Once again, Dark Matter finishes the week as SYFY’s most-watched show in overnight viewers – and those numbers will no doubt see huge gains once our consistently-strong delayed viewing stats come in.

To put those ratings in perspective – while most broadcast shows have seen an average 25% decline in viewership between seasons, Dark Matter retained over 90% of its overnight audience.

Meanwhile, as mentioned above, our time-delayed numbers (those +3’s and +7’s broadcasters are shifting focus to) put us at the top of cable programs when it comes to percentage gains in key demos and overall viewers.

I mean, more do you want?

Besides, say, a fourth season.

We owe it all to our fantastic fans and, as always, a million thanks.  You ARE the best.

As a small token of my appreciation, I’d like to do a live chat with you this week. What do you think?  What platform should we go with?  Periscope?  Meerkat? Google chat?

And that’s a wrap on Dark Matter season 3 –

27 thoughts on “August 28, 2017: Dark Matter fans once again make Dark Matter SYFY’s most-watched scripted series of the week!

  1. The finale was just awesome, so many OMG and WTH moments.

    Why, oh why have @SYFY not announced a Season 4 pick-up?

    Periscope, the same format as before ✔️

  2. How can SYFY *NOT* renew the show? It’s gotta come soon.

    I cannot argue that we are the best fans ever. 😉

    I thought Periscope comments were hard to read/follow? I’m not familiar with Meerkat, but I think Google killed GChat in favour of Google Hangouts. Don’t forget Facebook live is also an option. Hopefully it will be before Thursday, as I’m headed back down to New Hampshire for the weekend!

  3. YouTube and Twitch livestreams are an option if you’re after some kind of Q&A session, with questions being submitted through text chat.

  4. Joe, thanks for another great season. Loved the finale. Obviously SyFy hasn’t announced the pickup yet because they are trying to decide whether to renew seasons 4 -and- 5 or just season 4 for now. Come on SyFy, go all in! Renew for both season 4 and 5! Do it! Do it now.

  5. Facebook or Youtube I think would be better than Google video, we want to be able to type to you! Great numbers, Dark Matter earned it!

  6. Great season. Loads of wonderful moments, humour and twists and turns. Congratulations and here’s hoping for Seasons 4 and 5.
    Everyone’s been great this year but I would like to give a special shout out to Zoie Palmer who has been terrific and stole many scenes ! Oh, and I love After Dark, even with the canned laughter 🙂

  7. @Tam So very sorry to hear of your loss. 🙁

    Update on @pbmom: Heard from Hilda. She and her family are safe and resting comfortably at a hotel. They likely wont be able to go back and check to see if the house has flooded until the weekend.
    She hopes to be able to report in to us here on the blog soon.

  8. I think the show would have had live numbers over 700k viewers at least once had Season 3 been longer. It sucks that just as when audience levels were building for the show that the season is over.

  9. Hello it’s been a long time since I posted on here, infact it was way back when SGU got ripped away from us because of some asshole at syfy. To be fair there was a lot of assholes most of whom called themselves Stargate fans and ultimately got the whole fukn lot cancelled. Yep I’m still bitter.
    Anyway I just wanted to put a wee post up to sat thanks for Dark Matter. In these times when there really isn’t any decent space based sci-fi Dark Matter fills that massive void. Sure it’s not Stargate but what you’ve created and the way the story line has developed has made for damn good tv.
    So thanks Joe, I hope it runs for as long as it takes to tell your story, and if by any chance the Stargate that we fell in love with(not some shitty imposter) ever sees the light of day again I sincerely hope you are involved.

  10. Thanks Deni, Debra, Sylvia! Thanks to everyone! This is such a terrible story. My mom was asking me about what kind of person could do this and my first thought was, “someone drunk, without a driver’s license/insurance”. The only way I can think of to help my niece is share the story and thank everyone that responded. So Thanks!

    I was worried about our “Houston” blogmates, too. It sounds like Hilda got out alright but what about the others? Any news?

    So much tragedy… My current life lesson: Appreciate and enjoy, when life is going well.

    On to more fun news: We loved the Finale!!!!! I waited to watch it with my son, visiting from college. His reaction, “is this the finale?” “Yes.” “NOOOOOooooo!.” That’s the reaction you wanted, right?

    I’ve read that S3 will be available on Netflix next month, so he’ll be sure to get his new roommate watching too.

    Thanks for providing this Oasis during the storms!

  11. PBMom info below.
    me and tweets….not great. However….from PBMom

    Heya..please let me/via Joe’s Blog if you need ANYTHING.
    Boomer looked comfy hope you & family are comfy as well.
    Please let us know – RAZA

    Hilda Clark Bowen‏ @PBMom 27m27 minutes ago

    I will. We’re doing fine. Rest of this region is not.

  12. @gforce – I think Meerkat is when you bob your head up over the cubicle to chat with your coworkers?

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