April 7, 2016: Editor/director Paul Day In Action!

I’ve often drawn parallels between my experience working on Stargate and my experience here, working on Dark Matter – the production, the people, and the overall positive vibe.  When Paul and I joined Stargate at the beginning of SG-1’s fourth season, we started off as co-producers but, thanks to the support of people like executive producers Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper, we learned, took on more responsibilities, and developed as both writers and producers, gaining valuable experience on set, in prep, and in the editing room.  Some eight years later, we were show runners.

And so it was with many of our fellow crew members who started small but dreamt big and, over time, were given the opportunities and support to develop their talents as writers, producers, and directors.  And, I’m pleased to say, that the same supportive atmosphere and opportunities exist here on Dark Matter as well.

Paul Day has been a longtime editor; fantastic at his job.  And, over the past couple of weeks, he was afforded the opportunity to step up, assume the directing reins, and start on the road to a whole other career in production.  The reviews have been great – from my fellow producers, from the crew, and from Wendy Hallam-Martin, the editor cutting his episode.

April 7, 2016: Editor/director Paul Day In Action!

Paul, directing in comfort.

April 7, 2016: Editor/director Paul Day In Action!

Breaking down his shots in The Raza.

The Dolly Dance.

He’s a good guy and I’m very happy for him.  I look forward to his director’s cut of episode 210.  And more to come in time.

16 thoughts on “April 7, 2016: Editor/Director Paul Day in action!

  1. Congrats Paul! Well done. Looking forward to seeing episode 210 for sure!

  2. I, for one, am thankful that you & Paul joined the SG “universe”!

    Stargate SG-1 & SGA are my “go to” shows. Just had surgery, gonna watch the first season of Stargate. Feeling down, put in alittle McKay to cheer me up. Got a long drive, gonna listen to some of my favorite episodes from SG-1 & SGA: The Nox, Wormhole X-Treme, Redemption 1 & 2, Rising 1 & 2, Sateda, Runner, Grace Under Pressure, Duet, The Return 1 & 2, ….actually just about any episode from these shows.

    Thank you for your preservation/gumption to follow your dreams & to grow. Congrats to Paul Day on Ep. 210. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. My whole family, wife, 2 daughters, & myself, enjoyed all the iterations of Stargate together. My girls grew up on the franchise & are still scifi fans to this day. It’s one of our favorite family-time shows, as is Dark Matter. Even though they’re both now adults on their own, when the girls visit we almost always break out a little Gate action!

  4. Thanks Joe!
    It has been such a great experience working on Dark Matter and hope there are many more seasons to come.

  5. Love how people are promoted from within; that they are given the opportunity to grow and expand their career aspirations. Congrats Paul!

  6. Cheers to Paul, looking forward to seeing his ep! My movie of this week is The Right Stuff, now that it’s on Ntflx I finally rewatched over two nights (it’s a bracing 3 plus hours!) and wow, loved Bill Conti’s score, the amazing cast and all the Yeagerness only now I get to augment my viewing with Google.

  7. It is so great to get the behind the scenes. Congrats Paul. Looking forwarding to seeing the ep.

  8. The leap from editor to director makes a lot of sense to me. As editor, you have to understand the vision and story the director is trying to convey and you end up working “alongside” the director to accomplish that goal. I truly feel that the editor is just as important an entity in producing a well-polished product as just about anyone else behind the lens.

    I’ve seen TV shows and movies that were well written, well acted, and even well shot, but the editing was horrible. You never realize the impact of one cog in the machine being off until it is so bad that it can’t be ignored and actually gets in the way of the flow of the story.

    Once you see how bad something can be, it really makes you appreciate it when it’s really good.

    I’m curious as to what Paul’s frame of mind will be when he hand his footage to Wendy. It’s gotta be a totally weird feeling completely reversing roles like that!

    Good luck Paul!

    -Mike A.

  9. I wonder if Dark Matter will have an earlier slot if Season 2 remains on Friday? Wynonna Earp(Currently doing poor in the ratings) which airs at 10pm, has its season finale on June 24, 2016. And I can’t imagine Season 2 premiering in July.

    I really want to see that Killjoys/Dark Matter block remain together on Friday as it’ll be the best chance either show has for renewal.

  10. Congrats to Paul Day, Ivon B and Jon H! Look forward to seeing what ya came up with when season 2 airs! xo

    @MaggieL80 (((Hugs))) Remember your blog sibs are always here if you need to talk/vent.

    @Tam @Pbmom YAY! Won my bingo game at docs this morning with B9. Unfortunately because blood work was wonky before the exorcism have to wait till new set of labs come back to be declared ‘out of the woods’.

    @Tam Covering Space X launch today. Will begin promoting fundraiser for Jo tomorrow morn. Will also pin it to google plus + <3

  11. Congrats to Paul Day. Looking forward to seeing the episode. You look like my high school friend Chris. You could be his brother or maybe at least cousin.

    @Drea !!! B9 for the win. I still have wonky large amounts of protein in my urine, but my creatinine has come down over the last few years where my nephrologist has no idea why, but has come to accept I am just wonky and feels comfortable at letting me come back once a year now. He just has me under the category of “minimal change disease.” He talked about another kidney biopsy and I told him that wasn’t happening again unless my creatinine ever got to 2. He knows better than to argue with me. I hope your new set of labs coming back puts you well out of the woods and into the city.

    The Space X launch and landing on the pad in the Atlantic Ocean was crazy exciting.

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