Okie doke.  The plan was to motor through this script by the end of July (so that I could dedicate August to script #2), but following several false starts, a couple of roadblocks, and one frustrating detour, I’ve decided to scrap this jalopy.  My focus now shifts to enjoying the rest of my summer and just reading.  Spending time with Akemi and the dogs, sure.  Packing and prepping for the big move, of course. And, oh yeah, rewatching old episodes of Seinfeld.

July 15, 2017: My Complainiest Post Yet!

Look, I’m sure there are worse airlines in the world.  Maybe those outfits flying dangerous cargo out of war-torn countries for example.  But, really, Air Canada is just…not good.  My flight out of Vancouver was delayed an hour and half.  My flight back to Vancouver was delayed almost two.  The last time I flew Air Canada, the flight was outright cancelled for reasons never fully revealed.  A mechanical issue? The pilot overslept?  The flight wasn’t full enough so Air Canada decided not to bother honoring their end of our business transaction?  Who knows?  The bigger question is – Why the hell have I (or is anyone) flying Air Canada when there’s a perfectly great alternative in WestJet?

July 15, 2017: My Complainiest Post Yet!

A few words of wisdom I ‘d like to impart to those looking to sell their home or condo (all gathered from a day spent checking out Toronto condos with my back-up, The Corridors, pictured here on the cover of their new album) … July 15, 2017: My Complainiest Post Yet!If you know someone is going to be coming by to check the place out, you might want to clean up a little.  After seeing this, I was genuinely afraid to check out the bathrooms.

July 15, 2017: My Complainiest Post Yet!

An access door to the building’s stairwell at the back of the master bedroom can be a little…unsettling.  “They call that The Murderer’s Entrance,”Ivon helpfully offered.

July 15, 2017: My Complainiest Post Yet!

I know, I know.  Getting the place ready for prospective buyers can be such a pain in the ass, but try to make an effort nevertheless.  Those sloppy little details tell a much bigger story about how you cared for the place while you were living there.

July 15, 2017: My Complainiest Post Yet!

While I realize you still live here, try to make yourself scarce during the showing.  It can make things all kinds of awkward – especially if you’re drunk.

July 15, 2017: My Complainiest Post Yet!

And as much as I appreciate a desire to cut out the middle man like, say, the dining room corridor and a door, designing a house with the bathroom right next door to the kitchen is just weird.  What’s even weirder?  An open bathroom concept that has the toilet stall in direct eyeline of the top of the upstairs landing.

July 15, 2017: My Complainiest Post Yet!

Finally, if you’re going to take a photo of the exterior and go through the pains of angling the shot in such a way as to avoid the telephone pole smack-dab in the middle of your fucking walkway, count on prospective buyer’s actually visiting your place and noticing that…there’s a fucking telephone pole smack-cab in the middle of your fucking walkway!

July 15, 2017: My Complainiest Post Yet!

Holy shit!  Are Burger’s Priest burgers now available at Wahlburgers?!??


25 thoughts on “July 15, 2017: My Complainiest Post Yet!

  1. While this post is pretty complainey, (rightfully so), I think I have read complainier ones out of you in the past. You can be a very complainiarist.

    Just remember, some people don’t know any better, some can’t be bothered, and some just don’t care.

    PS: I could out-complain you any day. Even on your worst day, I could out-complain you. We should have a contest. You’d surely lose.

  2. sorry to hear you had a shitty day condo looking,
    hope you had some good food and drink to ease the pain.
    plus you had good company at least.

  3. Here’s hoping your condo/house-hunting improves for the better!

    On a positive note, the album cover of ‘The Corridors’ is rockin’ it.
    With tracks including their No 1 hit –
    ‘aisle be there for you’

  4. Rather like Air Canada, the lucky airline. In all my travels, one flight, a 757 had an engine catch fire just as a friendly connection was being made with a flight attendant. Got usual compensation of a vouchers, a nights stay at Narita hotel, thanks Air Canada. Had a flight delay out of Narita because a new 777 was slightly broken. When it was patched, the plane was slightly dripping condensation inside, good for the nerves but a voucher in Narita and a nice hotel waiting in Markham made up for the mess.
    Joseph embrace the adventure, life too short. Or do you get upset when actors go off script and ad-lib?

