One day down; about ninety more to go.  And what a day it was!  Sparks!  Steam! Camera shake!  An unexpected downpour almost taking out a camera!  Stasis pods!  Reveals!  And apricot-coconut cookies!  What more could I ask for?

January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!

January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!
Line Producer Norman Denver – first one in; last one out.
January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!
Director T.J. Scott calls the shots.
January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!
Alex (FOUR) and Allie. Akemi took one look at this photo and said of Alex: “So handsome!”, and of Allie: “She looks like Miss Universe!”. Cute couple, no?
January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!
Cathy serves up snacks – and home made cookies.
January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!
Roger and Me (and Alex). After crushing my ribs with his last display of affection, you’ll forgive me for being a little on edge.
January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!
Director of Photography Craig Wright, rides the camera train.
January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!
Marc Bendavid (ONE) and Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) between set-ups – and snacks.
January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!
It can get mighty cold in the ship’s underbelly. My writing partner, Paul (doing his best Gregory House impersonation), dressed for the weather watches the monitors alongside arthouse douche.
January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!
Uh oh. Melissa O’Neil (TWO) and Anthony Lemke (THREE) face off.
January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!
Showdown averted. Peace prevails. This time!

Unfortunately, Zoie Palmer was the only cast member not present today (She’s enjoying a nice, relaxed long weekend in advance of next Monday’s extensive fight training session) so I had to seek medical advice from a real doctor this afternoon. He assured me I had not, as I suspected, “unstoppered my liver”.  According to him, I cracked the cartilage in my ribcage.  He suggested rest, a warm compress, an easy chair for sleeping, and plenty of patience.  This’ll take a while to heal!

Tomorrow – lucky us! – a rare Saturday shoot.  Bring on the anti-grav sequence!

P.S. Happy Anniversary!  This is my 3000th blog entry here on WordPress!

56 thoughts on “January 9, 2015: Dark Matter, Episode #101, Production Day One!

  1. Great pictures! Sorry about your ribs. Sounds almost like what your Sis had.

  2. Re: the cartilage – OW! That does sound painful.

    Loving these behind the scenes shots. It’s all so exciting, but frustrating that it will still be many months before we see it.

    The BIG question is, when are those nifty “Dark Matter” zippered fleeces going to be for sale!? 🙂 They look sharp!

  3. Looks like you all are having a great time! Looks like a great cast and crew. Praying that your rib heals quickly! Thanks for sharing about the fun you had today and the great people you now work with. 🙂

  4. At least you didn’t spend 11hrs (?) in a waiting room. That’s the bright side. 😉

  5. So excited for everyone involved. I just posted links on my recent blog post and will continue to promote the heck out of this show! 🙂

    Hope your rib feels better soon!

  6. Congrats on 3000! Hope you feel better, but how can you rest? And aww, the cast look so very young. Jodelle has really grown up since her SG days. She was terrific in Harmony. 🙂

  7. Congratulations on 3000! Only 2000 to go and then you can take a day off. 😀

  8. Congrats on your 3000th and on production starting! It has to be amazing to work with all these talented people to see your and Paul’s ideas come to life. Exciting!

  9. “barb1296 wrote:
    Looks like you all are having a great time! Looks like a great cast and crew. Praying that your rib heals quickly! Thanks for sharing about the fun you had today and the great people you now work with. :-)”
    Hey, thats what I was gonna say!

  10. Happy 3000! You don’t look a day over 2500. 😉 Take care of those riblets.

  11. Didn’t your sister and her neighbor recently crack a rib, too? I suspect some kind of common cause. At least seven people who do or once lived on the same street near my parents came down with auto-immune disorders. I have some theories about that. I’ll have to think some more about the rib thing. Scurvy?

  12. Congratulations Joe on #3,000! I can honestly say I have read them all. (and most of the comments too!) You’ve come a long way baby, from wanting to talk about your trips and things that interest you, to entertaining thousands (I’m sure) with your whit, charm, adorable dogs, and fascinating life. Thank you for your dedication!!

  13. Thank you Joe for posting all these awesome pictures and keeping us up-to-date on our new favorite show Dark Matter. Look at all the smiles! Roger looks like he is in a good mood… lucky for you. Take care of that rib, cage, cartilage. I am so glad it wasn’t a cracked liver. 🙂 Alex is a handsome man. Is Allie Miss Universe?? What did you do to Jodelle’s hair? I swear, those kids in space are out of control.

    What a good looking cast! Keep the pictures coming! And daily catering shots too!

    Thanks Joe!

  14. Oh and…

    @ JeffW – glad you made it home and are feeling better. I would hate to travel as much as you do.

    @ Purple- Ultra SG Fan and Sci fi nut, wrote, “Hey, thats what I was gonna say!” That happens to me ALL THE TIME!

    @ Joseph Mallozzi, wrote, “Yeah. Coincidence?”

    I think NOT. Andria cracks a rib, you have to crack a rib… Sibling rivalry??

