“Tonsilitis,”said the doctor.

“Tonsilitis?”I repeated.

“Tonsilitis?”asked a concerned Akemi.

“Tonsilities,”he confirmed.

“Surgery?”I asked.

“Surgery?!”said a suddenly panicked Akemi.

“No surgery,”said the doctor.

“No surgery?”I asked.

“No surgery,”he confirmed.

Apparently, tonsil surgery went out of style with in-flight smoking and salad gelatine.  Instead of a tonsillectomy, all she needs is about a week’s worth of antibiotics.  Oh, and – according to Akemi – one of these:

April 27, 2017: Tonsilitis And Titles!

Despite my attempts to dissuade her, point out that it made her look like a hipster anarchist, she insisted on wearing one of these creepy surgical masks that are all the rage in Japan. I’m reminded of that King of the Hill episode where Hank Hill finds himself in Tokyo, attempting to flag down passersby for help.  “Excuse me,”he says.  “Pardon me.”  And then, to the guy walking by in the surgical mask – “Doctor.”

Hey!  You did it!  You all pulled together to come up with a title for our season 3 finale, ensuring I won’t have to.  Your winner is…

April 27, 2017: Tonsilitis And Titles!

“Episode 39: Nowhere To Go”.

Damn, that sounds ominous.

April 27, 2017: Tonsilitis And Titles!

24 thoughts on “April 27, 2017: Tonsilitis and Titles!

  1. Awww Suji is too cute in her mask!

    I got another winner! That makes me 6 for 13. You need an even number of episodes, so I can claim 50%.

  2. Hey, I voted for “Nowhere to Go”! I like the succinct, bleak hopelessness of the phrase. 🙂

    I never have been able to get the point of those surgical masks that the Japanese like to wear – is it to prevent other people getting your illness or prevent you getting someone else’s illness? Or both? Since so many illnesses are caught by contact, i.e. you touching something and then touching your face (eyes, lips, etc.) that I can’t imagine that they would be that effective. I would think consistent hand washing would be much more effective. Also, I’ve worn similar things for dust protection before and can’t stand them – it’s like someone trying to suffocate you.

  3. Akemi please feel better soon! Remember to drink lots of fluids when taking antibiotics.
    I felt obligated to repeat that phase as my doc always says it to me.
    Suji looks a bit bewildered in her mask.

    Again, I missed choosing the popular episode title. And yes, “No where to go” does sound ominous

  4. Much love and healing thoughts on their way to Akemi! I had tonsilitis a lot as a child, but oddly, they never took my tonsils. It was the golden age of yank ’em out, too. Drink fluids, get plenty of rest.

    I remember those masks in Japan. Both to protect to to prevent. These days I wear a cute VOGmask, especially on flights. Airplanes are germ filled tubes. (Amazon sells them, if anyone wants to google it. If I knew how to post pics here, I have several of me in my various VOGs.)

  5. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well Akemi. I had my tonsils out when I was 5, I remember it like it was yesterday. I guess it has to be a real problem before they decide to take them out. And Suji looks like she’s there for you 🙂 Feel better.

  6. Get better soon Akemi! And keep wearing that mask! I wish you would start a new fad of mask wearing. I’d wear one. I am like Howard Hughes when it comes to germs. I am just now getting over what-ever-the-heck I caught from a co-worker and then a back-to-back bad cold. Gforce you can catch an airborne germ. From breathing to coughing to talking can spread certain germs. So I’m with Akemi and Suji on mask wearing.

  7. Akemi I hope you feel better soon! Good to know they don’t remove the tonsils anymore. When I was a kid it seemed everyone got their tonsils and adenoids out. I never did. Yeah, the mask is a good idea for your protection.

    Tam Dixon I answered your questions yesterday in the wrong post. I’m always out of sync. lol Went to the doctor today about my eyes. The pressure is down considerably. It went from 35 in the right eye to 20 and from 34 in the left to 15. He was very pleased with the results, but wants the right eye lower than 15. So I will continue to use the drops until June 1 and go back then to see him. If the right one isn’t down far enough he’s going to laser it that day.

  8. *coughs on a denny’s pancake, then passes plate to @Gforce to offer him a bite* 😀

    @Ponytail Glad to hear you are feeling better.
    Agree with you about mask wearing. Its too bad people in U.S are much too preoccupied with image to do it.
    It’d likely save folks plenty of money & misery during cold & flu seasons.

    Warm gentle hugs to @Akemi. Hope you feel better soon. xo

    Hey, Did you guys hear about the Giant continental rabbit that died on a united flight a couple days ago?
    Poor sweet bunny.
    His name was Simon and he was over 3 feet long.
    Wow. I had no idea rabbits could even grow that big!!!!
    Apparently his father, Darius, holds the world record for largest rabbit.
    He is more than 4 ft long!


