Production has a way of sneaking up on you.  One second you’re spinning stories for your first season and, the next, you’re boarding a plane for Toronto to oversee construction of those spaceship and space station sets.

I recently received a copy of our prep schedule and it looks like we’re officially underway roughly a month earlier than I had imagined, meaning I’ll probably be making the east coast move sometime in October.  Suddenly, I’ve got to find a place in Toronto, find someone to move into my place here, finalize those ship and space station designs, get the ball rolling on our visual effects.  I’m also going to have to abandon my randomized method of selecting books from my to-read pile and just cut to those titles I HAVE to read before I go.

I’m thinking the plan will be to travel to Toronto in early October for those preliminary meetings and then start the moving process.  I’m going to travel light – a couple of suits, the bare essentials, and then buy everything else in Toronto: socks, underwear, a deep freeze parka, dog beds, kitchen utensils, and a my kindle.  Once Akemi and I have settled in, we’ll go back to Vancouver, pick up the dogs, and travel back with them – and only them.  We’ll each bring a dog (meaning we’re going to have to purchase a round trip ticket for a friend because the airline allows only one carry-on dog per person) but ONLY dogs.  No checked baggage.  That way, our cranky pack will be in and out of that airport as quickly as possible.  Yes, I’ll be going into production on the first season of an SF series that will be shooting in Toronto in the dead of winter and I’m scrambling to get all 13 scripts done before we go to camera – BUT the thing that’s stressing me out most is the prospect of flying my dogs across the country.

I’d like to say I took the weekend off, but that wouldn’t be true.  I took a chunk of Sunday off, but then stayed up late Sunday night doing a pass on episode #3.  It’s in excellent shape but I wanted to tweak some of the dialogue, clarify a few things, and make a slight adjustment to one of the final scenes, changing the location from her quarters to the training room.  I also revised the outlines for episodes #5-8 and sent them Rob and Trevor’s way so they can start thinking about their respective scripts.  Paul sent me his pass on episode #4 (which I’ll review tomorrow) and I’ll send him my pass on episode #3 (which he’ll review tomorrow) and, barring any unforeseen complications, we should have our first four drafts out there before week’s end – as planned.

We’re maybe six weeks or so away from casting but I’ve already started making a few requests for some individuals I’d like to bring in.  As I said in a previous entry, we have seven diverse roles to fill and I would LOVE to make sure a couple of them are filled by some individuals I’ve already had the pleasure of working with.  A few familiar faces would be awesome (1, 3, 5, 6?).

In addition to the pilot, I got three scripts done (episodes 2, 4, and 9) in August and I think that, if I apply myself, I could get one more done (episode 12) before I head off to Japan on September 10th.  That way, I’d only have the co-write of the big season finale (episode 13) on my plate when I get back – and have to start dealing with all of the other aspects of prep.

On top of all this, I’ve got a Fantasy Football League draft to prepare for!  My Snow Monkeys draft Monday, September 2nd and I haven’t even started doing my research!  Who’s going to be good this year?  Do the Packers have a running game?  Is Dan Marino back at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins?

August 25, 2014: Uh Oh!
The calm before the regular season storm.

19 thoughts on “August 25, 2014: Uh oh!

  1. Have you thought of going by ‘puddle jumper’ to Toronto. It might be cheaper than flying in an airline and then you can have all the dogs at one time with just you guys.

    Kriss 🙂

  2. I do not envy you the move, busy busy, find time to relax if you can. and the long underwear. Sounds like Akemi will have fun shopping for stuff!

  3. When you fly with the dogs, couldn’t you bring checked luggage and rush out of the airport with just all three of them and Akemi, and leave your guest traveler to wait for all the bags?

  4. Je présume que la période actuelle de votre travail doit être la plus excitante et la plus stimulante de toutes.
    Je suis vraiment content pour vous et, bientôt, pour nous SF fans!

  5. Just get the Daedalus to beam you, Akemi and the dogs over to TO. Simple. 🙂

  6. Moving to YYZ. Well at least you know the does and don’t. Here’ s to the success of a busy schedule. Can’t wait to hear who will be in the cast!

