Slowly but surely, the pieces of the grand puzzle fall into place…

The alt. crew swings a deal with Commander Nieman of Ferrous Corp

Commander Nieman of Ferrous Corp reaches out to Emperor Ryo Ishida

TWO is kidnapped by alt Boone in the closing moments of last episode and shuttled to…parts unknown

Ferrous Corp is poised to claim victory over their rivals

Zairon is on the verge of defeat

The crew of The Raza has seemingly forestalled an alien invasion

And, in the next two weeks, all of these elements will come together in the fiery conclusion to Dark Matter’s third season.

A few notes about last night’s episode, “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”…

August 12, 2017: Dark Matter – The Dwarf Star Conspiracy!

Actress Kate Drummond (aka Agent Lucado, Wynonna Earp) actually auditioned for AND won the role for another guest star scheduled to appear earlier this season.  But, days before her costume fitting, I received a call from our casting director, informing us that Kate was sick (with what turned out to be salmonella poisoning!) and would be unable to play the part.  And so, we cast another great actress for the role and I reached out to Kate who was incredibly apologetic.  I told her that when she felt better, we’d have a role for her sometime in the not too distant future.  And that role turned out to be the part of the alien subversive, Lieutenant Sajen, in Episode 311.  I have to say, Kate would have been terrific in the other role but, boy, she was fantastic as Sajen.  It was one of those “Damn, it’s too bad we killed her character off – Wait!  This is science fiction!  Who knows what the future holds?!” situations.

August 12, 2017: Dark Matter – The Dwarf Star Conspiracy!

Show co-creator Paul Mullie wrote the brilliant script for this episode but, during filming, actress Zoie Palmer felt the episode needed a little moment that directly addressed the Android’s costume change and its deeper implications for her character.  She was absolutely right so I headed upstairs and wrote what I hope will go down in Dark Matter history as “the infamous boobs scene”.  And, in ensuing conversations on the day, Zoie and I discussed some of the amazing character moments we have in store for her character.  Seriously.  If SYFY doesn’t give us a fourth season, #FANDROIDSWILLRIOT!

August 12, 2017: Dark Matter – The Dwarf Star Conspiracy!

The Dwarf Star industrial facility in which this episode is set is actually a complete re-imagining of the sound stage area that formerly housed the munitions factory back in Episode 303, “Welcome To The Revolution”.  Kudos to Production Designer Ian Brock and his team (art department, construction, paints, etc) on the amazing transformation and for, quite frankly, doing such a kickass job this season.

August 12, 2017: Dark Matter – The Dwarf Star Conspiracy!

And, of course, a shout-out to VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and his team on the creation/animation of the alien threat.  But their best is yet to come…

August 12, 2017: Dark Matter – The Dwarf Star Conspiracy!


17 thoughts on “August 12, 2017: Dark Matter – The Dwarf Star Conspiracy!

  1. I seriously don’t know how I didn’t end up with a ton of porn spambots following me, I tweeted the word “boobs” so many times last night.

  2. ..”And, of course, a shout-out to VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and his team on the creation/animation of the alien threat. But their best is yet to come..”
    Looking forward to that ^^:)

  3. Boob scene … I fell off my chair laughing. Any bloopers shooting that scene?
    And those black goo … serious “dark matter” you’ve got there.

  4. Thank you for listening to Zoie and utilizing her incredible acting skills and instincts to the best possible outcomes. We can not get enough of the the Android’s humorous scenes.
    Coming up with an original way to play a synthetic human has got to be really tough because there are some hard acts out there to follow. But Zoie has successfully carved out her own niche in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.
    Thanks for enabling Paul and Zoie to hit it out of the park with the “boobs” scene. It was done perfectly, and really was hilarious. Thank you so much. We are not tired of the Android’s great lines yet. Ready for more any time. Joseph, what does it feel like to lead such a talented team? Must feel awesome.

