These were my favorites…

Arctica, vol. 4: Revelations (cover art by Manchu)

This one has a bit of a  Stargate vibe.  What do you think?

Black Panther Adventures (cover art by ?)

These Black Panther covers have been consistently great.  Wish they were equally good at giving credit where credit is due.

Vortex #3 (cover art by Tim Bradstreet)

This ultra cool cover makes me want to see the movie.  There IS a movie, isn’t there?

Planet of the Apes: Ursus #1 (cover art by Paolo Rivera)

My favorite general gets his own comic book!  The birdcage helmet design is alternately silly and great.

Copernius Jones: Robot Detective #2 (cover art by Kevin Warren)

Love the noir feel.  And, oh yeah, the fact that our protagonist is a robot detective!

Druids vol. 6 (cover art by Jacques Lamontagne)


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Quantum Mechanic®👽🌊 (@JamesEFinch)

I love those European comics especially for the art. I have the Arctica set (8 books so far) and thanks for the tip on Druids…will grab that title as well. I have all the others except Copernicus Jones, so that’s another addition to make. Since there are Stargate comics still being released (Universe #3 just out), maybe Dark Matter comics could be forthcoming?


Oh, no hesitation here …
Druids is stunning!


Artica is my favorite from this week’s bunch. Very cool!


Druids is my favourite form this selection.


I saw Arctica and thought this is it, my favorite cover then came Vortex & Ursus and I went giddy. Great covers as always but Vortex gets my vote for best of the week.

Margaret Clayton

Robot detective! Whoot!