With Dark Matter having already premiered in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Asia, Poland and Eastern Europe, the internet is rife with comments, critiques, and theories. Lots and lots of theories. I’d like to get to those – eventually. And offer some specific pics and insights – eventually. But, with the show poised to premiere tomorrow night on SyFy UK (20:00), SyFy Portugal (22:10) and SyFy Germany (21:00), and the following night on SyFy France (21:30), SyFy Netherlands (21:00) and SyFy Spain (22:20), I’m going to steer clear of any spoilers. So let’s stick to non-spoilery behind-the-scenes insights for now…

June 14, 2015: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Episodes #101!  More Dark Matter-related Links!  And I Answer Your Dark Matter Questions!

Our very first cast read-thru!

June 14, 2015: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Episodes #101!  More Dark Matter-related Links!  And I Answer Your Dark Matter Questions!

Actor Alex Mallari Jr., Dark Matter’s FOUR (with hair!) at an early costume fitting for Episodes #101/102.

June 14, 2015: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Episodes #101!  More Dark Matter-related Links!  And I Answer Your Dark Matter Questions!

T.J. Scott directs Zoie Palmer and Melissa O’Neil in a scene (“No.  Show me.”) from Dark Matter Episode #101.  Executive Producer Paul Mullie looks on in the BG, hoping for a cameo.

June 14, 2015: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Episodes #101!  More Dark Matter-related Links!  And I Answer Your Dark Matter Questions!

Prepping the pod.

June 14, 2015: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Episodes #101!  More Dark Matter-related Links!  And I Answer Your Dark Matter Questions!

Emergency lighting.

June 14, 2015: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Episodes #101!  More Dark Matter-related Links!  And I Answer Your Dark Matter Questions!

What’s behind the second set of airlock doors?

June 14, 2015: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Episodes #101!  More Dark Matter-related Links!  And I Answer Your Dark Matter Questions!

Those vertical mats sure came in handy.

A few more Dark Matter-related links for you to peruse…

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Exclusive wireframe images of our space station: http://www.threeifbyspace.net/2015/06/exclusive-gorgeous-wireframe-images-of-dark-matters-space-station/

Where to watch in the U.S.: http://www.syfy.com/darkmatter/where-to-watch

Time for another mailbag:

bambamfans writes: “Questions ( I understand you may not be able to answer): 1. Did they all retire to their previous sleeping quarters?”

Answer: Some were instinctively drawn to their own quarters.  Some not.  In some instances, it was a little more obvious: ie. the room with the sketches, the room with the weaponry…

“2. Which character is the easiest to write dialogue & which is the toughest?”

Answer: They all present their own challenges and rewards.

“3. Which character/s did you connect most with? Was it different between the graphic novel and when you saw the performances on screen? On an initial watch it was ONE & TWO for me.”

Answer: What I love about the show is that it’s a true ensemble.  The crew is made up of varied personalities and different viewers will respond to different characters.  In my case, I found something in each of them to connect with.

“4. Will the people on the planet keep coming into the story?”

Answer: We’ll see them again in episode #102.

“5. Why is the Marauder so light inside? It seems different to the rest of the ship. Is there a reason?”

Answer: Yes. There’s a stark contrast between the clean, streamlined Phantom Class Marauder shuttle and the battle-scarred hero ship. One clearly doesn’t belong with the other. It’s more than possible one, or both, were heisted.

“6. I know they found jackets but did they find socks?”

Answer: Yep. And underwear too!

“7. What was the inspiration behind the music, which I found quite unique and surprising?”

Answer: We wanted something different – unique and surprising.

“8. How did you do the zero gravity sequences, with wires?”

Answer: Yes, wires. I’ll be posting some behind the scenes videos on the stunts soon.

“9. Who doubled Anthony for the ratchet into the wall in the door scene? It was impressive.”

Answer: His stunt double, Blair Johannes under the direction of stunt coordinator John Stead.

“10. How many takes for FOUR’s Katana display sequence?”

Answer: You’ll have to ask Alex.  He was prepared and pretty flawless.

Tom Gardiner writes: “Questions, you say? I have some. They may not be good questions, but they’re the best this brain can come up with. 1 – Will David Hewlitt’s character have some of the more reprehensible qualities that McKay had? Y’know, weasely self-preservation over almost anything else.”

Answer: Oh, he’s got all of those qualities x 10.

“2 – Does Two have a condition that requires her navel to get continuous fresh air? (I’m not complaining, mind you.)”

Answer: She has a fairly extensive wardrobe.

“3 – Six watches over Five. Any hints on why or should I shut up and wait?”

