It’s a (Joe) Mallozzi Christmas tradition!  Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants – Au Pied de Cochon – with my sister and Daisy.

But beware!  It’s not for the fainthearted!


Akemi and I being affectionate.


Les cromesquis – deep-fried morsels bursting with liquid foie gras.


And, for Akemi – the mackerel.


The French onion soup – which was unlike any other French onion soup I’d ever had, highlighted by  some incredibly delicious smoked sausage.


The roasted bone marrow with caviar – the only miss of the night.  The marrow could have used another five minutes in the oven.


The beef temake tartare topped with quail eggs.  I ate the top (beef, toppings) and Akemi had the bottom (rice and nori wrap).


Charcuterie and foie pizza with ricotta and whipped mascarpone – my favorite of the night.


The stuffed pig’s trotters with foie and whipped mash.  Another fave.


For dessert, the super-chocolatey chocolate tart.


And, of course, the classic pouding chomeur.

Tomorrow, it’s Smoked Meat Pete and Bistro 75.

And in January, I am back on the program!

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I think we all get back on the program in January. But how many actually STAY back on the program? LOL

Looks like a very interesting meal!


Ouch…your picture is like you are still enjoying Costco.
Are you ok?

oh-oh – Mama Mallozzi did not make it to the feast.
Waves to Andria and Daisy.

@MaggieL – only 25 weeks and counting.
Mele Kalikimaka – y’all.


Wow, mouth watering foods.

Have had a devastating day today. We had to put our 9 month old Samoyed puppy down. Severe health issues spiraling down, issues no one had seen in such a young puppy and a future of more of the same. My house feels empty. I didn’t want a 2nd dog, now I can’t stop crying for him.


OMG Joe!
Do you have the phone number of the local paramedic?

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Definitely a more interesting line up than what I had, but was it as tastey? I went to “The Special” Christmas Buffet at Sushi Nabe. “The Special” meaning more selections, new selections, and more expensive. It was a plethora of delicious treats, my particular favorites were the seared tuna, the spicy tuna, tuna nigiri/sushimi and bull dawg roll consisting of tuna, avocado, cream cheese, wasabi, and topped with smelt roe. Honestly though, I enjoyed it all.

Hope you continue to have a great visit! Bon appetit!


So sorry @Debra! Such a young pup to have that many problems. Virtual {HUG} to you. sad


Oh @Debra, so sorry!
It’s hard enough to lose a beloved pup but to lose one so young, and at this time of year, is absolutely unfair & devastating.
Please believe, you are not alone at this time. We’re here for you. And the happy, loving memories you shared with your pup will always be with you.
Please take care…

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Looks like a great time in Montreal! Those dishes would be too exotic for me, so I’d skip to the desserts.

So sorry for your loss Debra. {{{Hugs}}}


@I think we all get back on the program in January.

I’ve never had too. Probably my metabolism or something lol.


@Debra, my sincere condolences for you and your family. Sad tidings at this season, but your pup is at peace & free of pain.

I’m sitting here at work, not doing any work. More than 2/3 of the building is empty with folks taking planned vacations or calling in at last minute to say, no, I won’t be in. Why didn’t I think of that?

I was halfway out my door early today to come here when one of the cats gave me a certain look that I interpreted as, “how dare you leave us with a soiled litter pan!” Yes, there is a certain look. After 30+ years of living with cats, you just know.

So, I left 10 min. later with a clear conscience and both cats had a clean, fresh pan.

No offense, but with the exception of the onion soup, I would have passed on all else. Just not an adventuresome eater, but glad everyone else enjoyed that food.

Hi Andria & Daisy! {{waves}}

Merry or Happy Christmas to all and to all a…


@Debra So very sorry to hear of your loss. Gentlest hugs and condolences.

@Gildermcc Still coughing? Wonton soup with sea weed might help. & plenty of vicks vapor rub. Hope you begin to feel better soon.

@sylvia Thanks for being the official count keeper for us! Very much looking forward to find out who came over from alt verse in season 3.

Wishing every a warm joyous peaceful christmas filled with hope & love


Joe: Wishing you and your family a wonderful christmas filled with love. All the food looks tasty. The french onion soup sounds especially nice right about now. Its one of my favs. (Especially when highlighted with melted mozz cheese on top).

No worries. Haven’t forgotten about sending details of your anniversary gift or for the Maximus & Jelly eleventh hour fund. Will do my best to get to it soon.

Though, Hey everyone! With everything going on here at the moment though – we’ll need to hold start date off wee bit till mid-late spring.
Just the same –

If you guys are into it?????? We could at least start a vote/poll in mid January about which sections of Joe’s blog you’d like to see turned into a book 1st.

Anywho – let me know ok


As I sit here and wonder but I can’t help but feel I am missing something. I am under no allusion of grass being greener but my hope is just getting better with the help of my therapists. Safe journey on the return to Toronto. Looking forward to the pictures and stories.


@Debra: I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. My sincere condolences on the loss of such a beloved companion. *hugs*

Looks like a great meal, Joe!


Holy mackerel!! smile I couldn’t get past that picture trying to figure out if you had cut off the head or the tail. Ga-ross!

Good to see Andria and Daisy again!


Ah, Joe! You’re adorable! Glad you’re having a great Christmas!


@Debra I am so sorry to have about your puppy. Sending hugs and sympathetic tears. Wish I had better words to help you.

@KathyC Ain’t that the truth.

Hello Andria & Daisy! You guys look great!

The chocolate tart looks good (LOL).