An all-new episode of Dark Matter is only two days away.  This one was directed by Jason Priestley and features guest star David Hewlett as the crew’s colorful handler, Tabor Calchek.  This episode features some fun Tabor/Android interactions, a transfer transit-themed op, a big reveal about that mysterious key card, and a shocking ending.

Theres’ a sneak peek scene featuring Tabor and the gang at but, unfortunately, it may be geo-blocked for those outside the U.S.

August 10, 2016: All-new Dark Matter Promo And Links! Stargate Pizza Party!

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I’m often asked if I still keep in touch with the old Stargate gang.  Truthfully, some more than others.  My former writing-producing partner, Paul Mullie, former special features producer Ivon Bartok, and former production assistant Lawren Bancroft-Wilson are presently  working on my new show, Dark Matter (Paul – writer/EP, Ivon writer/Supervising Producer, Lawren – VFX Supervisor/Supervising Producer). Having a new scifi show in production has also allowed me to touch base with some of the old Stargate guard: Amanda Tapping, Andy Mikita, Will Waring, Peter DeLuise, Martin Wood, all of who directed episodes of DM.  I’m still good friends with former Stargate Executive Producers Martin Gero (Blindspot, Dark Matter) and Carl Binder (Houdini & Doyle).

And then, there’s former Stargate creator and showrunner, Robert C. Cooper, who wrote scripts for both seasons of Dark Matter, served as a consulting producer on the show’s second season, and can currently be found serving as an Executive Producer on the upcoming Dirk Gently series…when he’s not cooking up varied pizzas in his backyard pizza oven.

I keep in touch with Rob on a regular basis (or as regular as possible considering our respective production schedules).  And, whenever possible, we like to get together for a meal.  While I appreciate a fine meal, he does me one better: appreciating AND preparing!

The other night, he and his wife Hilary invited Akemi and I over to their place for a little backyard pizza party.  Not only does Rob have a special, built-in pizza oven for the occasion but, in addition to the legit equipment, he also special orders the pizza flour to ensure the crust has the right taste, texture and consistency.

August 10, 2016: All-new Dark Matter Promo And Links! Stargate Pizza Party!

Check out the offerings…

August 10, 2016: All-new Dark Matter Promo And Links! Stargate Pizza Party!

Pear, fig, spicy salami and goat cheese.

August 10, 2016: All-new Dark Matter Promo And Links! Stargate Pizza Party!

Crispy potatoes, bacon, and green onions.

August 10, 2016: All-new Dark Matter Promo And Links! Stargate Pizza Party!

Burnt tomato, spicy sausage, and mozzarella.

August 10, 2016: All-new Dark Matter Promo And Links! Stargate Pizza Party!Peking duck: barbecued duck, hoisin, green onions, and mozzarella.

Finally!  Great pizza in Vancouver!  I’d almost given up hope!

We finished the meal with blueberry pie and four types of ice cream.

August 10, 2016: All-new Dark Matter Promo And Links! Stargate Pizza Party!

Our affable host and hostess.


Food: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Final verdict: Highly recommended!

22 thoughts on “August 10, 2016: All-new Dark Matter promo and links! Stargate pizza party!

  1. Cor … those pizzas are stunning! I love the pear figgy combo but the Peking ducky one looks and sounds absolutely devine!
    Do Rob n Hilary deliver? I’m just down the road …… kinda

  2. Can’t wait to see David Hewlett as fashionista Tabor Calchek again!
    Not too sure about the sound of ‘a shocking ending’! 😱

    Sign me up for tasting those pizzas #nomnom

  3. Sweet teaser….but geeeez, we still have to wait, 2 more sleeps and then a LONG day until show time…..grumble brumble….

    Meanwhile where do we line up for some pizza, they all look yummy.

  4. As a professional pizza snob I’m very jealous. I have my 72 hour pizza dough recipe figured out. My tomato sauce using San Marzano tomatoes is pretty good. And there’s lots of great buffalo mozzarella options in the supermarket these days. But I’m lacking a wood fired pizza oven! I have an oven I can put on my gas barbecue which does a pretty good job but it’s not the same!

    You should come to Bath, Joe. There’s at least four awesome pizza restaurants and several more good ones within a 10 minute walk of each other. There’s even a guy who has a wood fired pizza oven on the back of his bike and rides around making pizzas! The ultimate street food!

  5. Oooo I’d love to be invited to one of those pizza parties. Special flour…that’s why mine doesn’t taste the same. Now I know…

  6. Joe, please ask Rob if he would be willing to host a pizza party for all the Stargate fans attending Gatecon, Sept 8 to 12. I’ll bring the beer. 😉

  7. I love Rob’s pizza varieties, so cool and yummy.. I have been away, our son got married, I figure I have so much catching up to do. Too busy to get on the internet, that’s sounds so wrong, ,lol. Much laundry and Dark Matter show and blog to tackle, wish me luck. (with the laundry) DM will be fun.

  8. It seems like it was just Friday, wow ! Oh maaaaannn I remember you posting Robert’s pizza oven when he first got it and was very jealous – pizza is my favorite food group. Does he deliver?

  9. What a way to turn a hobby into a passion! I’d love to be a taste tester for them. Enjoy and say Hi from all of us!!!

    Line Noise: Like a regular bike or a motor bike? Doesn’t he get hot?

  10. Oh, I saw a pizza on a cooking show once that I’ve always wanted to try: Fig, prosciutto and blue cheese pizza. I need a pizza oven!

  11. Yes…. I’ll take a burnt tomato, spicy sausage, and mozzarella pizza to go. I’ll pick it up.

  12. Ooh. I’ll second ponytails order. Sounds delicious!

    @ Airelle Congrats on acquiring new daughter in law. Welcome back! xo

  13. These teasers are just that! If Jennifer Kellar & Rodney McKay had a child then Tabor Calchek is their descendant. It’s great to have David Hewlett back. The wait is killing me!

    Love the pizzas! I’ll take one of each.

  14. Beautiful pizzas! Both the duck and the fig with goat cheese look amazing.

    We were in Ft. Lauderdale and found a little hole in the wall restaurant which had amazing Italian food. Neither of us can have tomatoes, so we rarely go for Italian, but they had an amazing pear and gorgonzola pizza. Yum. Better than anything we got on the stupid cruise ship. Cruises are weird. Don’t do it.

  15. I’d eat the burnt tomato one. I know this sounds crazy, but I’m not a big fan of blueberries. They taste like dirty dish water. The crispy bacon one looks good, too. Yum. Robert did a great job on that episode of Dark Matter. His SGU episode of “Time” was mind-blowing. I heard Mpho is going to be on Dirk Gently so that is cool that he also wound up in the episode of Dark Matter that he wrote.

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