  5. Great episode, another great season–so far! OMG I feel like we have Dark Matter’s version of “winter is coming”. While we are worrying about alt Raza people, Ferrous Corp, Ryo, etc, a possibly existential alien threat emerges out of nowhere(actually not out of nowhere–great writing on Dark Matter). AND an Android boob scene. REALLY?? Really:)

  6. My memory is so bad. I don’t remember Three being infected by the aliens. Did I miss an episode somewhere?

    “Boobs.” Ha! I was thinking at the time, “But wouldn’t the Android say ‘breasts’?” But “boobs” was the perfect word for that moment.

  7. Boobs are better than the infamous Cosmic Donut from season 1, that’s for sure. Also, it turned out that Dwarf Star was a massive Chekhov’s Gun set up since Episode Twelve (and that would be season 1), for an entirely different purpose than it first seemed.

  8. Look forward to seeing it all. And while we you are busy giving thanks for everyone’s talent and hard word perhaps someone should extend extra thanks to Mel Oneil for her incredible hard work and talent at holding in her laughter long enough to get the boobs scene shot before take number 1,999.99+ !!##$%^&*#! at 2 o’clock in the morning.

    But enough of Dark Matter and packing up the house and other stuff for now. It’s Sunday. Sounds like as good an excuse as any to take a break from it all.

    Maybe head to the farmers market? Followed by a cruise with the kids in the stroller to go enjoy some ice cream?
    Jeff’ T’s in town with his little cutie pie, Ava.
    Maybe zip em an invite text to join ya?

  9. Even though I’m in a personal crusade for politeness, I found the “boobs” scene cute.

  10. We interrupt this blog to bring you an important lazy sunday typing typo apology:

    “And while we you are busy giving thanks for everyone’s talent and hard word”

    We at GNN, along with our DM fan blog correspondent, Drea, do sincerely understand that “Boob” is not a ‘hard’ word, (unless of course it is printed out with that new silicone ink KODAK recently put on the market for 3d printers) and apologize if our seeming insensitivity caused anyone offense.

  11. Enjoy the Android character and her new outfit…but please get her and Two off those dang high heels…please.

  12. i’m really disappointed in the overfocus on 3 this season. 1 is dead, 4 is not crew anymore and we barely see him, 6 is always underdeveloped and doesn’t have much relationship progression w anyone else– you’d think with a smaller cast there would be room for giving rebecca/shaw the amount of time it deserved but i guess not. just because a show has a female lead doesn’t mean you need to get antsy and elevate the remaining white male. why are 2/3 always paired on missions together? why does 3’s love story get more time than anyone else’s? why can two damn women not kiss? i mean really kiss, the peck with nyx isn’t even obviously romantic, meanwhile you wrote off 2 black women. trust me when i say, you have not earned being blase about sexuality on this show. you can’t just “oh btw 2 is queer and we’re so progressive it’s nbd, we don’t need to show their relationship.” the women are the heart of the show and have the much more interesting storylines that are still unexplored. like holy shit 2/android background is frickin h u g e. nobody is watching to have one douchey white male redeemed. he’s cool, we already like him. now MOVE THE HELL ON PLEASE. i think it’s amazing that you’re willing to explore a lead’s queerness 2-3 seasons in. but it’s 2017 and subtext is not how gays like to see themselves anymore. make this show all it can be.

  13. I was finding this episode with Three a bit horrific with the red bladder. It reminded me of other horror films. I like suspense like “Jack Reacher”,i.e., but am not a horror fan. It would be interesting to explore One’s beginning but I do not need to find an overly complex integrate relation. I would run with the pack and not turn to a minor’s minority. This is commercial TV not red tube. I did find myself smiling as Android walked down the hall saying Boobs. Her costume deserves another look. I give Paul an applause. Also I was thinking a shame the SG Atlantis set went away. It could have received more work than the disorganized CG set. I understand the title of the ep. more. It really does have dark undertones. Hope it doesn’t get a hopeless feel like Breaking Bad or Walking Dead. Hope my sister enjoyed the ep too.

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