  5. Oh, and c’mon Joe, you’ve complained waaaaaay more than this in the past!

  6. I hope the rest of your search goes a little smoother for you. Have there been any condos that look doable? You could always store your things, and rent until you find something. New construction might be nice, if you could find an unfinished loft.

    All the fun you listed is one reason I never liked moving. I’d rather stay in my little house and make improvements. We get it they way we like, hunker down, pay it off and move at our leisure when hubby retires (14 yrs).

  7. Whenever I get frustrated with Air Canada’s service, I remember my last two experiences with United Airlines. Then I’m thankful. On United, I came to expect that even the luggage was getting treated better.

    I’d buy The Corridors album!

    That place is crap.

  8. Hysterical! You should see the shit hole condos in Brisbane. I leave wanting to go home and take a long shower. Air Canada… I have to fly with them as they offer the only direct flight to Canada from Brisbane. Saying that, the flight was late into Toronto yesterday because the aircraft for the domestic flight was late into YVR. And, as for WestJet, they are better, however, I was on a flight where a woman literally temporarily died next to me, and the WestJet staff had no clue what to do. Worrying. I am also rewatching Seinfeld as Jerry will be in Brisbane in August – currently on Season 4, where George continually claims to be a writer for NBC. 🙂 On average, how long do you take to write a script?

  9. Soooooooo The Doctor is now a female. I like it, it’s different. But there does seem to be a bit of an uproar among fans who viewed the character as being exclusively male.

    Making a male character female didn’t hurt the re imagined Battlestar Galactica which ran successfully alongside SG1.

  10. Not going to add my good or bad experiences.
    Just want to add a friendly wish you all the best and hope everything turns out fine at the end of the tunnel. Also am happy you are moving to TO. Maybe we’ll bump into each other on the street someday … in TO or in Japan. 🙂

  11. Ugh to that condo! Never cared for Air Canada. Not the friendliest airline. Do any of their staff/attendants know how to smile? A couple of flights were a bit late. Their meals, back when they actually served meals, were terrible. I love WestJet. On a flight from Calgary to Regina they did the safety check/info in English, French and in Polish for an older gentleman who spoke Polish. Jann Arden was on that flight, too. Flights have always been on time. Everyone’s friendly. Nothing to do with anything, but Brent Butt and his wife were on my flight from Regina to Edmonton. It was just…cool. 🙂

  12. Also, that sucks so much that you flew all that way to view a terrible condo. It’s not like you’re right next door. I hope you can find something spectacular on the next try.

  13. There are some nice condos in the Markham and Richmond hill area for relatively prices.

  14. For those not following “Twin Peaks: The Return” on Showtime cable in USA:
    Don S. Davis has a posthumous but integral role in David Lynch’s weird & wonderful mystery. Seems the late “Major Briggs” was involved in some 1990s shenanigans that drive part of the 2017 story.

  15. Oh no, no, no Ponytail. I would win that complain-off. Hands down. It would be a drop-the-mic moment….truly.

    So obviously I missed the announcement that you are moving. I hope you have better luck finding a condo you like in Toronto versus Vancouver. But bummer if you aren’t in Vancouver in 2019, I won’t get to see you. Well, that’s at least my target year to be up there.

    I agree with you on a bathroom next to a kitchen. The thought of E. coli in my food after seeing how far a flushed toilet’s stuff travels on a Dr. Oz show a few years back makes me want to vomit.

    And I agree this is not the complainiest blog you’ve written.

  16. An yes, that does look like a great album cover. After all, she does sing. She should use it If she ever records something in the future.

  17. You know Air Canada have always treated me well. You should fly with me. I guess this answers my question re where you’re moving to. I hope you found an awesome place with no murder entrances or exposed toilets.

    Thanks for the Ivon photo 😊😊😊 …I hope you bought them ice cream.

    Cheers, Chev

  18. The good news is the fun you’ll have reading crumpled posters on your very own telephone pole. Need a job that lets you work at home? Want to participate in a free study of new vitamins at a minimal monthly cost, credit card required? How about a DJ night that happened six months ago?

    I added The Corridors to my Pandora, I like their folksy sound, very echo-y, yet narrow and generically carpeted.

    Airport delays are my me time; the perfect excuse to amble about, eat Five Guys Burgers and rice bowls, catch up on my Netflix and go eat some more.

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