May 13, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Jodelle Ferland As Five!

Continuing our Dark Matter rollout – today, we turn the spotlight to actress Jodelle Ferland and her character, FIVE.

May 13, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Jodelle Ferland As Five!

This was part of the casting breakdown that went out for the role:

“AKA The Kid. THE SHIP’S PIXIE-ISH MASCOT WITH MYSTERIOUS ABILITIES – SHE’S THE KID WITH ALL THE SECRETS. And a propensity for getting into trouble. EASILY BORED, QUICK TO MOUTH OFF, she is nevertheless innocent among her unsavoury company.”

In the comic book, the character is a tomboy and a lot younger (I originally envisioned her as about 12) but production considerations made the casting of a minor very difficult. We would have had to provide schooling in the form of a tutor and limited her hours on set. I suggested we circumvent the problem by hiring a high school dropout, but that brilliant idea was roundly refused. And so, we decided to cast older to play younger.

May 13, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Jodelle Ferland As Five!

I had plenty of requests for the general auditions, actors I’d worked with over the years who I wanted to see read. And, when it came time to find a FIVE, actress Jodelle Ferland was at the top of my wish list. I’d had the pleasure of working with her eight years ago on an episode of Stargate: Atlantis on which she’d played a bratty princess. She was, far and away, one of the greatest guest stars I’d ever worked with. At only 12 years of age, she’d known her dialogue down pat – and even prompted our leads whenever they forgot their lines. She was brilliant.

May 13, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Jodelle Ferland As Five!

So when it came time for the FIVE auditions, Jodelle sent in a self-tape from Vancouver, made the second round, and, ultimately, won the role on the strength of her adorably quirky performance.

May 13, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Jodelle Ferland As Five!

So what is Jodelle Ferland like? Well, surprisingly – or not! – a lot like the character she plays. Cute, perky, wide-eyed and animated, funny, excitable, and suuuuuuper sweet. I sometimes imagine her as an anime character come to life!

May 13, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Jodelle Ferland As Five!

And yet, at the same time, she is professional, focused, and possessed of astounding onscreen instincts. I’m always amazed because I have never walked onto set and asked her to readjust her performance. It’s as if she reads my mind, offering up the perfect interpretation of the character beats EVERY SINGLE TIME. And, I supposed it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that, at 20, this former child actor is the most seasoned member of our entire cast! The editors LOVE her because she always delivers great reactions on her off-camera moments, another sign of a wily veteran.

One on one, she’s delightfully normal – but when the camera is on her, she POPS. As more than one person has said: “When she’s onscreen, you can’t take your eyes off her.”

May 13, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Jodelle Ferland As Five!

17 thoughts on “May 13, 2015: The Dark Matter rollout continues! Introducing Jodelle Ferland as FIVE!

  1. I recently watched her on the pilot of a TV show she was on when she was 7 called Wolf Lake and she did a great job. Am looking forward to seeing her on this show.

  2. That’s an awful big gun you got there, Missy! 🙂

    Seriously, Jodelle was awesome in “Harmony”, but it’s hard to believe that was 8 years ago. It’s kind of scary.

    I watched the YouTube version of the video that was released yesterday. Everything looks so cool – especially the ship! Love that design. It had a glimpse of the FTL effect and it looked fantastic. I can’t wait for this show!!

    Other news today – I finally sold my house after trying last year and for a month and half this Spring! Now I have to get my other house built (that should be fun), so I have to get stuff packed and stored and find somewhere to stay in the meantime. *panics*

  3. Dammit Spock!…um…I mean…Joe… you said so many great things about Jodelle what is there left to say? I was going to say she may be young but she is already a veteran actress. She was so good on SGA in Harmony, it is one of my all-time favorite episodes despite the fact that Ronon was not in it! Her and McKay’s interaction was too funny. You did not explain her fashion sense. Is that the way all the space kids are dressing?

  4. OH!! What did David Hewlett say when he and Jodelle were reunited on Dark Matter??

  5. formerly known as for the love of Beckett. Won’t forget Carson or Stargate Atlantis. Time to move on to the new show. 🙂

    * * * * * * *

    Yay for a character that says what everyone else is thinking! Or wears what we wish we could.

