bot –

No longer will you have to sort your legos by hand!

Cat prodigy loves Photoshop!

Move over AirBNB.  Here comes ShareBED –

New from Heinz – Chocolate Mayonnaise!

Adobe’s new Food Illustrator ordering system!

Learn to survive the coming robot apocalypse by taking this course.

FMTrust’s new AiTM –

Razer’s nanotech gives you the gaming edge!

Ollie all natural dog food is expanding with a human food line –

Google Japan launches a more intuitive keyboard –

Lush launches beer bath bombs

Introducing the REI Co-Op ZipAll –

Everywair’s Feline Atmospheric Distribution System –

94% of American Dogs Report They’re Happiest in Monogamous Relationships

Dollar Shave Club announces Ghost Pepper face wipes

Introducing Genetic Select by Lexus –

Have trouble making sense of those British accents on British television?  Well, BritBox has you covered!

Deliveroo’s Try Before You Buy Taste and Smell Feature

Meal deliveries to even the remotest of camp sites with BioLite’s Back Country Bites!

Amazon Publishing delivers authors right to your doorstep!

Also from Wayfair – Scentsible Wallpaper.

The next generation of influencers –

Just in time for the royal wedding…

And kids get in on the fun too!

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And there was me hoping that there was news about #StargateNow so that I could hope a #DarkMatter solution was closer.


lol there has been some great ones today!

Unending One
Unending One

I’m happy you didnt pull a Stargate related April Fools joke on us. I don’t know if my heart could take it.


Is it wrong that I kind of like the REI Zipall? I mean, the idea of it anyway.

Nathan Dionne
Nathan Dionne

I think this was a more complete list than some of the lists of april fools jokes I found on professional news websites.


Awesome selection – there’s 30 mins of my evening gone, but it was worth it smile

Margaret Clayton

Hey, I have chores to do …