I’m going to hold off on talking about the latest episode until after its UK premiere tomorrow.  In the meantime…

A few more Dark Matter-related links.

July 31, 2016: Dark Matter Links, Interviews, And Join Tonight’s Afterbuzz Chat!

We Voted Not to Space You was a no-nonsense, action packed episode that got right down to the business of telling its story, that teases what the series has in store for the future, while wrapping some old business… by Craig Suide at SciFi Movie Page

July 31, 2016: Dark Matter Links, Interviews, And Join Tonight’s Afterbuzz Chat!

Veronica Scott recaps Dark Matter episode 5 and interviews actor Shaun Sipos at Happy Ever After

July 31, 2016: Dark Matter Links, Interviews, And Join Tonight’s Afterbuzz Chat!

Roger Cross Talks Season 2 of Dark Matter with Jamie Ruby of SciFi Vision

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9 thoughts on “July 31, 2016: Dark Matter links, interviews, and join tonight’s AfterBuzz chat!

  1. You are going to regret the dog picture contest. Cause every week I’m going to be bugging you when you don’t post the picture. 😀

  2. Thanks for the links! Looking forward to next week’s episode already. You, sir, are spinning a tangled web of even more mysteries and deceit.

  3. I was actually alright with Two shooting Jace in the forehead. Right when he finished digging out the tunnel, I was thinking to myself, “Oh great, just like what usually happens in sci-fi, she’s not going to pull the trigger, then he’s going to escape and seek revenge in the future.” And then she shot him, and my reaction was “Yes! Finally, a protagonist in a sci-fi show has enough common sense enough to kill an enemy immediately.”

    By the way Joe, I saw the screenshot you posted back in June of the space battle, so I know it’s coming up soon. That’s not going to stop me from continuing to bother you on the VFX front though. 😛

    Please continue to push Lawren for more space battle scenes. I know the VFX is time-consuming to create and render, but it goes such a long way for a series set in space. To think the Raza hasn’t fired a single shot in 18 episodes so far… it bothers me… I’m assuming Ep.22 is the one with the space battle, because of what the title implies. Just wishing it was more frequent than 1 episode every 2-some seasons.

    In fact, I’m starting to think Star Trek Discovery will have more space battles in its first 13-episode season on SPACE Channel than Dark Matter will have had all throughout its first 26 episodes.

    Also, I agree with Line Noise. What’s up with having so many episodes start off with “24 Hours Earlier” or “3 Days Earlier”? It seems to be a recurring theme in many episodes…almost too recurring….

    1. My interpretation of Two’s thought process was that she knew if she kept Corso alive for information she might let her guard down because he looked like One, and she knew that would be a mistake. So she shot him despite the possibility of getting more info out of him, which would normally be held up as the more pragmatic thing to do, rather than risk the crew.

      The scene between them was very well shot with the way it went between their faces and how you could see Two’s emotions playing out.

      It’s fortunate that Corso didn’t know about Two and One’s relationship, so he couldn’t intentionally try to use it against her.

      1. To be clear, I mean normally keeping someone alive for info would be held up as the more pragmatic thing to do. But Two had her reasons not to.

  4. So much fun in this ep, and the gorgeous cinematography of that snowy forest. So weird to see Four vulnerable. And Kris Holden-Ried! I’m loving that he’s gonna Javert our Raza pals across the galaxy. Loved that little scene at the end, Zoie does a terrific job of playing against herself, Bizarro Android is scary as hell, glad she’s just a hologram. The getting arrested scenes were so fun, can’t wait to see the next ep.

  5. Can you recommend any books? Going to any movies?

    We went to see Star Trek and had a good time. Strange the way they have romance between Spock and Uhura though. I never would have put those two together from watching the original.

    We also watched “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and were pleasantly surprised. It was fun, with a great cast and they obviously were hoping for sequels. Too bad that it doesn’t seem to be in the works. 🙁

  6. @TamDixon Jeff and I had some time on Saturday and went to see Star Trek. I had to decide between that or Bourne because it would be highly irregular for us to get to see two movies that are out at the same time. My deductive reasoning was that I wanted to see Star Trek in 3-D because seeing Bourne in 3-D is not necessarily important. I wanted to feel like I was in space. I think it was phenomenal. They need to do more of these if they are going to make more versus trying to re-do different versions of previous episodes like they did with Khan.

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