June 9, 2015: 3 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!  Videos!  Pics!  Our Hero Ship!

Another short video from the gang at Space Channel: “Death.  Despair.  Chaos.  So what?”

More early reviews:



I talk about the show with Greg David at TV, eh?:


“There is a lot of dark sci-fi out there that is great,” he explains. “But a lot of fans are missing a fun sci-fi series and there hasn’t been one on a ship-based show for awhile. We set out to make a fun show with a sense of humour while at the same time putting viewers on the edge of their seat every week.”

Our hero ship, from concept to finished product:

June 9, 2015: 3 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!  Videos!  Pics!  Our Hero Ship!

June 9, 2015: 3 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!  Videos!  Pics!  Our Hero Ship!

June 9, 2015: 3 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!  Videos!  Pics!  Our Hero Ship!

June 9, 2015: 3 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!  Videos!  Pics!  Our Hero Ship!

28 thoughts on “June 9, 2015: 3 Days to the Dark Matter premiere! Videos! Pics! Our hero ship!

  1. Seems like there is a lot of great feedback out there about the show. Space is creating some great little features.

    Thinking about you guys. Hope Lulu and Bubba are glad to be home and their spirits are better. I know it takes longer for humans. A lot longer.

  2. I love that ship – it has just the right amount of menace without being a caricature. Hard to believe that it’s only 3 days away!

  3. Geez, Space is putting out more promos than Syfy is, what the heck is going on lol. Anyways, I think your comment there nailed it Joe. Fun sci-fi is finally back in action thanks to you and Jay! Love the concept designs too; it’s like creating ships for a video game. 🙂

  4. Check out entertainment weekly magazine. They have dark matter on the calendar for summer show premiere dates. Plus on the list for June 12 for shows to watch for the week. Big promo there. I am so looking forward to it. Already set the dvr plus going to watch live.

  5. more fun stuff and great reviews to keep me anticipating Friday! 3 more days….oh the anxiety of it all… the hours remaining before I can get my fix of your great writing…and outer-space. Plus, I’m looking forward to watching Cross in a new sci-fi role. I love my sci-fi actors!!! Ben would be a great re-occurring actor to have on your show too *wink* lol

  6. I began to worry over the weekend. You know, that nagging feeling something was going to happen . What if something comes up and I can’t watch the premiere? I have no way to record the show. I am a live viewer. Just what you want. But I know something is going to happen and screw it all up. And then today, my almost 90 year old mom goes into the hospital. She is in a lot of pain and they don’t know why. What if I’m not home yet on Friday night? I’ve been waiting for this a long time too. Joe will SyFy rerun it again later on Friday nights?

  7. I’m so excited! lol I’ve been ready for a new space based show since I found out SGA was cancelled. SGU was alright but it was way too slow. No offense. This looks killer. Awesome work Joe!!!

  8. @Ponytail: Surely every TV in the hospital will be showing Dark Matter!? It’s a global event!

    Hope your Mum is OK. My grandmother is in her 90s and is fit and well and hasn’t even lost her marbles but I know how quickly that can change.

    I’ll be missing the premier myself so if you miss it too we can commiserate together.

  9. I believe I will have to get my hands on some of those issues as well.

  10. @Ponytail – on my Comcast onscreen directory for SyFy – it has a showing at 9 pm Central and also at midnight central.
    Then at 330am central on Sunday morning…and
    9 pm central on 6/18 – Thursday night.

    Hope this helps

  11. “Edge of my seat” indeed!

    I can tell it is getting to me, I was dreaming about being a low level sound monkey on a film crew, bitching about early hours and standing around in freezing rivers. Wheee!

  12. Getting closer!

    Thanks for the information on the re-broadcasts, Sylvia. At this time of year, sometimes my satellite reception is disrupted by thunderstorms and it’s reassuring to know I’ll be able to catch it later if needed.

    I’ve been posting a lot of links forDark Matter on Facebook; so many that a friend asked “are you really that excited about this show or have you gotten a job in promotions?” Yeah. I’m just that excited. 😀

    Can’t wait!

  13. I’m getting pretty excited for Friday! We’re visiting a food truck festival earlier that night, so I’ll have plenty of energy. Or pass out from food coma. So I’m setting my alarm.

    Thanks for all the behind the scenes goodies. Great stuff, for sure. Oh, and dibs on that vicious looking mace at the top of the weapon rack. In 20 seasons when production wraps, of course.

  14. Doctor Who is a fun, somewhat ship-based show. I have been thinking of this as the return of “ship-based”, too. Somehow, with the Tardis having nearly no time and space limitations, the show is something different. It can rarely be about the journey or what you might collide with because that part is too easy for the Tardis. But once in a while there’s a plot to remind you it’s a spaceship so let no phrasing be ambiguous about just how ship-based you mean.

    Grimm, Lost Girl, DC Universe shows, Marvel Universe shows, mutant creature shows, various apocalypses, paranormal investigation, parallel universes, visitors from the future …those altered contemporary settings must make a show easier to get off the ground because there has been plenty to choose from. But it’ll be nice to get away from the modern settings and to where we belong.

    The root of my love for science fiction is stepping out of this meatspace and the biases and conventions that drive it to see how basic conflicts are going to be approached in a different setting. That’s how I can follow an author that has such different political views as I…that he’s stepped outside his paradigm to do his storytelling. These almost-modern settings do get into a different paradigm by getting into underground or post-apocalyptic or desperate social rules, but at some point, those of us born on the wrong planet need to get on a spaceship.

  15. I know everyone is excited about the premiere. I hope all the interactive feedback you get are positive ones. I know you can take criticism but “there be crazy people on twitter! ” The show is going to be a big hit though. I can feel it.

    This week hubby signed us up to teach a kids karate class at our church during their “vacation bible school”. The first night was nuts. We had several of ADHD kids and very little help. It was like herding cats and I HAVE herded cats, it was easier!

    Yesterday, my prayers were answered with the addition of a tai kwon do guy that came in and helped. The class went much faster and it was a nice addition for them to see another martial arts style. I still can’t wait for the week to be over. Friday is our last day and Dark Matter is going to be stress free evening for me!

  16. Ponytail – Do you have a friend, family member or coworker that record it on their DVR and hold it for you while you deal with your mom’s illness? If you try to watch it in your mom’s hospital room, non-scifi geeks may object…but you could try.

    Joe – Do those engines on the side of the ship rotate to allow vertical take off and landing? That would be awesome. I guess we’ll know soon enough. 😀

    Scott – Space is a better network than SyFail. Space really cares about its science fiction shows, thus better promos.

    Sparrow-Hawk –

  17. Ponytail: Just saw your post. I’m praying for your mom. Do they have a diagnosis yet?

  18. deeerrrrrr….
    my apologies to Ponytail – I was so focused on DM times, I forgot to convey good frequencies and thots for mom. Hope there is a good diagnosis.

  19. @Ponytail: My best wishes and thoughts are going to you.

    Did I say three days away? Now it’s two!! Heck, I’m counting in hours now (53hours and 2 minutes). Wait, now it’s 52 hours and 59 minutes!! 🙂

  20. @ponytail: Same as Sylvia – tunnel-vision. I hope your mom gets some relief from her pain and the doctors figure out what it is and get her out of the hospital soon.

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