June 14, 2017: Dark Matter!  After Dark!  And More!

We did it!  We did it!  We broke our first episode!

And it’s a chunky little monkey packed full of actiony-twisty-turny-funny-charactery goodness!  Now all we have to do is break twelve more and we’ve got ourselves a fourth season!

FanBros’ Jason Payne’s Interview With Dark Matter’s Melissa O’Neil

Space is a vast, unpredictable and, on occasion, unfriendly place. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he is the only main antagonist but Ryo’s journey, which is decidedly separate from the rest of the crew, is heavily featured. I think the fans are going to lose their minds in the best way as this particular storyline unfolds before them.

I talk about season 3 with SpoilerTV’s Aimee Hicks

If you look back to Episode Seven, the Wendy the Robot episode, the one where we introduced Sarah and killed her off in the same episode, she’s in a stasis chamber and the power goes out and she dies. Then we check in with all the characters and then we go back and see Five, and if you look at that scene, Five is staring down at Sarah in her stasis pod and then she kind of cocks her head in kind of a curious way and then we’re out. And I remember when the episode aired, a bunch of people were like, “Oh, that’s kind of weird, why was Five giving her the look?” And, you know, it’s a follow-through that I had planned for a while and finally, the start of Season Three was where we found the opportunity to do it.

Innerspace’s Morgan Hoffman and Ajay Fry offer a Dark Matter Recap of the show’s two- part opener:

Baz Greeland of TheDigitalFix offers his take of 3.01 Being Better Is So Much Harder

Well Dark Matter season three certainly opened with a bang and the didn’t let up for a rather thrilling 42 minutes of television which demonstrated how the show had really started to live up to its promise by season two’s end.

OMFGTV’s Taylor: Dark Matter Recap: Ohana Means Family

Welcome back aboard the Raza for Part 1 of the two-part season premiere of Dark Matter where all systems are down and our little family of anti-heroes is broken apart even further.

Dark Matter Of Opinion offers, well, an opinion of Episode 301

Torri Higginson is amazing to have around any day, but when she leaned around that corner to take out those Ferrous goons, it was magic.

And for those of you who missed After Dark, here is the first (two) episode of the Dark Matter after show compliments of SyfyAustralia:

15 thoughts on “June 14, 2017: Dark Matter! After Dark! And more!

  1. What’s the deal with the audience laugh track? I assume you didn’t really have an audience there. It sounds fake. Otherwise, I loved it!

    1. I didn’t think the laugh track sounded fake, but I figured it was because they never showed an audience. I would go be in the audience if I was travelling.i assume they’ve filmed them all though.

      Cheers, Chev

  2. Season 3 showed up on iTunes over the weekend so I was able to finally watch the first two episodes. It’s a great start that has me excited to see more. I love the after show too. It’s a great addition. I love seeing behind the scenes extras!

  3. Thank you for posting “After Dark”. Will watch after work today.

    Good luck in the writers room today! Keep those stories rolling out! It’s “go for season 4”!

  4. Now I’m looking forward to S4! When you have time to do another Q & A, I finally have questions. Such as, “Do online subscriptions help DM?” It seems like it would but those Neilson ratings are behind the times.

    Drea: Rain, huh? My BIL lives in Panama City, FL. I’ll have to check in and see how’s doing. He works at a ship building place and when it rains, I don’t think they work. I hope the rain cycle lessons soon! If not, you might have to start scrap booking. 😉
    How’s your mom?
    Dr Jo is hanging in there. She was in the hospital last week. It was stomach pains that sent her there. My first thought was, that the tumor had spread but the docs didn’t find anything wrong, other than a high WBC. Thanks for asking about her!
    Yes, losing a fur baby would drive me over the edge (not that I have far to go 😉 ). From a distance, I see similarities to Lucy but up close, no. My son asked if she ever contacted me again, “No but there was a minivan driving very slowly this morning, while I was out watering”. That’s the thing with cats though, they are more likely to stay hidden if they’re scared/hurt. I’ll keep an eye out for Piper. Lucy goes crazy when she sees another cat outside, so she’s kind of our “cat alarm”. Lucy’s very brave behind a window.

  5. Hey Joe,

    I didn’t understand the Sarah scene. I meant to ask you about that. I hope it’s explained in the next few episodes.

    Why does everyone look so serious?

    Cheers, Chev

    Cheers, Chev

  6. Just watched the After Dark clips you posted above. For some reason, everyone’s voices are pitched higher. As soon as Anthony spoke I laughed aloud because he sounded almost like Alvin the chipmunk. No, my computer sound card is not the issue. Otherwise, really nice talks about the show, interspersed with scenes and behind the scenes info. Reminds me a bit of the after show for Falling Skies, but this is much better.
    Thanks to Syfy for providing the After Dark segments and to Zoie for hosting!

    I too, did not truly understand the Sarah scene, but suspect Five may have downloaded her consciousness & saved it. Why? Maybe we’ll find out.

    So far season 3 is a blast! Is it Friday yet?

  7. Hey Gang! Dont forget to check out Melani Liburd (Nyx on DM) in Gypsy premeiring June 30 @Netflix. That gals got some serious acting chops!

    Did everyone hear me scream when Joe had the AUDACITY!
    not to announce something yummy for lunch?!!! 😀 😀 :-O
    Yup, pouring rain here, AGAIN today!
    Someone please do an anti rain dance and make it stop!

    OK, All (half) joking aside,
    believe it or not @Joe,
    I actually do have a real Season 3 question.

    Q: Why the decision not to have SIX react when he learned Anders is still alive and helped THREE escape?
    Its not like Anders is a passing acquaintance. He’s relevant to SIX’s development and I know there will be a couple more episodes this season to help further that story along. Feels like both SIX and Anders are being sold a bit short in sharing their relationship story.
    Especially considering how significant their relationship proved to be in season 2 and how well the audience received it!

    BY the way: Misaki Han ROCKS!! Am absolutely loving Ellen Wong in this role! Hope we get to see more of her this season serving as the Darth Vader that lures Ryo more fully into the depths of darkness.

  8. @but those Neilson ratings are behind the times.

    Those Nielsen ratings got the show renewed multiple times. I’m sure like previous seasons there will be more Nielsen viewers watching the show via DVR than live. But every little helps.

  9. @Tam Don’t think Panama City is getting it quite as bad as Kissimmee.
    They seem to be getting more of a scattered rain shower pattern there.
    Very glad to hear Dr Jo is still hanging in there.
    Please send her my love and let her know she’s in my heart & thoughts daily. Will email ya about mom eventually. Still much too raw and painful
    at the moment.

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