Oh, damn.  Today, was our first early pre-flight weigh-in.  Bubba tipped the scales at a negotiable 20.4 lbs.  Lulu, however, was a robust 22.4 lbs!  They both have to trim down to an even 20 lbs before they can fly.  Fortunately for us, they have roughly two and a half months to get into shape!

Forget prep, production, and post – THE most stressful part of working on this show is transporting the dogs to B.C. and back.  And we only have two!

A few of you have asked, so I’ll be honest with you.  The day I adopt that third pug is the day I’ve decided to stay put in Vancouver.

April 2, 2016: Dog Day Afternoon! April 2, 2016: Dog Day Afternoon! April 2, 2016: Dog Day Afternoon! April 2, 2016: Dog Day Afternoon! April 2, 2016: Dog Day Afternoon!

April 2, 2016: Dog Day Afternoon! April 2, 2016: Dog Day Afternoon! April 2, 2016: Dog Day Afternoon!

April 2, 2016: Dog Day Afternoon!

15 thoughts on “April 2, 2016: Dog Day Afternoon!

  1. Aww, sweet cuties. Lulu knows how to vogue … Not sure Bubba’s that enthused tho
    My Starsk’ likes to dress up as Lawrence of Arabia….

  2. Two and a half months?? That’s plenty of time to get back in fighting shape. That’s quite a doggie fashion show. I’m not quite sure what the yellow crescent symbol is, but it looks familiar.

  3. I like the doggie fashion show. 🙂 Good luck getting the dogs to travelin’ weight

  4. Can we accuse Bubba of having four eyes when he wears that yellow outfit?

    Somehow I think he wouldn’t care…

  5. Puppies parading paraphernalia!! Akemi has been busy!!

    In celebrating a friend’s bday, partook in two of your favorite things tonight: chocolate & whiskey. Went to The Hot Chocolatier, got a box of truffles to include Dark Chocolate Brie Pear, Triple Shot In The Dark & Lemon Soufflé along with a bag of Dark Chocolate Burnt Toffee. Next door is the Tennessee Stillhouse. Took the tour which ends with a whiskey flight. Sadly discovered it’s illegal to mail bourbon, especially out of the country to Canada. Sorry.

  6. @Joe
    Speaking of transporting the pups
    Did you receive those Toronto housing notes I sent ya?

    If not, (and you’ve not yet devised a suitable alternative plan)
    zip me a gmail @newscience101 and I will resend.
    If you decide to explore the option I researched
    you should definitely begin touring neighborhoods in next couple wks,

    @Kathy C Thanks 🙂

    Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend! <3

  7. Love all the puppy pictures. I love the yellow one on Bubba the best.

    I think 2-1/2 months is a perfect amount of time to try to trim off the poundage.

    @Drea So glad you have made it to the other side but now the waiting game begins. As far as my followup appointment, the doc said she was fine with my labs. I see her again in 6 months.

    And to all who are interested in an update from Narelle, Ralphie seems to be doing better.

  8. The weight limit is because they fly in the cabin, yes?

    So darling in all their outfits.

    Went to a new hole in the wall Japanese restaurant last night, tiny, six tables. I was tickled to hear “Irrashaimase!” as we entered. Cool! Good food too, we had bento box suppers. I brought half mine home because I can’t eat much at one go. The restaurant located there before was a Chinese food place with the most unfortunate name of “Scoop ‘n Go Chinese”. Very fresh food, but sold by weight, in plastic boxes. I hope Bamboo hangs in there, the location is less than perfect. Half a block over from the Sad IHOP, which is a depressing pit of despair, but stays in business, and next to a Maverick convenience store which gets robbed at least once a year.

  9. Is that Masamune Date’s hat from Sengoku Basara?!? It looks exactly like it and I am loving it. The dogs look adorable. Good look on the weight loss.

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