Well, I’m finally back home – but it was touch and go there for a while.  For some reason, there are no direct flights from Vancouver to San Diego, so we were at the whim of the schedule makers.  The aforementioned decreed one hour would be plenty of tie to fly in to San Francisco from San Diego and catch the connecting flight to Vancouver.  To make it more interesting, however, our departure gate was left off the ticket, requiring us to race over to the schedule board as soon as we disembarked.

Surprise #1: The connecting flight wasn’t leaving from the nearby international terminal.  It was leaving from the OTHER international terminal across the airport!

Surprise #2: We had to through security.  Again!

Surprise #3: Apparently, so did more traveler than I had EVER seen stand in line to go through security.

In the end, we did manage to make our flight – with moments to spare – exchanging that crying kid who sat in front of me for the first leg of my flight for a completely different, no less crying, kid for the second leg.

I back home and I’m exhausted.  But very pleased with my Comic Con haul:

July 11, 2015: Back!  But Barely!

I had a great time doing the panel and an equally amazing time catching up with some fellow writers (the amazing @Paul_Cornell and the ever-awesome @marjoriemliu) and meeting a bunch of terrific blog friends (Lisa! Screwball! Jeanine! David! Tiffany! Tom! Erin! Jenny and co.!  And especially Beth who I had the opportunity to chat with, but not quite as long as I would have liked as I was shuffled off to do a press thing!) but I’m pretty sure that was my last Comic Con.

One of the things I’d like to do now that I’m back at my HQ and not having to run from hotel to booth to hotel, is go through your recent comments and do a mailbag.  So, if you have any questions, now’s the time to post ’em.  Dark Matter episode #105 aired last night in North America – and Monday in the U.K., Germany, and Portugal (Where we’re apparently breaking all sorts of records.  Yeah, Portugal!).

I’m in talks to take part in something called a Periscope for the U.K. airing of Dark Matter’s sixth episode, July 20th.  I have no idea what it is but so long as I’m not required to fully submerge myself, I’m in!

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular gforce and Bart.  Get better, buddy!

36 thoughts on “July 11, 2015: Back! But barely!

  1. I am certain you chose your flights carefully, but did you look a Alaska? (Not sure what the code share is for Air Canada.) They connect through either LAX or SEA. I prefer SEA because I find it much easier to navigate. LAX has that collection of small terminals and not all are well connected. I know the feeling when traveling on a tight schedule why does it seam that the connecting flight is on the furthest gate. Stay fit; rest well.

  2. I’m behind with everything these days. Ep. 5 was good. Not crazy about the zombies plot. Otherwise… I keep hoping that moment with THREE in TWO’s quarters was her giving him a massage (rolls eyes at the lameness of that idea) or else he pushed his way into her quarters and stripped off his shirt, just because. He seems the type to do that. It just seemed to come out of left field.

    @gforce I really hope Bart is feeling better. It’s so difficult to know what to do for our feathered, scaly and furry friends when they’re not well. That helpless feeling is awful. *gentle scritches for Bart*

  3. @Joe Sounds like Comicon was a success. I’ve always wanted to go, but there might be too many PEOPLE. On the other hand, so many geeky, nerdy people! My kind of humans. 🙂 I’d go just to be in the same building as Doctor Who. Glad you made it back in reasonably one piece. Well, two pieces — you and Akemi. One time in Singapore airport we walked all the way to gate 42 and then found out they’d changed our departure gate to 1A. That’s just mean. It’s a very long airport. Making you go through security twice is evil!

  4. I’m glad you made it safely back. It sounds like Comicon was a rousing success, and you had a lot of fun in between catching your breathe.

    Joe, thank you so much for the dedication, and to everyone who send kind wishes. I can’t tell you how much that meant. My mom passed in her sleep this morning. I’m stunned and truly can’t believe she’s gone since she seemed to be doing slightly better. I know she’s safe now, but there are no words to express how much I already miss her.

  5. Darn it I forgot to ask you to go to the funimation booth and find out if evangelion 3.33 is ever going to be released sorry you have a tough time with your traveling but at least you made it home safe.

  6. Ps any word on season 2 yet after all the Expanse hasn’t even aired yet and they just got greenlight for season 2.

  7. I’m confused about Three being in Two’s quarters. Is it supposed to keep us guessing?
    Because of his reaction at the end to her being so forward, it seems like nothing actually happened between them. I just don’t understand why she would do that to One. Hmmmm….I’ll just have to keep watching.

  8. Thanks for everything and I hope your feet survived. I won’t be home until late Monday night then I have to hit the real world of my day job bright and early Tuesday morning – minus the bright.

    I’m very glad you made the trek out to San Diego and I really hope this isn’t your first and last Comic Con. If you don’t show, who the heck am I going to bother? Get some rest, avoid airports for a while, see you in cyberspace.

  9. Not a question, but I have to say, I was sad at the Syfy twitter’s lack of Dark Matter coverage. Shame on Syfy for not promoting DM as hard as other shows.

    I hope you and everyone else had a great time (despite flight issues) and that we will see you and the show back next year!

  10. @paloosa I’m so very sorry. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Even though my Mum had health issues for years, it was still a shock when she died. Surround yourself with family and friends. xoxox


  11. Mei Misaka, what a creepy character she was lol. That said Another was creepy too, and tragic. I was watching the first episode of Gakkou Gurashi recently and it had a twist towards the end of the first episode that was really messed up, let’s just say things aren’t what you believe they are until the big reveal. One of the characters suffers from mental health issues. I also finished Sound! Euphonium recently and enjoyed it, its basically an anime about a concert band.