  15. Congrats on the 3K! – Hey, does that mean you can go to “syndication” now?
    oh! And I hope someone remembered to put “film” in those cameras?! ;-D

    BTW, wearing fancy-ass 3-piece “PRODUCER” SUITS can lead to ribcage damage…

  16. I know that the red lights shown on the set probably mean something bad.
    …but damn…they look *so* good.

    Thank you VERY MUCH for sharing all of the BTS pictures and info.

    MUST SEE Zoie in full android makeup and costume!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find a way to make it happen.
    I am not sure what the corporate rules are regarding your sharing of
    BTS images/info etc.

    ALSO….*really* started thinking and wondering about what kind
    of voice will be used for Zoie’s android character.
    Her own natural speaking voice?
    Her own voice modified in some manner?
    Someone else’s voice modified in some manner?
    ALSO…..what about any special accents/speaking voices for any of
    the other main characters?….and as well for any of the other non-main
    type of characters?

    Dark Matter excitement……I AM IN!
    Very soon to be planning out the details of my future Dark Matter related forehead tattoo.
    I *will* be THAT guy.

  17. Great pics of the cast. Feel better! You guys are #cookiemonsters Get cookies every day;)

  18. Cathy’s cookies aren’t just crazy looking….they look tasty.

    Crunchy…chewy…and I doubt that they lasted very long.
    No leftovers for sure.

    Dark “Chocolate” Matter Cookies?

  19. I can’t help but notice that the floors on the Raza set looks really interesting and cool.

    Will they be seen?
    Will they matter…on Dark Matter?

    I think so…maybe even as soon as in the very first two episodes.

    I could see that design somehow making a temporary
    impression of some sort into a character’s cheek and/or forehead.

  20. *jumps up and down* Exciting!

    Are you shooting in 4K? We just got a 4K TV at work but we don’t have anything in 4K to watch other than Powerpoint presentations!

    Congrats on post 3000! Wow! 3000 days in a row. That’s gotta be some sort of record!

  21. Happy Anniversary.
    You look very snazzy in the vested suit and blue tie.
    Good luck on the new show.

  22. Wow, 3000!? Have you been blogging for that long?
    I first found your blog after the whole “spoiler-gate” fiasco at gateworld. (When they gave away the whole Asgard thing, in the Atlantis two parter). I decided I needed to find somewhere else to read/chat about Gate, without the horrific spoilers, and your blog seemed just the ticket.
    But that can’t have been THAT long ago, surely?
    … Oh….. That was a LONG time ago!! I’m getting old!!!

  23. WOHOOO on 3000!

    Rib cartilage… bent wrong once and bent bottom rib in. Hurt like freaking hell for a long time and occasionally it will pop out again (though not so horrible as first time). Sounds so meh and yet hurts terribly. Hope you heal up fast. What a slacker Zoie is not to be there in your time of faux-medical doctor needs! No cookies for her. Ya know, just to be sure she doesn’t get any, go ahead and send me her shares for the next few (didn’t you say 90 days?) days!

  24. 3000 down and many more to go…
    We’ll get Akemi to manage you on that. She already told you a long time ago, that you could not stop.

    @Ponytail – Andria cracks a rib, you have to crack a rib… Sibling rivalry??
    I can’t help myself….but don’t you mean Ribling rivalry?

    The pain….you’re in the midst of filming Epi 1….it looks grand!
    And, we have to wait …HOW LONG…before we can see it?

    THANK YOU for posting daily, it will make wait – “manageable.”
    Now if we only had some of them NEATO zipped fleeces and cookies….
    Seriously, would love to buy a fleece jacket.

  25. Day in and day out, thru sickness and in health, sounds familiar,,,hmm, 3000, wow, way to go, have a chocolate chip cookie and Cookie monster and Baron and all the guest bloggers and posters salute you. What a fun ride, please can I have some more!. 😀

  26. @Wow, 3000!? Have you been blogging for that long?

    Yep Joe has been blogging daily for years. It’s a fantastic achievement.

  27. Congratulations on:

    1. the first day of shooting your amazing new sci-fi series. It is so wonderful to know that the story that started out i those four comics (and left us hanging…) will finally make it to the screen!

    2. reaching your 3000th post. I’ll bet you never thought you would get this far with the blog, but we’re sure glad you did!

    3. finding out that the pain in your side is not just in your head and is something that is not too serious – but enough to get you some sympathy and TLC. Did you by any chance poke fun at Sis when she was having her rib pain at Christmas? Hmmmm? Could be a little karmic pay-back.

    And thanks for sharing all those pictures. It must be dang cold there, too. I think we make it up to 5 degrees F. yesterday, but it is supposed to reach a toasty 19 degrees today. Woohoo. Did poor Allie have to bring a cozy blanky in from home to keep warm?

    @JeffW: Glad to hear you are home and feeling better.

  28. And I forgot to say:

    Ouch! Poor Joe. I hope your wonky cartilage heals up soon. No crunches or push-ups until it is all healed!

    Take it easy out there today.