Answer: It would seem that, in some cases, the characters are drawn to connections they may have made in the past.  Would losing your memories change who you are?  To what extent?  These are some of the questions we’ll be looking to answer this season.

“4 – Five seems to be remembering someone else’s memories (Maybe Two’s?). Some glitch in the memory wipe or a hint at her having some extranormal abilities? Maybe she was responsible for the memory wipe!”

Answer: A lot of questions – which will be answered this season.

“5 – Why does One have to see his reflection in the metal cup? Are mirrors rare in the future? Where are the bathrooms?”

Answer: He didn’t have to see his reflection in the cup.  He just caught it while searching through the various items in his quarters, seemingly trying to jog his memories.

“6 – No, really, where are the bathrooms?”

Answer: That opaque door behind him?  That leads to the bathroom.

“7 – Back to Five. Hers was the only identity not revealed in the ship’s recovered data. This again makes me think she’s outside the loop of the apparent framing of the others by, I assume, the Big Bad Company.”

Answer: Yeah, many have been making that same assumption.

Keith writes: “This may have been asked already, but which episode (besides the finale) are you personally looking forward to the most for fan reaction? Or which episode is your personal favourite, the best example of the show?”

Answer: I think that Episode #102 offers a nice counter-balance to #101’s more ship-centric mystery, opening up, delivering more in the way of action and character moments.

Keith writes: “Also, when you wrote the first two episodes, were you envisioning them as a two hour premiere? How do you feel about the episodes being aired individually?”

Answer: If there were any two episodes that could have aired on the same night, it would have been episodes #101 and #102 – but our post and delivery schedule was very tight and we didn’t have the option.  All the same, I’m quite happy to air this show on a weekly basis instead of doubling up as each instalment offers plenty of rewards – and some terrific closing moments.

JustLookAtTheFlowers writes: “Is this going to stay a family-friendly show? Meaning so many shows seem to force sex scenes or unnecessarily brutal violence on audiences. It wasn’t an issue for SGA so I’m hoping for the same deal with Dark Matter.”

Answer: Depends on the family.

Catherine Rawa writes: “Why is there sound in space?”

Answer: For the same reason we’re flying around in cool spaceships with inertial dampeners.

Ponytail writes: “PeterJ wrote, “Last time I saw Joe Mallozzi characters doing anything in a new drama they were climbing into the pods. It was a strange closure and the start of a new era.”

Wow, interesting thought. When one stasis pod door closes… another opens. Literally. Joe did you do this (start there) on purpose?”

Answer: Nope.  I started developing Dark Matter back in Stargate: Atlantis’s fourth season, well before Stargate: Universe was even a pitch.

Tim G writes: “5 reminds me of River from Firefly/Serenity, only more sane. Was that an intentional move, or just a coincidence?”

Answer: I think you’ll find that, as the show progresses, FIVE is very different from River.  Latent psychic abilities you say?  Nothing is ever as it seems.

alex30425: “Does the title Dark Matter have any meaning to the story?”

Answer: As I said in an recent interview, the Dark Matter of the show is more thematic than literal. While some scientists posit the existence of this nebulous dark matter which hypothetically makes up about 25% of the universe, the premise of this show alludes to the “dark matter” that resides within all of us – to varying degrees.

scott writes: “Also interesting how in Dark Matter, you’ve named the episodes, “Episode One”, “Episode Two”, etc. instead of giving each episode its own unique name.”

Answer: That was a decision we made early to parallel our characters’ numerical designations, and the running themes of identity and discovery.

Tam Dixon: “The computer didn’t have Five’s records. Will that be revealed later or is she going to be a mystery?”

Answer: The plan has always been to pay off the mysteries we set up, sooner than later.  In the case of all of our characters, we’ll be peeling the onions on their respective backstories throughout season 1.

Duptiang writes: “In one of the fractured screen shots near the end, was that David Hewlett?”

Answer: Hunh.  Now that you mention it, it DOES look like David Hewlett…

June 14, 2015: Dark Matter!  Behind The Scenes On Episodes #101!  More Dark Matter-related Links!  And I Answer Your Dark Matter Questions!

Elminster writes: “What was that see through box thing that #5 was playing with?”

Answer: The box was a piece of technology that she seemed to instinctively know how to fix, in much the same way that the other characters display similar affinities or talents (FOUR with his swords, TWO assuming the leadership role).

18 thoughts on “June 14, 2015: Dark Matter! Behind the scenes on episodes #101! More Dark Matter-related links! And I answer your Dark Matter questions!

  1. 😳 on yesterday’s post, martial arts, not marital arts. Although, I could probably use a marital class too. 😀

    Thanks for answering my question!

