April 8, 2015: Sleep Or Blog?  As If I Have A Choice!

Following a day in which I was on set for main unit call, then drove over to editing where I finished my prod cut of episode #107, then picked up rum cakes for the crew on my drive back to set, sat in on the production meeting for episode #110, went back to set, had script meetings for episodes #112 and #113, headed back to set, then sat in on an impromptu script meeting for episode #110 – I am burned out.  And ready for bed.

But I have a blog to write!

As much as I’m tempted to skip an entry (It happens on occasion), I can’t.  I haven’t missed a daily update in eight years.  Also, you guys pay good money to be entertained and enlightened.

So, rather than disappoint you with a half-ass blurb, I’m going to wow you instead.  With set pics from random episodes!  And rum cake!

April 8, 2015: Sleep Or Blog?  As If I Have A Choice!

Man down!  Anthony Lemke (THREE) practices getting the crap beaten out of him.

April 8, 2015: Sleep Or Blog?  As If I Have A Choice!

Who resides in the underground lair?

April 8, 2015: Sleep Or Blog?  As If I Have A Choice!

The future has a definite Japanese influence.

April 8, 2015: Sleep Or Blog?  As If I Have A Choice!

In many respects.

April 8, 2015: Sleep Or Blog?  As If I Have A Choice!

Corporate Guard, Ferrous Corp!

April 8, 2015: Sleep Or Blog?  As If I Have A Choice!

Owner/baker Tova packs up my rum cakes.  Four in all!

April 8, 2015: Sleep Or Blog?  As If I Have A Choice!

In hindsight, the perfect end to an exhausting day.

24 thoughts on “April 8, 2015: Sleep or blog? As if I have a choice!

  1. I can totally believe you’re exhausted. Those are some tough days you’re doing, but you know we appreciate it so much!

    At this point, if you skipped a blog entry we could only assume that you had, indeed, died some horrible and sudden death and we would be worried sick until you finally resurfaced.

    Interesting pics. Poor Joe! Too tired to get type out that last word! Sleep well, my friend. I’m off to bed now too!

  2. “Man down! Anthony Lemke (THREE) practices getting the crap beaten out of him.” – He laughing! There’s no laughing in crap beating! 😉

    Those rum cakes look awesome. Were they?

    You need a driver to get you around to all your meeting and stuff. I’ll do it. Hire me, and I’m yours! 🙂

  3. Thank you, Joe! You’re the man of the hour, the tower of power…..the guywho rises early and works all day to make something that we all get to enjoy in a few months. I appreciate what you do, and I appreciate you! Now, go get ’em, Tiger!

  4. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    It’s been a long day here too, but two more to go before I fly home on Saturday. Here’s hoping you can catch up on your sleep…my chance comes on Saturday night.

    On the Japanese influence, so all your trips to Japan were data gathering missions? Maybe you can write your trips off retroactively? On second thought, don’t. If you go to jail for tax evasion, we’ll loose our favorite creator/producer and where would we go for Dark Matter episodes?

  5. You think you’re tired? I read:

    1. “half-ass blurb” as “half-ass bulb” (and thought of a faulty lightbulb).

    2. “Anthony Lemke practices getting the crap beaten out of him” as Anthony Lemke practices getting the crab beaten out of him”. Pretty sure it was a blue claw…

    3. “underground lair” as “underground liar”.

    4. “Ferrous Corp” as “Furious Corp”.

    5. “rum cakes” as “bum cakes”.

    I must call it a night. But first, ICE CREAM! 😀 (Mint chocolate chip, too! 😈 )


  6. Wow, that rum cake looks awesome! I want a piece…or the whole cake!

    No, so sorry, no skipping blog posts. But feel free to post just some doggie pictures, or a quick Akemi sweet conversation, or just pictures from work. We love anything you wish to give. And we’ll understand if it’s a little short.

    Thanks for another great post!

  7. All the FREE “International” publicity… Sure hope that TOVA is giving you a deal on those RUM CAKES! — Or, did you promise her a “bake-on” part as Calchek’s personal Pastry-Chef..? – [“…when making the Perfect Rum Cake, *DARK, MATTERs*…”]

    BTW, remember, DON’T “EAT” & DRIVE!

  8. Totally offfffff topic.
    DAS…..have you been able to find Diet Blueberry Juice?
    Seems like it all evaporated into space.

    Oh….enjoy the ice cream…GOOOOD STUFFF….and get some rest.

    you too, thanks for being dedicated and doing the blog.
    Remember, a day with out your blog entry is like a day without sunshine!


  9. I figured it had to be a tough haul updating a daily blog with all the other responsibilities you have. But now that I know about it I really look forward to each new post. Sorry I don’t mean to add any pressure as you write your next post with tired, throbbing eyeballs.

  10. Thank you for sharing the on set images.

    I’ll hold back on my “Corporate Guard” uniform opinions until after the actual
    show/episodes air.

  11. Ummm, did I miss the memo again about paying to read this blog?

    ‘Cause, after spending the day shopping with my sister-in-law, I’m kinda tapped out.

  12. Yesterday was miserable for me, and too whiny to go into detail. Bleh. Crap beating indeed.

    But those rum cakes, oh my. My, oh my.

  13. Joe, thanks for the extra effort! I’d hate to have to cancel my subscript…oh wait. Never mind.

    Cool pics! Nice to see samurai from the future are fastidious non-litterers.

  14. Joe, you are a gentleman and a…, well a nice guy. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop. I agree with Jenny Horn and gforce. We ALL appreciate your taking time to update this blog, though tired you may be.

    Of all the stuff I have in my day, you better believe it is a JOY to stop here and peruse for a few minutes. I escape the mundane and relish the daily encounter found here. Oh yes I do.

    Always loving your pics and words of wisdom and humor.

    Keep up the good work!

    Love and cyber hugs {{{ }}},
    Basil and Stash, and oh, yeah…. 2cats

  15. I suppose you could always do some picture only entries which might make said days blog entry go quicker, or random other stuff that doesn’t take much time for you to do. For the most part the most active commenters here are the regulars anyway 🙂

  16. Ah so now we know the source of the delicious rum cakes. Cool pics, Mr. Lemke seems to be enjoying the hard metal grate flooring, is it rubber made to look like metal?

  17. Hi Joe, I haven’t been around for a while but when I heard the news about the show, I had to get in touch to say a huge congrats!

    I know how much work (and frustration) you had making this happen, so I’m thrilled for you. I’ve no doubt the series will be a huge success, but I also hope it runs and runs. I’ll be watching!


  18. Just saw the trailer, looks really cool. It will be good to have a proper sci-fi spaceship show back, along with the Expanse. While the Expanse will have higher expectations due to the novels i have no doubt that Dark Matter is gonna be be better and i think that might surprise some people. Either way, I’ll have some great stuff to watch in the summer!

  19. Appreciate your commitment to the blog. You can sleep when you’re dead. Right? I think we would understand if the only thing you had time for was just a picture to post.

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