    More Re: the Sneak Peek
    What IS it about the everyman/hero character not wearing any pants? (ONE in Dark Matter, Eli in SGU.) 😉

    @Tam Dixon, so sorry about your meow baby. Cuddle him close, if he’ll let you. *Hugs* Don’t understand why doggie and kitty lifespans have to be shorter than horses. @Debra, do vets have any theory for that?

    Congrats on selling the house, gforce! Prayers for an unbumpy transition to new house you get to design yourself. (Was afraid to use that “smooth” word around here.)

  6. Number Five is number One in my booking. But I’m sure all of the cast and crew have made this journey number one! Joe, is this gonna be available on iTunes? And available the next day for viewing? * I hope I hope I hope*

  7. Hi Joe glad your show is going good I got my first smartphone and found WordPress app I am doing ok will try not to be a stranger on here

  8. WOOT!! I’m sold! I love quirky!! 😀 And yes, I remember that spoiled princess from Stargate:Atlantis – that was a favorite episode of mine! Lots of fun!

    Joe – bare…no, that’s not right…BEAR with me. MY life is a tad overwhelming of late. Work, helping mom (who tragically ran over her old cat and killed it this weekend 🙁 ), TRYING to keep up with house chores, doing yard work, and dealing with more paperwork than my puny brain can handle has me a bit burned out. Burnt out? It has me frazzled. That’s why I’m up at nearly 3 am typing this! I get home from work, eat, fall asleep, wake up at 10:30 (give or take) then start tackling stuff that needs to be tackled. My brain is all over the place, my focus SUCKS, and I seem to have lost my sense of humor. We have done a couple fun things, like going to a Wings and Wheels Air Show this weekend, and a few dinners out, but it just doesn’t seem to help relieve the pressures of daily life for any length of time. I should take up a hobby…like drinking. 🙂 (Speaking of which, I’ve even lost my taste for alcohol…I think maybe I’ve been replaced by an alien, or something. 😛 )

    Sure, I could have shared all of that on LookitMeBook – a.k.a. DramaBook – a.k.a. SelfieBook – a.k.a. WhineAboutNotHavingFriendsBook – a.k.a. PostABunchOf’Inspriational’QuotesBook – a.k.a. StalkerBook – a.k.a. HowDoIBalanceMyCopFriendsWithMyBlackLivesMatterFriendsBook…a.k.a IDon’tKnowWhyTheHellIEverSignedUpForThisStupidThingBook. But this is the place that feels like ‘home’…and where I feel most comfortable sharing my most intimate secrets. Like… *looks about with shifty eyes* …I just farted! 😀

    Yeah. I really should be in bed. 😛


  9. Jodelle is awesome! I still remember how impressed I was with her on SGA: Harmony. And SG-1, and Supernatural etc. She’s a great actress. And “anime come to life” is a spot on observation. Although I think she’s going to need a bigger gun.

  10. Yay Jodelle! That’s a big gun. She must have been a mature kid at 12. Pretty impressive you still remember her.

    poundpuppy29: Welcome 🙂

    gforce: Congrats! What kind of house are you gonna build?

    Das: So sorry about your mom’s cat! I hope things calm down for ya soon too!

    Thanks mannas7mom ! Harry (my kitty) is hanging in there. I have to wipe his boo-tay (hubby says I broke his will because he doesn’t seem to care 😉 ) and keep him on meds. Here’s a picture of him in the catnip garden. FYI, he’s for legalization of weed. 😉 I hope the link works. I can’t tell because my internet is sucky. Since my son has been home, we have less bandwidth.

  11. Just how heavy is that gun?! It’s massive, especially in Jodelle’s arms! Anyway, I LOVE her look — green hair!! — and style.

  12. Jodelle is such a cutie, love the humUngus gun!! I know she is going to be terrific in the show!! thanks for all the spotlights on everyone!

  13. Welcome back poundpuppy29!

    @gforce Fantastic news. I’ve lived here for almost 23 years now. The next place I move will be to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. I did enough moving in my 1-28 years of life. I hope things go well.

    @TamDixon: Sorry to hear about the cat. I really need to keep caught up better.

    @Das Your life sounds very stressful right now and I’m very very sorry to hear about what happened with your mom’s cat.

    Looking forward to seeing all these characters come to life. Harmony was one of my favorites, too, not only because of Jodelle but because of the banter between her character and McKay and Shepard.

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