August 19, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 312, “my Final Gift To You” – Reactions, Responses, Reviews!

“Ok, let’s… let’s all just take a breath, shall we?” – CR Sparrow at BlackGirlNerds

“Enemies and allies clashed as secrets were revealed and Ishida’s fate left in the air while we FLT our way into one last episode of the season.” – Blade of the Sashurai

“Just when I think I’ve got something figured out, it completely rips the carpet out from underneath.” – Jessica Lerner at SpoilerTV

“Dark Matter serves up plenty of secrets that could lead to yet another explosive finale…and hopefully beyond.” – Michael Air and DenOfGeek

“Ready?! I’m still processing it all over here.” – Cort Robinson at PureFandom

“I’ve been rooting for more Ryo-Raza Gang time since the beginning, since I have an inexplicable soft spot for him (I like burdened rulers who make bad decisions, okay? sue me), and this episode did not disappoint.” – Rachel Thomas at ScreenSpy

“What an episode! I can’t believe Ryo spilled everyone secrets. The season finale is going to be insane!” – Saraciea Fennell at Nerdophiles

Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 12, “My Final Gift To You,” packs a punch, with secret revelations mixed in with some character development.” – Hillary Esquina at Tell-Tale TV

“It’s a great thing when a show treats its penultimate episode as if it’s the season finale.” – Christopher Hart at The Nerd Recites

“This is a brilliant episode for Alex Mallari Jr. who gets to pretty much bring forth some added dimensions to his character of Ishida.” – Ian Cullen at SciFi Pulse

My chat about this episode with Kelly Townsend at The TVJunkies

After Dark

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16 thoughts on “August 19, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 312, “My Final Gift To You” – Reactions, Responses, Reviews!

  1. I will be disappointed that a valued figure like Ellen Wong will not be making further journeys. Zoe is playing many differing roles. glad to see it.

  2. I just finished watching this episode for the second time and it’s even better on second viewing! It may just be the best episode of this series so far, and that’s a pretty high bar. Every single one of the cast just acted the heck out of it!

    I can’t wait to see what next week brings, and then on to S4! (Being optimistic!)

  3. After this episode, I like Ryo again. But I’m not sure I’m suppose to though. Alex was awesome.

  4. A big WOW on the new episode. Like Duptiang, I will miss Ellen Wong.

    A big Thanks to SyFy for getting the episode to Amazon so fast!

    1. Andrew is a terrific guy. Chances are you haven’t seen the last of Teku.

  5. Looking forward to meeting TWO’s offspring and finding out if my current hunch about who FIVE’s sister is proves correct. ( I think? we already met her briefly via a flashback).

    And a standing ovation, once again, to Ellen Wong as Misaki.
    She will definitely be missed!
    (Thank goodness for flashbacks, clones, and AU’s.
    Also for the ability to wipe memories, eh!.
    Maybe, in S4 you can just wipe the audiences memory about her meeting her demise, via a photo flash thru the tv screen during an ep, and have her continue on till ep 513?.)

    Ah… But what’s all this nervous chatter about bubbles?
    Did you already hear something directly from SYFY the rest of didn’t ???

    Try to hang in there and think positive, Joe.
    Sending happy thoughts, warmest hugs and always much love your way. xo

  6. I loved this and the last episodes very much! Can’t decide which one is better:) probably, the finale will blow both of them! Ok, Corinna is either Five’s sister or Two’s daughter. I have always wanted to know if Alicia Reynaud was somehow related to Five. It would be a surprise if she was. Alicia was a cool character:)

    1. Carina is Two’s daughter, and Kryden is her caretaker. That’s the info from the last episode.
      Alicia Reynaud is the adoptive mother of Five’s sister. That one’s from the sneak peek for the next episode.

      1. Well, ever since 2 season I had this feeling that Alicia and Five had something else going on, so I was right! Sometimes my imagination proves to be correct:) I watched the last episode and it was great!

  7. Psss, er, Joe? (*whispers*)
    A teensy small observation …
    you’ve got April 19th up there 😶
    . (Tip toes away …. )

    1. Oops!
      Let the cat outta the bag there!
      Not supposed to be here, reading this, ’til after tomorrows UK’s showing …
      Just can’t help myself *sob* 😭

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