I was up at 5:30 a.m. this morning so that I could make the one hour drive over to space station Vega V for our 8:00 main unit call.

After passing through customs and checking my weapons, I consulted the space station’s kiosk for entertainment options:

First up, breakfast…

March 30, 2015: Welcome To Vega V!

The dining room offers a beautiful view of the nearby (relatively speaking) nebula. I enjoyed a shot of Aldebaran Whisky, a pint of Spice Beer, then chased them both down with a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

March 30, 2015: Welcome To Vega V!

They were out of Bulgar Ashkhan so I had “the special”, a selection of this galaxy’s most memorable pastries.

March 30, 2015: Welcome To Vega V!

Director T.W. Peacocke skips breakfast to concentrate on other things.  Like, say, shooting a t.v. show.

Next stop…

March 30, 2015: Welcome To Vega V!

16 thoughts on “March 30, 2015: Welcome to Vega V!

  1. Ooh, Vega 5 looks kinda classy. And so (relatively) close to home, too! Only about 25 ly or so. And heck, Arcturus is practically a stone’s throw away, just a little further (well, about 15 ly more from Earth, that is.) It is becoming a red giant though, so be careful!

    Speaking of out-of-this-world pastries, in a moment of weakness I broke down and orders some stuff from Beta5 Chocolates for my own Easter present. Specifically a couple of their praline eggs.


    Aaaannnddd… maybe some other stuff. 🙂

  2. Being someone who loves all things science fiction I am very excited for this show. I happen to be finishing up season three of the Stargate SG1 at the moment on Hulu so I will be closing in on the episodes you contributed to. I have to confess though that I have a little bit of extra excitement for the episode of the Dark Matter show you are working on right now as I am the artist who worked on the large painting behind you.

  3. The choices of activities are a bit hard to decipher. That one on the lower right is a bit worrisome; I’m not sure if it is medical care or target practice with live targets.

    I’m really enjoying these little glimpses of the sets and the introductions to all of the people working on the show. And that red/orange cityscape (?) looks very cool, what I can see of it. Nice work Jon Hrubesch!

  4. That kiosk is quite cool! How impressed are you with technological advancements that have made things like playback look so much more advanced since even SGU?

  5. Jon Hrubesch: Nice!

    Those pastries look intriguing. Did you have edible ones for the cast to eat while acting?

  6. I like it, at least it’s unique. I doubt there’s that many, if any Scifi shows putting that much into its space stations.

  7. Oh and that Vega 5 thing with the alien looking language, that’s a neat touch. I would hate to guess what some of those symbols mean. I can see there’s music, dining, er flowers? medical. As for the rest, clueless..

  8. Jon Hrubesch wrote, “I am the artist who worked on the large painting behind you.”

    Wow!!! If I had a painting in one of your episodes, I’d be pretty darn excited too! Can’t wait to get a better look later…!

    That last picture looks like a cross between the CBS logo, the Seattle Space Needle, and the moon that ET and the kid was flying/biking in front of.

    Is Vega 5 a play on words for Beta 5? And I’ll pass on those pastries. Something doesn’t…look…quite…right…with…them. If they came from Joe’s mind, I’m thinking brains, kidneys, hearts, etc. 🙁

  9. @baterista9 Totally not fair that I’m so very away from those pastry shop, grrr.

    @ Das Happy Anniversary! I hope you get to celebrate with a trip to Vega V with it’s fabulous shops.

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