    I know my hubby liked the show because he’s already complaining about waiting until Friday to see the next episode. 😉

  2. I loved the first episode especially Zoie playing The Android I’m a big fan of her work

  3. There should be a moratorium on Asians only being brought into TV roles to play martial artists, but the place to correct that is in using Asian actors for non-martial artist roles, not passing over the right actor for a character who is a martial artist. More specifically, I’d like to see more Asian male actors in the romantic story-lines they have until recently been completely excluded from in roles that are not about being a martial artist. And my motivation is entirely a prudish devotion to social justice of course…

  4. Thanks for posting the Syfy full-episode links. Beloved Only Brother (BOB) had to miss the premiere.

  5. Firstly, I’m surprised at how many people want answers to all the questions right away! I want the mystery (mysteries) to play out!

    Secondly, what a difference a different frame of mind makes! I was absolutely miserable on Friday due to real life stuff, and I think it affected my enjoyment of the show that night. So I re-watched DM tonight, after a relaxing afternoon (nap, and a backyard bbq!). I also watched it alone, and forbade Mr. Das from disturbing me (btw, he loved the premiere!). And, as hard as it was, I did not play solitaire while watching it. Lemme tell ya, THAT was tough. 😛

    My feelings about the show now? Wow! The music (which I love for its industrial sound, but thought was too quiet) was just perfect. I think my reaction Friday night was simply due to the fact that after a bad day I blast heavy music in my ‘space pod’ (ya know…my little Civic), and that’s what I wanted – something as angry as I was that night. lol. I really shouldn’t be laughing…but…when I’ve had a bad day I turn into a 17-year old boy in his first car, with his first stereo system…and absolutely no consideration for anyone within hearing distance. 😛

    The pacing, which I felt was a bit rushed on Friday, seemed much better tonight. I think it was just a matter of me adjusting from comic book pacing to tv pacing.

    I just really enjoyed it so much more tonight! Yes, I knew the story, and yes, I already watched it once, but this time I saw so much more. I really appreciated the interior of the ship – the corridors and everything – and this time around I didn’t ‘see’ the set construction pics you’ve posted here. 😉 And I caught all the little smirks and looks that made me wonder what the characters were thinking (like Five’s little smile when she saw the weapons). The Android is just so…smug…love her! I couldn’t figure out which characters had more sexual tension – between One and Two, or between One and Three! lol.

    Did Six say that the green stuff still tasted like ‘shit’? Or did I hear that wrong? I’m already loving his thing for food, and wondering if that continues throughout the show…but don’t tell me! I wanna find out on my own. 😉 And Four, my favorite in the book, is proving to be just as intriguing on the screen as he was on paper. Loved the sword scene, and the mystery with the puzzle box! I do miss the hair, however…it just added that little bit of emo I love so much. 😉

    The second viewing, with a better frame of mind, made a world of difference for me. Less mental clutter helped me see the little things that the actors added to their characters in both body language and facial expressions that I had missed before. I’m very much looking forward to the next episode!

    And thank you, Joe, for bringing space ships back to tv!! 😀


  6. As the character’s were revealed and were numbered for names, I noticed the Android was the seventh. (although not called Seven) For some reason this resonated with 7 of 9 with Star Trek ….did it have anything to do with that? (she reminded me slightly of that character)

  7. The wait is killing me! Tonight, SyFy UK, I am watching you!

    Thanks for keeping things mostly spoiler free, Joe.

    That being said, I’m having a pleasant time up here in Scotland. I’m in Glasgow today before the 6 hour drive south this afternoon.

  8. ENFIN !
    épisode 101! Un peu de SG1(a blond with the techno talk), un peu de SGU ( a dark ship), un peu de SGA (a kind of Hewlet’ish on a screen) un peu de Firefly (hangar bay) un peu de Moya (FTL ship opening sequence) et beaucoup de Mallozzi !!
    On réserve nos impressions plus détaillées pour après quelques épisodes. Pour l’instant tout va bien, on a le goût de voir l’épisode 102.
    Félicitations !

  9. I stopped coming here for a long time, I didn’t want my viewing of Dark Matter to be influenced by behind the scenes looks at the characters. Some people can still love eating sausage after having watched it being made. Not me, it takes me out of the suspension of disbelief.

    I liked the first episode. I kept watching 5, thinking, I’ve seen that face before, and of course we have, in Stargate Atlantis Harmony and as the young Adria in SG-1. She’s been on a lot of shows and it’s not surprising considering her acting abilities. Good acting all around, the cast seemed to gel quite well with none of the jerkiness seen in many other early episodes of other series. That was good to see.

    The special effects were good, but the passageways, I thought looked very similar to so many Stargate ship passageways. I suppose there are only so many looks for passageways.