    Anyway mailbag question.

    Given how well Dark Matter does with DVR viewers, how confident are you that Dark Matter will get its much deserved second season?

  12. Joe, I don’t have any questions at the moment. Well, I have lots of questions, but ,most of them are plot-related and I”m sure they will be answered in due course. I trust you.

  13. Condolences Paloosa and I’m so sorry. Sending big {{{hugs}}} too.

    Gforce: I’m sending positive thoughts to Bart. Praying he adjusted to the antibiotic too.

    Glad you’re both back home safe! At first, I was wondering the same thing as glowyzoey. Maybe, it just “looked” intimate. Three is such a jerk but with him, there would be no commitment. Interesting ending.

    but I’m pretty sure that was my last Comic Con What? 😯

    How are the pups doing?

  14. Welcome back. We are very used to that kind of travel because apparently you cannot get anywhere from Edmonton :). Still enjoying the DM series very much. BTW Happy birthday to Melissa O’Neil (Sun).

  15. gForce – {{{HUGS}}} to you and Bart. Ditto what GlowyZoey said.

    S1E5 – At the end, my husband said, “Oh, look! She’s a goa’uld!”
    That hookup between Two and Three was a surprise, but now that the crew thinks she’s got alien zombie AIDS, that will never happen again.

    Welcome back. I know you’ve never heard of this stuff called sleep, but you might want to try it. 😉 It’s pretty cool.

  16. Glad you guys are back home safe and sound. Really liking DM and tried too Tweet and watch and it’s a good thing I record it ’cause now I gotta go back and watch it again, I missed too much.
    Ok so I am just a little confused about One. Who is the clone? The one we knew first or the second one? Do we know where the clone came from? Did I miss something? Or we just don’t know yet?

    Another question, probably not a mailbag question… but if DM goes into a second season could you cast Jack Donnelly and /or Robert Emms and /or Ayisha Hart??? They are awesome actors and would love to see them doing something here in the states.

  17. Hi Joe, now that it’s became really popular for shows to be binge watched after being aired, other creators of shows such as OSTNB, GoT have stated the have changed a lot of how they design a season of a show. I was wondering if this trend has affected the way you have made shows, such as Dark Matter since the stargate days? Thanks 🙂

  18. @paloosa – I’m so very sorry to hear about your mom. My own passed away three years ago tomorrow and I still miss her every day. Sending warm hugs to you and your family.

  19. #Gforce – Hope Bart improves soon, sending positive energy and healing thoughts. {{{{{ }}}}}

  20. Oh Paloosa, my sincere condolences. I am very sorry to hear that. Sending the most positive thoughts your way.

    Thank you also, for the kind wishes about Bart. But sadly, this morning she was in very bad shape. She would really only come to in order to vomit so clearly she was crashing. So, I did have to take her to the vet to end her suffering. To say I feel terrible is an understatement. It’s like someone ripped my heart out.

    I’ll post more tomorrow when my thoughts feel a bit more organized.

  21. Glad you and Akemi are back home safe and sound.

    I think Dragon Con is a crazy mass of people and I’ve heard that SDCC is “worse.” So don’t think I would rush or try to go to SDCC. Yeah, my loss.

    Epi 5 another on the edge of the seat nail biter.
    Have to say, not fond of the zombie aspects at all. eeeuuuuwwww.

    Now more to think about.
    Five’s dream where “she” dug out the eyes and left someone.
    Was going to leave it for “her” mother, I think.
    One of the dead had the eyes out….another eeeuuuww.

    Two’s healing…cool…but now the worry of, is she really?

    OK….Love David Hewitt….but his character is a sleeeeeeeze and probably worse.

    waiting for Friday…again.

  22. @paloosa Sorry for your loss. 🙁

    Mailbag question: are the characters ever going to use their real names? For me, the numbers thing might work ok in graphic novel, but even 5 episodes in, I still have to think about who’s who because the numbers are too impersonal. Plus, the characters’ real names are awesome. Portia. Jase. Griffin.

  23. @shaneac1 — Seriously? Supposedly the most expensive sci-fi series ever produced by the network (even more expensive than SGU?) and they renew it 6 months before it’s even set to air, yet we’re halfway into DM’s first season (which is much better than the promos that I’ve seen for it) and we’re still waiting on renewal… unbelievable… what goes on behind the scenes boggles the mind sometimes…

    @Joe — Welcome back, but seriously, I don’t know how you manage to do it, flying back and forth, running all over the place. Either you’re a replicator with an unlimited source of energy, or you’re drinking ten cups of coffee a day. Airports are such a hassle these days…

  24. @Paloosa:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m praying you’ll find some time for peace and reflection this week.


    I’m sorry to hear of your loss as well. I’m praying for you too.

  25. Ok, is there somewhere I can get a written synopsis of episode 5?

    I…do…not…ever…watch…anything with zombies!!! My nightmares do not need any help like that. Sorry Joe, it just ain’t gonna happen.

    However, I do want to know what transpires for the crew so if anyone knows of a written synopsis, WITH OUT PHOTOS, please point it out.

  26. @Paloosa @gforce: I’m so sorry for your losses. =(

    Joe, here’s something for the mailbag (in addition to my aquarium question): Is that an engagement ring on Akemi’s finger? =)

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