March 25, 2017: My Girls!

Why does Suji look so worried?  Well, the results of her latest urinalysis reveal an antibiotic-resistant bug.  Antibiotic-resistant but for a single one we can use to treat her.  The news has Akemi and I very concerned because this is the same road Jelly went down in her final years.  Over time, her frequent UTI’s became increasingly harder to treat to the point that, in the end, we were out of options. In her final days, I was looking into phage therapy as a potential last resort but, unfortunately, ran out of time.  Hopefully, it’s a treatment that will be readily available to us with Suji if the need arises.  In the meantime, Akemi and I are being extra careful with her – and supplementing her diet with cranberry concentrate.

March 25, 2017: My Girls!

Independent, occasionally aloof Lulu has turned out to be surprisingly sensitive. First after Maximus’s passing, then after Jelly’s, and now following Bubba’s, she has been quiet and increasingly despondent, taken to sitting quietly by herself over interaction.  Akemi and I are giving her a lot of extra attention.  Also, coconut oil for the painfully dry-looking top of her nose.

Akemi, of course, is still missing her special boy.  There are moments when she thinks of him and feels down.  In the past, whenever she experienced moments like these, she could always count on Bubba to cheer her up but, of course, that isn’t possible anymore and the very thought makes her even sadder.  Fortunately, Suji is such a little goofball that she always manages to find a way to brighten her day.  She may be a a little more work than your average dog, but she’s well worth the effort.

March 25, 2017: My Girls!

With less than a month to go before production wraps on Dark Matter’s third season, I really should start making plans for our return to Vancouver.  I’m thinking of finishing up my final cut at the end of April and getting a few mixes under my belt before leaving Toronto in mid-May.  That will give me about a month to relax and plan the show’s fourth season (Yeah, I’m feeling confident) before convening the writers’ room in mid June for three weeks.

March 25, 2017: My Girls!Hey, check it out.  Now available on Blu-ray and DVD: Dark Matter Season 2.  Pre-order it now.  In the meantime, head on over to Netflix to re-binge because the season 3 premiere will be here sooner than you think!

12 thoughts on “March 25, 2017: My Girls!

  1. Hi Joe
    Ok, I see Suji’s nails aren’t painted, they’re capped. Is it to protect the floors or her nails?


  2. Big hugs to Akemi, Lulu and Suji. Some trying times for sure.

    It’s hard to imagine that DM is getting that close to the end of production and that you’ll be moving back to Vanc so soon. It feels like you just moved to TO! Did you ever decide what to do about a ride, since selling the Q7?

  3. I just watched a show on Space Channel that you had a hand in – “Delete”. Very well done.

    Our furry friends don’t live long enough. Over the years, I’ve had 10 cats. I miss every one when they pass, yet, I keep getting more. It just doesn’t feel like a complete home without a furry friend.

  4. How does it feel to live in a house full of only women? You may need to consider adding some more testosterone when you get back to Vancouver.

  5. I am sorry that Suji isn’t feeling well and that both Akemi and Lulu are down. Losing a companion sucks. 🙁 Hopefully you are wrong about this becoming an ongoing problem for Suji or that the other treatment can help. I am sure like everyone here, I wish I had a magic wand. 🙁

  6. Suji is just plain adorable! Lulu has a look of waiting…for maybe a treat?

    The loss of a loved one is always painful and the grieving process is so hard. Laughing one minute, crying the next. Remembered moments that make your heart ache. Hugs all around to those who like them, wishing you peace in your heart.

    On a happier note, S2 DVD! That’s a big hell yeah!!

  7. Hugs for all. It is hard when your house is a little quieter. One less to fuss over. It’s a big adjustment. Hopefully Cutie-Pie-Suji and Crusty-Nose-Lulu have many more years to come. Thanks for the pictures and update.

  8. Both of you are wonderful to take on Suji’s problems. I hope you can find treatments for her UTI’s too! Do you think Gluten free might help? I’ve heard a couple of older ladies say that helped them.

    Like arcticgoddess, each loss rips a part of me out but I keep going back for more. It helps to think of it as “I’m helping a sweet soul have a wonderful journey through this life”.

    Bubba has been Lulu’s daily companion for the length of her memories. You work and both of you go on vacation but Bubba was always with her. Lulu has to find her new “normal”. She could use a daddy daughter day…

  9. Warmest hugs to the girls. As usual, Suji is so irresistibly adorable.

    Difficult, non stop week here again
    but hope everyone else is having a good, relaxing, weekend. xo

    Agree with Tam.
    Sweet Lulu’s gonna need some extra attention and love
    from you to help get her thru this.

  10. The pain of losing our four-legged friends is always in proportion to the love we give them when they are alive. That is the paradox of pet ownership. It is a wonderful thing you do to give these old folks a loving home and they clearly appreciate it.

    Can’t believe it is so close to the end of filming S3. I feel good vibes about a fourth season.

    I recommend a return to Vancouver via Vernon, BC, where you can check out the new Okanagan Film Studios and the awesome vegan desserts dished up at Ratio Coffee. Sticky fingers are guaranteed!

  11. I love that you think outside the box. You have to! Here is something to consider. We’d gone through a few courses of antibiotics for my kitty girl’s UTI with no success. Finally I told the vet forget it – we’re going our own route and guess what? It worked. A holistic vet gave us this info. We started her on a course of colloidal silver and voila! Gone! Here is a link you can examine: You’re welcome to email me with any questions but it is simple, easy to administer and worked.

  12. Sorry to hear about Suji. I actually was in that position in the mid 1980’s. Under-treated UTIs caused me to become very antibiotic resistant. (or maybe the bug became a superbug). The last time things got serious the doctor said my culture showed I could only take 3 antibiotics — 1 was vancomycin which at the time had to be given in a hospital setting (I had a catastrophic-only health plan with a company that was a scam–something I later found out), so that was out of the question; the other one I was allergic to so that was out of consideration. That left chloramphenicol. A side effect of that was aplastic anemia but really didn’t have much of a choice in this matter. And because my UTIs were going on for SO long, the doctor felt like I needed to be on it for a solid 6 months because he felt it had gone deeper into the lining of my bladder. With fingers crossed I went into that one and it resolved my UTIs for decades.

    I like @tinamarlin’s suggestion.

    Hugs to all. Our furry friends grieve, too. With us having one dog at a time because of Patrick, I haven’t had to witness that problem, but I have seen it with my clients’ pets. I get some who are affected when their housemate is gone just one day to the vet. All of us out here who have pets can empathize with the grieving going on. Wish we could take that away from you all, but just not possible.

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