  9. Akemi sorry to hear you are not feeling well, get plenty of rest and hugs form the pups. Wishes for a speedy recovery.. 🙂

  10. glowyzoey: Crossing my fingers, and prayers for ya! Have your eyes changed colors yet? (Just curious 🙂 ) How’s the job hunt going?

    Ponytail, Drea,: Don’t fret about what Gforce said. He hasn’t slept in a while. 😉 I hope you catch some zzz’s this weekend Gforce!

    Drea: I read about that bunny. Rabbits get stressed out. I’m not surprised he passed on a plane ride, I knew of one healthy rabbit that died while it was being kenneled. It was a loud environment with all the dogs barking in another room. Rabbits are very sensitive.

  11. Longtime lurker, sporadic poster, can’t help but respond here however 🙂

    Masks don’t prevent anything. They’ll let through germs within about 15 minutes, likely even less. You’ll have to wear FFP2 masks to prevent contagion spread, and I can tell you from experience, they’re not something you’ll wear all day unless you really have to. Like gforce says, hand washing is much more effective. Inadequate handwashing will undo any tiny effect a normal surgical mask may have. You touch your nose, mouth, or even just readjust the mask, you transfer the virus or bacterium to your hands, and spread them through contact.

    In fact, it might make it worse, because people will think they won’t spread anything by just touching the mask, and do less thorough hand hygiene, and thereby spread the virus more than they would without the mask.

    So tell Akemi there’s absolutely no medical reason to wear these masks 🙂 I hope she feels better soon!

  12. Don’t know if it was mentioned in the comments here before or not, but I was watching Cosplay Melee last night on my DVR and while zipping through the commercials I saw the Zobot and promptly froze it and rewound it. The first commercial for season 3! Finally time to start getting proper excited!

    -Mike A.

  13. @ Laura H – Thanks for un-lurking. I love friendly, opinionated conversation. My question is why do doctors wear masks? Until I caught a germ from a sick coughing co-worker (who got it from her school age, germ factory, kids), I had not been sick in at least 5 years, possibly 7-8 years. I am a compulsive hand washer and breath holder when people walk by me. (It’s that little breeze people create as they move.) This time my hand washing could not save me but perhaps a mask would have helped. They certainly can’t hurt. I mean, if Suju wears one, you know they have to be good. 🙂

  14. Get well soon Akemi 😊

    I was from the era of ‘whip ’em out!’
    I remember, vividly recovering post op in the children’s wing of the hospital. We HAD to eat tomato soup and ice cream and jelly or else we weren’t allowed home!
    Thankfully my Mum ate everything before the ward sister came around.
    My brother, born two years later, didn’t have them out but suffered with tonsillitis for years.
    As for those masks … Worked in a well known garden frequented by hundreds of tourists every day. Japanese, Thai and Chinese tourists often wearing those masks. However, when us gardeners put masks on as a preventative measure when clearing up the heavy plane tree pollen, we were told to remove them as seeing us wearing them spooked the tourists into thinking there was a bioterror alert (yes, honest!).
    And yes, I agree with Laura H – they DON’T work 😶

  15. I would never say that the mask wouldn’t prevent spread, just not as effective as hygiene. I believe the reason doctors/nurses may wear them is because they are disposed of after every use and in conjunction with other protective gear like gloves and gowns.

  16. @Laura H I’ve read some similar viewpoints from a couple of non-surgeon MDs. I still think it lends some benefit. Albeit, agree about washing hands too.

    @Tam Ahhhh Shucks Ma! Weeer just having some fun.
    @Gforce knows we love him. xo

    *Sneezes into hand* aaah-ahhhh-choooo!

    Leans in to warmly touch @TamDixons hand for her concern. LOL 😀

    Hey @Tam? Any new pics of the remodel progress?

  17. @Ponytail
    Doctors only wear masks in the operating room, and when there are patients with certain contagions. However, there is very little evidence that they actually reduce infections. When serious contagions are in play, such as tuberculosis, FFP2 masks need to be worn, and normal surgical masks are inefficient. And where doctors use them, it’s, or at least should be, performed with good hand hygiene as well. Surgeons will not touch their masks anyway, because of their sterile gloves. And yes, they should be replaced regularly. Where I work, we need to dispose of them when we leave the OR and upon re-entering put on a new one. I admit that is not the case in every country though. And consider this: in the UK they hardly ever wear masks anymore, because of the lack of evidence for their use.

    Although I do suppose it reduces the load when you have to sneeze violently but don’t have your hands free. As long as you remove the mask upon first occasion, and wash your hands directly afterwards 🙂

  18. I had my tonsils removed when I was 6. All I remember are the barbies I received as a present & all the bowls of ice cream. Hope she feels better soon!

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