During the weekdays, I’d estimate that roughly 90% of my day is spent focused on Dark Matter.  On the weekend, it’s more like 75% – hopefully dropping down to a much more manageable 60% once the season finale has been written.  I’d like to say that remaining 40% is R&R but, in truth, a big chunk of it is spent running errands, dealing with taxes, and trying to set up other projects.  Yes, other projects.  The plan is for Dark Matter to run five glorious seasons after which I will transition onto my next show.  Perhaps that Military SF.  Or the cable drama.  Or maybe, just maybe, it’ll be the adaptation I’ve been mulling over of late.  It took me all of a day to blaze through the novel and I think it’ll make an unbelievable series.  My partner on this one, a certain German from way back, agrees and we are set to have a chat with the author later this week to convince him we’re the right guys for the job.  It’s a brilliant book and I’ll tell you all about it – once we’ve acquired the film & television rights. January 21, 2017: That Other 40%!The other, oh, 12% of my free time is spent winding down, hanging with the dogs, or going out with friends.  For instance, tonight, Akemi and I had dinner with two of our very favorite people, Adam and Ellen.  Ellen (aka Dark Matter’s Misaki Han) is in town shooting…something.  Well, okay.  It’s Dark Matter.  I was watching her scenes on my laptop yesterday and Akemi, watching over my shoulders, declared: “I’m scared of Ellen!”.  Well, you would be too when you see these scenes – but that really depends on what camp you’re in.  Are you Team Misaki or are you Team Teku?

The rest of the weekend = these guys…

January 21, 2017: That Other 40%! January 21, 2017: That Other 40%! January 21, 2017: That Other 40%!

15 thoughts on “January 21, 2017: That other 40%!

  1. Pace yourself, we want you around for the long haul. Quit burning that candle at both ends! Whereas I love Team Adam and Ellen, I don’t know if I could ever be Team Misaki…she killed Nyx!

    The pics you post of the pups always bring a smile! Are they ever not adorable?

  2. Adam has the look of a scientist. Could he perhaps be a scientist stationed at the Ishida Research Facility? What a treat – to have him and Ellen potentially in the same scene! Just a random thought…I have them from time to time.

    I’m so stoked for Season 3 to hurry up and get here!

  3. Am I in Team Misaki or Team Teku?

    Depends ….

    Which side is Maku-Chan on?

    Or is he no longer around? 😶

  4. Ok half hitting the wrong keys I think I have this typing thing down. Man I would be afraid of Ellen too. She is young and has the look. I am reminded that I need to make a long distance phone call (to Thailand’s southern Provence, below Phuket) today and talk to my girlfriend. We have been in contact since my Peace Corps days (27years). Wow has it been that long! The world seems smaller with air travel and technology. Good Luck with your German friend. I have thought Daniel Silva about his character Gabriel Allon, would make a fine series.

  5. Ellen is a good actress. She looks so cute in that photo but in character, she’s a badass! Night and day.

    Did you find any new Netflix/Amazon movies this weekend?

    The weather has been crazy here. Yesterday, it was so warm and people were wearing shorts & flip flops. Today, it’s wet and a little cold.

  6. I hope that Military SF you mentioned is a sequel of Stargate. Why not create a new stargate series??? Please, please Mr. Joseph Mallozzi help revive the Stargate franchise, as movies or as a new tv series. Dark Matter is GREAT but I really really miss Stargate.

  7. Oow @Tam Dixon…. sounds so wonderfully warm! Thank you! 😎

    I worked in -2 yesterday and -4 degrees C last week. This morning was -7 and freezing fog expected next week.
    I know it’s no where near Canada temps, but it’s still hard to work outside in it…

    ✳ Looking back, I empathize with poor Melissa O’ Neal and Melanie Liburd in their exterior prison holo deck scenes ✳⛄✳ (- although I did shiver at the time too!)

  8. Ooo and Joe
    Good luck with your taxes. Just submitted mine …. now I’ve just got to pay the blighter!

    Intrigued by your ‘adaptation’ with ‘a certain German’. Looking forward to hearing more…. 😊 Good luck in your meeting with the author. Surely he’ll jump at the opportunity?!

  9. Lulu’s pink bow!! The pups are looking trim and relaxed, how do they cope with being bicoastal? The courting of the author; I hope it goes well, look forward to hearing more on it later on the pipeline.

    I would love to see a Masked anthology series, like a superhero Black Mirror.

  10. Try to revive Stargate now that the movie isn’t happening. Finish it up so we can know what happened to Destiny and bring in Sheppard and Carter.

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