  29. It’s comforting to know that even after by your 3000th post, the “thoughts and tirades, rants and ruminations” mission still holds true. We (okay I) could use some more tirades and rants though, just so I know it’s not just me that does that! 🙂

    It just seems like yesterday that I was there for the 2001st, “A Food Odyssey” food truck outing post – a thousand posts ago. Geesh, I’m getting kinda misty eyed thinking about it! I also suddenly no longer feel hungry… Still, I feel like I need to go find some macarons to celebrate.

    @Sylvia – no kidding about the fleeces! I’d kill for one of those! Well, maybe not kill. Really rough somebody up maybe? Can’t do that to Joe though. He’s already injured!

  30. Ribs–no treatment just endure the pain–took 6 months to disappear completely for me but substantial improvement after 3 months. Worked a whole harvest lifting, bending, ie. all the manual work of farming with those ribs and it made a (better?) man out of me. Regardless, what does not kill you will make you stronger. Continued good luck with the production. GREAT job with postings–best I have ever seen and consistent!

  31. Thank you for posting the daily happenings. I’m loving the behind the scenes photos as well. This is the first series I’ve ever had the chance to follow from the very beginning. Can’t wait to see it all come together. I’m a huge fan of Zoie Palmer, Anthony Lemke & Roger Cross. Haven’t seen much from the other cast members, but I’m sure I’ll love them just as much.

  32. Anything rib-related affects you every time you breathe or move. That’s a tough one to deal with. I am so protective of my knee after Boomer jumped up on the bed and all 80 pounds of him landed on my knee 2 days after surgery. I cried it hurt so bad. I get nervous when anyone not paying attention comes near it. Like Jeff under my desk trying to hook my computer back up. I’m like, “Watch out for my knee….watch out for my knee….”

    How is Andria feeling?

    Three thousands posts? WOW! That is quite an accomplishment. And I remember a time when you thought you might take a vacation from it.

    @JeffW Hope you are feeling better and are home. I used to do conventions (as an exhibitor) for my old job and they are exhausting. Did you see this about the 2015 CES Pet Tech devices:

  33. @ Das – That is the cutest dog video! It reminds me of my crazy beagle! That is exactly how she runs around every night in the house – minus the little pool and balls. But just as noisy!

  34. @luis811

    Continuum doesn’t begin production until Spring, and even then its a 6 episode final season unfortunately. Even then I can’t imagine his workload being that much given that I’m sure they’ll focus on closing out Kieras story before anything else. Everyone else will likely just be along for the ride.

  35. Also this goes without saying but get better soon Joe!

    It’s amazing how quickly time passes, it didn’t seem like that long ago that everyone here, myself included were wishing that Dark Matter got a TV series when you mentioned in several of your posts, and here it is. As its co creator it must be immensely rewarding for you and Paul to see it come to life. It’s great to see.

  36. Congrats on 3000 posts!

    Glad you didn’t crack a rib.

    @das: LOL at the video. I’m sure the dogs put all those balls back in the containers when they are done. 😉

    @Jeff: Sorry you are ill, but glad you are on the mend.

  37. Hey Joe,

    Sorry to hear about your ribs…bone and cartilage take a while to heal (as you probably already know). Take it easy when you can, but now that you’ve got your baby in production, I know that may be difficult at best. I’m praying it heals quickly.

    The production looks like it’s going well (Barb and I are following the actor tweets on Twitter). I can guess what the weightless effects are for, having read the comic.

    And dang it! The Ravens lost! 😢 Guess there’s always next year.


    I’m doing alright. The rash is still present on my ankles and feet, but it’s hardly noticeable now. I’ll still see about getting that allergy test appointment setup, hopefully sometime this week.

    @Tam Dixon:

    Thanks for the well wishes! I am home now and ended up not working today after all since my demo shipment back from CES did not arrive back in Illinois this morning as planned. I need to figure out what happened on Monday. I’m hoping to get it Monday morning and then hopefully I can finish my work for my local show on Monday/Tuesday (the local show is on Wednesday and Thursday with customer dinners on Tuesday night). The delayed shipment is just going to compress my work schedule some…

    I’ve worked with various pet tracking people over the years, but while the GPS part is easy and proven out, it is still far from an ideal solution. The biggest problem is getting the location of the pet back to the owner, that costs a fair amount of power if you want to do it from almost anywhere. Basically, you need to hang the equivalent of a cellular device on your dog’s collar, which is possible but comes at the cost of daily recharging, and a cellular plan, which is hard for many people to justify. A few other solutions are out there but they’re not quite ready for prime time.

    I did take some pictures of some neat wearable devices, but I’ll need some time to get them posted.

  38. And Happy 3000th blog post! How did I miss that?


    Thanks! It’s going the right direction, so I’m glad!

  39. Happy belated congrats on hitting 3000th blog entry. I am a few days behind and am so loving all the behind the scenes on Dark Matter. I am very much looking forward to watching the show via iTunes as I am a non-cable subscriber. Do the count iTunes watcher as part of the ratings?

  40. I think someone gave that dog catnip!!

    Question for mailbag: do you film by location or by scene? For example, do you film all the scenes for a couple episodes on, say the bridge, then move onto shuttle scenes…or do you them in order? Is it hard to shoot out of sequence?

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