I can’t believe it.  After ten years developing it, several years trying to set it up, over ten months of prep and four months of production, we are finally done.  Today was our last main unit day on Dark Matter’s first season.  We’re off for the long weekend, come back to shoot a final day of second unit, then cap it all off with our wrap party Wednesday night.  I deliver my final prod cut at the end of May and then head back to Vancouver where I’ll weigh in on the mixes, color corrects, and visual effects.  Oh, and start work on Dark Matter’s second season.  Yes, I’m that confident.  Because the show is THAT good.

But you all get to be the judges when we premiere in a little less than a month!

So who’s who on the Dark Matter crew?  Follow this link to find out:


May 15, 2015: And, That’s A Wrap!  Almost!  Production On Dark Matter’s First Season Nears An End!

Then check out some of the first official behind-the-scenes photos:


May 15, 2015: And, That’s A Wrap!  Almost!  Production On Dark Matter’s First Season Nears An End!

13 thoughts on “May 15, 2015: And, that’s a wrap! Almost! Production on Dark Matter’s first season nears an end!

  1. Congratulations, Joe. I’m so happy for you that this dream all came together (and it must have seemed just a dream a lot of times) and I’m happy for us that we’re going to get some quality space based sci-fi again! I can’t wait to see it. Everything I’ve seen just looks amazing.

    In other news, I locked myself out of my house for the first time in many years tonight. I left the keys on the stairs just inside the door. I took the car and did an errand and came back with a locked door and no keys. Ack. Luckily, the lock box for the real estate agent was still on the door with the spare key in it so I called her and… no answer. Turns out she had got out for dinner (which she said she rarely does) and left her phone home. Anyway – I’m back in now!

  2. Congrats on almost wrapping on Season 1. I am sure you will be getting many more seasons. Question will you continue to film in Toronto or will you try and change your base to Vancouver? Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Drum roll please!!! I mean , ok I can wait a couple weeks, but dang,,how about a countdown clock>? I am ready………..

  4. Joe, where will you be watching the premiere and in what fashion? A bottle of whiskey by your side or a glass of fine wine? With a bunch of close friends and co-workers or just Akemi and the dogs (and us)?

  5. First before I forget Dark Matter premiers in Australia Saturday June 15 7:30pm.

    Congratulations Joe, Paul & the cast/crew of Dark Matter. I’m really looking forward to seeing the show. Are we having a viewing party and live tweeting/blogging?

    Cheers, Chev

  6. Thanks for all of the behind the scenes pictures. And I enjoyed hearing about how you made your casting decisions. Can’t wait to see all of them in action.

    I love that Four has a himitsu-bako (Japanese puzzle box)! I wonder what’s inside…

  7. @Sparrow_hawk: I’m wondering if this show is all about boxes within boxes within boxes – both figuratively and literally! 🙂

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