May 28, 2017: Vancouver Dogs!

Suji has really settled into the Vancouver groove, making a daily habit of exploring the backyard, staking out her favorite dog beds, and being generally cantankerous around any visitors to her new home.  If you ever met her, she’d either ignore you or direct a incessant barrage of barks your way.  Like most celebrities, she’s a lot different in person – not quite the sweetheart you see on screen.  But adorable nevertheless.

May 28, 2017: Vancouver Dogs!

The bitter taste of Woodstock’s insolence!

Lulu on the other hand, may look like a little terror, but is the sweetest, gentlest dog you could ever hope to meet.

May 28, 2017: Vancouver Dogs!

As happy as she was to pack up her gear and relocate back to the west coast, she is clearly a Toronto gal at heart – partly for its dog parks, partly for the greater likelihood that people will stop and pay attention to her on its downtown streets, and partly because she’s been hanging around with Ivon Bartok too long.

7 thoughts on “May 28, 2017: Vancouver dogs!

  1. Love those dogs! And yes, Lulu is an absolute sweetheart, and more likely to barrage someone with kisses than anything else. I bet Ivon’s missing her as much as the other way round!

  2. Awww Lulu is adorable with her toy! Suji is adorable… like any star she gets to be temperamental at times 🙂

  3. Love the pictures! They are all so different, aren’t they? No two personalities are alike. So Lulu is Ms. Goodtime Gal and Ms. Suji is more of the Cranky Old Lady type?

    Any luck on the condo hunt?

    We had a big storm roll through here the other Saturday night. Memphis got hit the worst. Midtown and the University area will be without power for up to a week! It’s interesting that the more affluent zip codes get repaired first. 🙁

    Anyway, we missed most of the bad weather but it did knock out our power for about 8 hours. Our cable was out for longer. This is making us re-think our plan to cut the cord with Dish Satellite. We might see if Direct will give us a good deal to switch over. We can’t count on Xfinity/Comcast to keep the internet operational in this area.

  4. Lulu and Suji look happy in Van, but poor Woodstock, if he didn’t give so much lip then Suji wouldn’t have to school him.

  5. Wait! Did Suji steal Lulu’s boyfriend?

    Suji needs to learn that trying to eat Woodstock would result in a gag in the throat. After all, he is a bird.

    I was thinking about the condos; you didn’t have a great experience previously. I recall you had done a very extensive search, too. I know that when Jeff and/or I are no longer able to keep up taking care of this house physically or financially we’ll have to move into an apartment (hopefully we still have our wits about us and won’t be in a nursing home or assisted living). The adjustment, whatever it will be, will be shocking to our system. I can’t imagine having to share walls (and/or ceilings and floors) with units around us.

    We do like these, but we’ll have to figure out if the price is out of our range per month. It is on one of the lakes here, walking distance to Whole Foods, restaurants, short car ride or Uber ride to Town Center, and mostly I love all the windows. I need light in my home. I get depressed without it (it doesn’t have to be sunny, but it can’t be man-cave-like). These have elevators which will be nice. We have to consider that any apartment we get will either wind up being first floor or we have to go with a complex that has elevators (in case we have orthopedic issues as we age). First floor apartments though we will have to keep an eye on during flooding and see which ones in our areas tend to flood. We don’t want to deal with that.

    We could only afford a 1-bedroom here and I don’t know if we can do that (unless it was just one of us). It is something we talk about. But this future might not be until 20 years or more so who knows?

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