March 4, 2015: Introducing Director Ron Murphy!  Jay And I Duke It Out!

The Murph (aka Director Ron Murphy, aka Ronald Murphawski, aka Ronaldine Murphkowtiz-Kardashian III, aka The Earl of Leftwich) is off to a strong start.  Day #1 of episode #106 is in the books and already I’m hearing words like “great”, “dynamic” and “callypigian”!  Also phrases like “great energy” and “killing it!” (which, as it turns out, referred to that big rat they discovered in the props locker.  But still.).

Pictured above, Ron flanked by Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok and VFX Supervisor  Lawren Bancroft-Wilson.  I look forward to comparing this cheery, uber-positive BEFORE production pic with the inevitable weary, rage-fueled AFTER pic.

March 4, 2015: Introducing Director Ron Murphy!  Jay And I Duke It Out!

Ron and Script Supervisor Matti Huhta manning the monitors.

March 4, 2015: Introducing Director Ron Murphy!  Jay And I Duke It Out!

Ron directing the scene.

March 4, 2015: Introducing Director Ron Murphy!  Jay And I Duke It Out!

Ron directing the actors.

March 4, 2015: Introducing Director Ron Murphy!  Jay And I Duke It Out!

Ron directing the actors.

March 4, 2015: Introducing Director Ron Murphy!  Jay And I Duke It Out!

Ron directing me to take this picture for my blog.

I spent the early morning on main unit with Ron, Ivon, Lawren, Matti and the gang, then headed over to the production offices where I engaged Executive Producer Jay Firestone in a heated debate on a scene from the episode #103 edit, drove over to post where I finished my producer’s edit of episode #104, drove back to the production offices for the episode #107 concept meeting, resumed my heated debate with Jay on that scene from the episode #103 edit, headed downstairs to watch John Stead direct second unit, then headed back upstairs to continue my heated debate with Jay.

In a nutshell, it all came down to a single shot from the tease.  I though it was funnier one way; he preferred it another way.  I suppose if I’d been dealing with any other producer, I’d have probably been thrown out of his office.  But instead, Jay elected to go with the democratic approach.  He went on a tour of production offices, screening the two versions for a half dozen people, and letting the audience decide.

March 4, 2015: Introducing Director Ron Murphy!  Jay And I Duke It Out!

The majority chose his version so, in the end, it was tough to critique his take.  On the other hand, it WAS easy to criticize my co-workers’ heinous tastes.

11 thoughts on “March 4, 2015: Introducing Director Ron Murphy! Jay and I duke it out!

  1. I notice a prevalence of black in the wardrobes of cast & crew, especially outerwear.

    Is there a particular (technical or traditional) reason? (ex. being unobtrusive on location /set; holdover from stage hands wearing black)

    Is it just a coincidence?

  2. Have you killed off any characters yet? ‘Cause I’m not seeing that many actors lately (well…yeah, today…but not like a few weeks ago).


  3. I wondered the same thing @baterista lol….

    Hey joe…. You could always show us the scenes… We won’t tell anyone….

    So good to see Ivon on set. You still seem super busy though Joe. How many days are you filming per episode?

    Cheers, Chev

  4. Cool pictures!

    Yesterday/last night/this morning we got freezing rain, sleet and four inches of snow in layers. I learned a new weather term: Winter Weather Lasagna.

  5. I haven’t seen anything Ron has done so It’ll be interesting to see how he does with Dark Matter. He also was involved with Lost Girl. He has quite a long list of credits to his work. I think it’s great that Firestone is going for experienced directors.

  6. Happy Birthday @Deni !

    @TamDixon Winter Weather Lasagna? That’s hysterical.

    That truly was an awesome way to go about things and majority ruled.

    Now what would have been really funny is for you both to have polled each member separately to see if you would have gotten the same vote for/against which would mean they are just agreeing with the person presenting them the info who they don’t want to upset at the time. LOL. Just kidding. It’s hard when we are passionate about our work to let go of something at times especially when that person is an expert.

    It’s been a very long week here. Jeff is out to New Orleans for a work trip since Sunday and gets home Friday morning. So when Patrick is not in school it is full-on Patrick and sometimes full-on Patrick and pet clients. And while Patrick is in school it is work, physical therapy, leg exercises, laundry, icing my leg. I am now developing a frozen shoulder and I’m battling a trigger finger (both on the same arm) . And next week: Patrick spring break! And work!! But at least Jeff will be home from business travel and can help out in the early morning and after he gets home from work. Still works out to be the same amount of Patrick care, plus more clients next week, plus two doctor appointments plus two PT appointments. I’m tired.

  7. Jay didn’t ask us what we thought of that scene’s two versions. 🙁 Aren’t we the important ones? You tell him, next time we get to decide! 🙂

    What is a callypigian? Sounds like something you would be called (by the waitstaff) when you are ordering a sample of each item on the menu.

  8. Are we planning a blow out after party? Is there a chocolate overload get together in the works? I am craving chocolate I guess…

  9. I’m happy that the choice is between Joe’s awesome ideas and Jay’s awesome ideas; this marriage of minds between the Lost Girl-verse and the SG-verse is making me very happy.

    We had the kind of snow pack today that snowboarders dream of. Drivers not so much. I’m reading A Discovery of Witches, but it will have to wait while I get into Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt this weekend.

  10. For the sake of argument, you could always remind Jay of a little something called “Tyranny of the Majority”. Sure, today it’s just one little vote. But tomorrow it could be “Why do we have to give you all our money? Why don’t we have any land ownership rights? Who died and made you King?”. Pretty soon you have a full scale uprising on your hands, and, these days, who has the time for that? Democracy, it’s a slippery slope.

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