    All in all I thought it was a great pilot and I’m looking forward to more.

  10. I know you don’t answer to many of my Questions they most likely are not interesting. But let me know you got this one, Watched the 1st EPP of D.M. and it caught like all the S.G’s. you and Mr. Paul did pep’s on. I like it and I will be watching the entire season the Acting was good and the susupense is great. What I like best is that they are all Killer’s,kidnapper’s ETC. Really looks good Joe. Congrats to you and Paul. your faithful Blog reader Luis and Watsana.

  11. Haha thanks for answering my questions…. I did ask Alex about the takes for the Katana scene. He said “@AlexMallariJr: 5-8 per camera angle, maybe? John Stead got the shots he needed early on but I have, “I can do better,” tendencies!😂 “.

    Joe – You know how you nickname Four Stabby McStabberson? Is that kind of name a Canadian thing? Does it come from a TV show? It’s just that I know another Canadian that gives the same sort of nicknames.

    I’ve seen the pilot 3 times now. I should go and rate/review on IMDB. I suggest all fans do the same. People are so cranky and negative on there.

    I have to say you and Alex are rockstars at social media. You’re doing a great job. I don’t know when he sleeps ‘cos he’s awake for every airing around the globe.

    Cheers, Chev

  12. I’ve watched this show four times so far, it’s just that good. I can’t wait until Friday! I haven’t looked forward to TV like this since, well, since Stargate!

    Still in the process of moving – I’ve moved a bunch of stuff already over to my temporary house (while mine is being built) so my house is starting to look empty. It’s freaking me out a little bit. Tomorrow evening is my actual time for moving all the big stuff, so I’ll be officially “out” after that, even though the closing on my old house isn’t until Thursday. I didn’t want to run it right to the last minute.

    @Das: Sorry to hear that things are going bumpy. Remember, we’re always here if you need to rant! *hugs*

    Question for Joe: Have you noticed any increase in blog visits since the start of Dark Matter? I would think there must be with the apparently good awareness of the show.

    Also, some great reviews from people at work that I encouraged to give the show a try. Sounds like they’ll keep tuning in!

  13. Well, since I only check your blog while I’m at work, here’s my obligatory post-premiere response post:

    Well done! Strange how it felt short(I noticed other people felt the same way). I kinda wished 102 was aired right afterward, but I like the suspense. I’m also with Das in that I don’t really want to ask, or even read, a lot of questions about the show, and get your responses. I like the mystery of it all. Even if I have to watch it a couple times to answer any lingering questions about something. I like to let the show speak for itself.

    A few things that stood out to me(that I don’t think have been mentioned yet):

    Ok, if things keep getting better like I think they will, Melissa O’Neil is definitely going to be the star everyone’s been saying she’ll be. She was great! If she can keep her character strong, but not too butch, it’ll be perfect. And, wow, is she beautiful! I mean yeah, she looks good in pictures, but she really shines on the screen!

    It’s nice to see Roger Cross play a character who’s a bit more relaxed than some of his previous roles. He’s always so intense, it’s nice to see him a bit more “normal”.

    I love how the characters go into their different “auto-pilot” modes. Really gets the viewer involved trying to figure out what/who they are or were.

    Lastly, but most importantly, I loved watching the show and seeing so many things I was already familiar with to whatever extent and saying things like:

    “I’ve seen that before!”
    “Oh, so that’s how that turned out. Cool!”
    “Ah, nice VFX shot there. That fit beautifully.”

    …or something along those lines. It was nice to finally see the puzzle pieces of what you’ve shared with us finally assembled into the show we’ve been waiting for.

    I’m reserving a more complete review/critique for when this season’s over and done. I don’t really think it’s fair to judge a show without understanding the story it’s trying to tell(beyond the comics) and seeing how well they were able to do it.

    Looks to be a fun ride, Joe. Can’t wait to see what’s going to unfold as the season progresses!

    -Mike A.

  14. Melissa O’Neil reminds me of Jessica Alba. She is so pretty. I can see the guys drooling over her. My favorite singer is Filipino Arnel Pineda of Journey. AP is so cute and has an awesome voice. He rocks! I didn’t realize Alex was Filipino. I love him even more now! You going to let him grow some hair sometime? Don’t be rigid like Ronon.

  15. @Das — I thought I heard the same thing actually when Six was eating that stuff. Guess that word doesn’t need to be censored out anymore on cable television lol.

  16. Playing catch up again. Nightmare work schedule coupled with a tropical storm made for a nasty 5 days of my life. But on the very bright side!??! Another Dark Matter tomorrow night and I have ZERO clients in the evening. That is my reward for an exhausting week.

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