November 11, 2016: More Season 3 Dark Matter Concept Art!

Concept art for “the clock” which, frankly, isn’t a clock but kinda looks like one.  To be featured in Episode 304.

The other day, Production Manager Brandon Tataryn asked me when I expected to have episode titles.  I told him “When the fans decide.”  Aint democracy wonderful?

November 11, 2016: More Season 3 Dark Matter Concept Art!

More concept awesomeness from the desk of artist Henry Fong.

November 11, 2016: More Season 3 Dark Matter Concept Art!

Yeah, these assorted limbs are going to come in handy.  Leggy and footy.

November 11, 2016: More Season 3 Dark Matter Concept Art!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Well, the first day of principal photography on Dark Matter’s third season is less than a week which means I’m going to have to start dressing up soon.  But until then, it’s casual wear for prep…

November 11, 2016: More Season 3 Dark Matter Concept Art!

November 11, 2016: More Season 3 Dark Matter Concept Art!

November 11, 2016: More Season 3 Dark Matter Concept Art!

November 11, 2016: More Season 3 Dark Matter Concept Art!

Going to see if I can get those phone booths in blue.

Date night tonight as Akemi and I attend the screening of Tsukiji Wonderland, a documentary Tokyo’s famed 80-year old fish market, the world’s largest.  It’ll be like going on vacation – for a couple of hours!

25 thoughts on “November 11, 2016: More Season 3 Dark Matter Concept Art!

  1. I love that Not a Clock. Looks like something my grandmother had, lit up as if she’d gone to Burning Man.

    Blue phone boxes? Not quite a Tardis?

  2. Weird I know, but when I saw the assortment of bits of limbs it reminded me of my front room carpet …. (?!)

    At the moment my new pup, Puddle, has decided that all his soft/squeaky toys (- and believe me when I say he has a lot!) should all only have THREE limbs… Not only do I have a carnage of bits of furry legs n paws everywhere but white, cloudlike stuffing is strewn around the house. Yes I agree …. It’s starting to look a bit like Christmas…

    Squeaky, squeaks to Bubba and Lulu!

  3. That’s casual? You don’t wanna see my casual. 🙂

    That “clock” looks like some kind of Ancient tech. SG crossover episode!!

    Lulu’s looking pretty perky. Hope she’s feeling better.

  4. Nice clock. Wish I had it in my house (prop giveaway? haha)
    I’m so excited for principal photography to start – looking forward to seeing some hints for season 3!!!

  5. I bet Jodelle could and would happily make you a custom pair of TARDIS cufflinks … if she doesn’t already have some!

  6. Love the clock that’s not a clock. I have one sort of like that. Except without the blue glowy bits.

  7. @TheOtherOne A puppy? How wonderful. Congratulations. Welcome Puddle. Okay….sorry….can’t resist. Is he a Puddle-jumper?

    Another one of my doggy clients died last weekend. He was my friend’s dog and I cared for him long before I had a business. A little more than a week before the 1st anniversary of his brother’s death. Rocky and Sparky. Sparky passed last November; Rocky this one. I always thought it was going to be Rocky that meant first because of all his health issues.

    We got a hint at what may be Patrick’s weight loss issue. On Sunday, he had a huge meltdown that resulted in him bruising the bridge of his nose from slapping his face. He’s been crabby for several weeks now and his appetite has gone down to nothing. He seems confused, is making mistakes on things he knows, and yesterday looked glassy-eyed. But he also pulls at his waistline so that’s why we were thinking GI stuff. But yesterday we had a eureka moment. After eating some meatloaf when he got home from school, he was excessively chewing on it after he had left the dining room and was already back in his bedroom. I had come in to give him his afternoon medications and saw it and got him a drink of water to try to help him get it down. Then I saw him reach back into his upper left teeth area. I thought maybe he was having teeth pain from something stuck. But he doesn’t let us floss and we’ve tried using a Water Pik but no luck. He has been orally defensive since he was born. When Jeff got home I asked him if he had seen any issues when he was brushing Patrick’s teeth in the morning and he said…upper left side. I called his dentist today and he told me to get on the hospital surgery schedule. You see, nothing is easy with autism, and Patrick won’t let anyone get into his mouth even for a cleaning so he has to be sedated and since he is bigger it has to be done in the hospital now. The dentist thought maybe it is his wisdom teeth. But just in case it was an abscess or something he called in some amoxicillin. Fingers crossed. I don’t know how quick they can get us on the schedule. I hate that he has to undergo anesthesia again when he just was under in October. Worst case scenario is that teeth issues gets ruled out for “why has Patrick lost 25 pounds in a year” Nothing is simple with autism.