  7. Just saw your response about Fangirl. I didn’t *hate* it, but I really didn’t much like it. My review, if you’re interested (I know I like reading bad reviews of books I didn’t like, but maybe I’m just sadistic that way):

    I’m getting very curious to see this new show. I hope you do cast some familiar faces.

  8. Is it bad luck to wish you good luck on the move? How long do you stay in Toronto?

    then buy everything else in Toronto: socks, underwear, a deep freeze parka, dog beds, kitchen utensils, and a my kindle. If you buy a new kindle try out the Paperwhite. I highly recommend it! It’s great at the beach or in low/no light.

  9. Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a cold and extra snowy winter for most of the country apart from southern BC so you may want to make that deep freeze parka, a deep freeze snow suit.

    As for fantasy football, Seahawks are looking mighty fine once again(or even better than last year), SF not so much due to injury and suspensions. With Bradford out again with the same injury as last year, Zac Stacy is looking to get a heavy workload again assuming he doesn’t fall into a sophomore slump. Similar goes for Eddie Lacy in his second year with GB albeit their star qb is still healthy for now. AFC West teams are all playing all 4 NFC West teams with their tough Ds so who knows how Manning will do against them. Rivers looks ok this preseason but has same issue as Manning but with a worse D. Brady now with sophomore receivers is looking better and there D is better too. Avoid RGIII/Redskins and NYJ/NYG. Foles and philly look to be decent again too. Brees/Saints look good again. Lions could be in for a better season or at least more points for their QB with Tate who has one of the lowest drop rates and excellent YAC on one side with Megatron on the other side. Newton/panthers have a new rookie WR that newton likes and apart from a hairline rib fracture he’s all good to go for another rock star season, not sure on if their D will compare to their high ranking last year. Doug martin is looking to be in for another heavy workload assuming he pops back from his “slump” last year. Also a bunch of handcuff RBs last year, are now looking to be star RBs on new teams. As for the rest, I haven’t seen/heard enough to have much of an opinion on them.

  10. Hmm. Interesting group…1, 3, 5, and 6. “1” makes sense given your man-crush on him. 😉 “3” would be awesome. “5” and “6” would be interesting to watch, for sure. Of course, it all gets down to how they’re written… 🙂

    I overheard this exchange the other day on TV during a major network’s more prominent “detective” shows:

    Female Lead: I don’t know. I think I’ve just been a bit more jumpy lately since the …..(mumbled words I didn’t understand).
    Plucky dumb male sidekick: Really?
    -Immediate offscreen loud bang/noise-
    Female Lead, frightened: What was that?!?!?!?

    Written. As you like to say, Joe. I have to admit I wasn’t watching the show directly, I was in the middle of making dinner and the show started while I started preparing the food so I just let it go without changing the channel. But I couldn’t believe my ears. Were they actually serious about that exchange? Do they think their viewers have the mental capacity of gnat? Wait, they probably do. This IS primetime network TV after all.

    -Mike A.

  11. All I can say is SQUEEEE! …and good luck with the move. I didn’t even know they let dogs on plains anymore. Do they have to take tranquilizers?

  12. I’m glad the lil’ guys can travel in the cabin, I can’t imagine sending a pet through the bowels of cargo after seeing Flight Plan.

    Exciting!! Embrace the madness and envision that first calm weekend in Toronto with your feet up to the fireplace and a glass of mulled cider.

  13. Ahhh, the de ja vu of watching you move to Toronto again, and stressing about how to get the dogs across the country. At least this time you’ve got all that experience from the last time. By the time you return home to Vancouver (again), you’ll be an old pro at this. I hope the three of you can get seats together so the doggies can see/hear/smell each other in their carriers under the seats. Good luck on your trip, and with the success of your new series.

  14. After reading through the blog and seeing your reading list I would like to send you a kindle copy of my first noir fantasy. No, I am not a hobby author and no I am not looking for much beyond a reaction (a praise addict, I know). If interested just reply and I can get an address privately.

  15. What? No TV pilot cancel/renew list this year? It’s not like you’re BUSY or anything. Maybe Lawren can whip that up for us. That was fun to play. THAT one I understood. Football? Nope. And holy crap! I’m writing this on Aug 30 which means you’re leaving for Japan in like 12 days. I’d be stressed about that fact alone.

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