January 5, 2015: Sad Usagi’s Return!

Uh oh.  This morning marked the return of sad rabbit as yours truly prepares for a big five months of production.  Akemi has greatly enjoyed my two years of loafing about development which allowed me to work from home – and spend most of my days (and nights) with her.  Now, with Dark Matter poised to  start production on its first season, we’re going to be seeing a lot less of each other.  A LOT less.  Starting Friday, I’ll be out the door at 6:30 a.m. and probably won’t be back until 9:00 p.m. most nights.  On the downside, she’ll we’ll be spending considerably less time together.  On the upside, however, she doesn’t have to worry about making me dinner.  And we’ll always have the weekends.  Except for this Saturday when I’ll be on set.

Today, we had our “Does Everyone Know What They’re Doing?” meeting and I’m pleased to report that – yes, everyone knows what they’re doing.  Even me!  We talked about the camera test, facial hair, tattoos, and making “the big doors” pop.

January 5, 2015: Sad Usagi’s Return!

After lunch, Paul gave me his notes on my first of #112.  I’ll finish my pass tomorrow, then send it his way so that he can do his pass after which we can put it wide – along with episodes #110 and #111.  As for #113…I think we’re going to hold off and keep everyone guessing.

We also did another little stage walk-thru and perused the work in progress…

January 5, 2015: Sad Usagi’s Return!

January 5, 2015: Sad Usagi’s Return!

January 5, 2015: Sad Usagi’s Return!

January 5, 2015: Sad Usagi’s Return!

January 5, 2015: Sad Usagi’s Return!

January 5, 2015: Sad Usagi’s Return!

January 5, 2015: Sad Usagi’s Return!

29 thoughts on “January 5, 2015: Sad Usagi’s Return!

  1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

    It also keeps the house tidier. 🙂


  2. Aww, poor Akemi! Give her a hug for us.

    Those sets are looking cool, if a little mysterious. Can’t wait to see it all together.

    Had a somewhat scary drive home today in the wind – crossing the bridge from PEI, it looked like the hood was going to blow right off the Jeep! No harm done though and I’m home safe and sound.

  3. Great pictures, I like how the lighting looks in the final one.

    Anyway the new anime season started in Japan recently, I’m probably going to be looking at Durarara!!×2 Shou, Aldnoah.Zero Season 2, Death Parade, Kantai Collection: KanColle, and Military! when they’re out.

    From the previous season, I enjoyed Sword Art Online 2, Log Horizon 2, Amagi Brilliant Park, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, and Aldnoah Zero.

    Good luck with the show Joe, I hope everything goes smoothly for you 🙂

  4. Oh, to say I even have a sad bunny. But on the bright side I did make Hasenpfeffer for the first time.

  5. I definitely have been in Akemi’s shoes! I miss some things about my hubby’s old job but the good thing about the new job is no travel. The key to those weeks he was gone, for me, was to keep busy. Either with work or hobbies.

    Plus, I hope when you have downtime, it’s actually downtime. At my hubby’s old job, he worked late at night and all through vacations.

    So Mr. M., try to leave work at work, if you can. i have a feeling that “Dark Matter” will be a hit. If it is, will your work life settle down when the show is established?

    @Ponytail: that’s the OCD (or CDO as we insiders call it 🙂 ) that makes me post several times. Looks like you’re going to beat Das at this rate! Tonight I’m a little stoned (meds from root canal). There is telling what kind of grammar/spelling goofs are in this post but then again maybe I make more sense stoned!? 😃

    Hope everyone that was sick is better today!

  6. Oh no Akemi! Don’t be sad! If you’re sad, then I’m sad, then we’ll all be sad! It will be sad! Just sad! Let’s be happy! Think of something we can do. Get a relative to come see you for a few weeks. (your mom or dad) Babysit an extra dog or two. (dogs love you!) Start reading a good book that has a series. (Laura Ingall’s Little House on the Prairie books which I love!) Or better yet, start writing your own book. (a doggie cookbook complete with delicious pictures that even people will want to eat). See, it ain’t so bad!

  7. @ Tam Dixon – Oh darn! I was going to tell you yesterday sorry about your root canal. Hope it went okay. Allow me to correct your post today for you…. “There is NO telling what kind of grammar/spelling goofs are in this post…” 🙂 I usually don’t correct all my goofs. I just say what-the-hell and keep going. But since I am going to dethrone Das this year, I’ll be correcting EVERY SINGLE LETTER. 😉

  8. Oh no. Poor Akemi. 🙁 You need a new hobby.

    Joe, things are really coming along! I can’t wait for the show to air. But I guess we need to wait until it’s filmed first, don’t we.


  9. Maybe you can arrange a few “bring your Akemi and pugs to work” days.

    Assuming there’s office space for her to settle into of course.

  10. Awww…poo. Thanks for the head’s up, Sparrow – and it serves me right for not getting into any new shows this year. 😛


  11. Maybe a hi-res cardboard standup of yourself to keep Akemi company Joe? Plus they’d sell like crazy online.

    Egg-crate and ship parts and widgets oh my!

  12. DAS!!! DAS!!!

    Sparrow didn’t tell you the good part. He’ll be back. 😀

    I like JeffW’s idea for Akemi. There always used to be dogs on the Stargate sets. 😀

  13. Aw! Here are some great movies and TV shows for Akemi: Velvet from Spain, Up In The Air from France and God Help The Girl from Glasgow. I so enjoyed my winter work break; I came up with two new cookie recipes and gave my kitchen a great workout experimenting with recipes!

    Can’t wait to see what cute winter costumes Akemi will be making for the pups!

  14. @ Alexis – “He’ll be back” usually = “He’ll be killed” in the case of Chris’ characters. 😛

    Well…except for one… 😉


  15. Hope Akemi finds something to brighter up her days for the next few months! Dark Matter has a mention in i09’s “Ultimate Guide to 2015 Science Fiction and Fantasy.” Under undetermined premier dates.
    Series Premiere – Dark Matter

    Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie (best known for their work on legendary series Stargate) are getting another go at Syfy. Their graphic novel Dark Matter will be turned into a Syfy series. “The story follows a crew of derelict spaceship who wakes up with no memory of who they are or how they got there. Despite this, they have to work together to overcome the threats they encounter.” The 13-episode series is rumored to air this year. Fingers crossed!

    Where: Syfy


  16. Well, my ability to put quotes around something leaves something to be desired, sorry. That part starting with your name is the quote from the site.

  17. @Guess who was on Gotham tonight?

    I saw, it’s a great series, that will only get better as it goes along. I hope it lasts long enough for some of these characters to really develop.

  18. @Duptiang

    I had no idea what Hasenpfeffer was before today, but as someone who loves Rabbits, I don’t think I’d want to try that anytime soon. It sounds interesting though!

  19. What is starting Friday? Why not start whatever it is on a Monday? What is happening this Saturday on set? Again, why can’t it happen on Monday? Why the weekend?

  20. Poor Akemi, don’t be sad. You get to see your Joey part of every day.

    My husband is gone often, he drives a truck. Only two to four days at a time, but he used to do OTR (over the road), and would be gone for up to four weeks. Still better when we were both in the Navy; the first two years of our marriage we saw each other a grand total of 28 days. All a matter of perspective, I guess. I’d probably strangle hubby if he were home all day every day. He’s far too perky, and tries to do my chores.

  21. Poor Akemi. Has she found something to do with her time? I know we were throwing out some ideas for her to pass the time while you have to be away.

    @Gforce Sounds scary

    @TamDixon Root canal? Blech. Hope you are feeling better.

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