    I also want to extend a belated Veteran’s Day thank you to our veteran’s both present and past. I recently found out my 4th great grandfather was in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. I need to get confirmation by the Daughters of the American Revolution. It is kind of a wonderful feeling that one of my ancestors was part of the start of the country we now know as The USA. At the same time I think he would be rolling over in his grave. Of course I also know the sad and tragic history of how a sense of entitlement to a land that wasn’t ours resulted in Native Americans losing their lives, their homes, their land. I guess a mixed bag of emotions. My dad was in the Navy in the Korean War. Jeff’s dad was in the Navy on the Daniel T Griffin in the Pacific campaign off Okinawa in WW-II. Seeing Hacksaw Ridge and trying to convey the film as realistically as possible brought up some intense emotions for Jeff. He saw the ships out in the bay off the ridge and said that his father could have been one of those ships out there and then just tried to imagine the horror of war–something that he shielded the kids from.

    Well I’m fading. It’s 1:13 a.m. and I have to get up at 6 a.m. for cats and dogs.

    Hope you had a blast on date night. It’s important to get out and decompress.

  8. Hey did anybody catch Roger cross AKA six on blue bloods (personal business) tonight.

  9. Is it a bomb? It looks spectacular.

    I’m loving all of the fashion photos too. Your collection of cuff links is impressive. Why don’t you buy another red pair & paint them blue?

    This week the saga of the bathroom renovation continues. I’ll post photos once it is finished. We’ve encountered some pretty shoddy work from when the place was built in 1979.The drain for the bath didn’t connect so when I emptied the bath, it emptied onto the concrete under the bath and by the side of the house. I’ve also found more termite damage. Fun times.

    Cheers, Chev

  10. Standing by and ready to start choosing episode titles!

    Love your shoes — more texture!

    Limbs akimbo mean either other androids or people in bits, either way — ew.
    Getting excited for start of principal photography. Yay Dark Matter!

  11. @PBMom
    Haha, that’s so funny cos YES Puddle IS a Puddle-jumper! He hates water! I never made the connection 😂 Wonderful, thanks! 😂

    PS Hope things get sorted for Patrick

  12. @maggiemayday – oh my gosh I didn’t even notice the blue toenails first time around!

    big hugs to you @pbmom

  13. Love the colors, and if this is casual, I am confused on fashion, you look mavvvvulous!!.. Pups are adorable as usual!!

  14. @PBMom – Poor Patrick. Teeth problems, especially an abscess, can be excruciatingly painful. I once had teeth issues and lost 10 pounds while going through everything. If that is the reason for his recent problems, hopefully they will get him all fixed up and feeling good again. Prayers for Patrick.

  15. The ‘clock’ looks awesome……now, wouldn’t that be some cool tech to use to time travel.

    The life pod with SOLIS on its side, as in Safety Of Life In Space (Compliant), as seen on a sign inside the Far Horizon freighter in S01Ep05…..with the zombies – can that be good? 🤔
    I remember mentioning about that sign

    Fab cuff links again 👍

  16. My goodness @ceresis64, do you have a photographic memory? S1Ep5? S.O.L.I.S., didn’t even notice that on the side panel until you mentioned it. Now I’m gonna have to go back and watch it again. I do like that episode, a bit of One & Three male bonding, well actually Three was doing a lot of bonding that episode.

    The blue “not a clock” is incredible. Most assuredly makes an impression. I’m thinking some type of time-traveling device, maybe DM’s version of the Omega-13.

    The cuff links & socks are “most excellent”. If this is your casual look???

  17. Ooh, forgot to mention the miscellaneous body parts…dare I ask and where does one store them during the “down time”? Love Bubba’s antlers and scarf!

  18. Cool clock, combined with the Tardis cuffs I’m wondering if Ep 1 has a time bending plot. I like the Mr. Potato Pod too, it even has potato rocket boosters at the bottom, talk about green energy.

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