19 thoughts on “August 16, 2014: Top 10 Greatest Fruit!

  1. Wow, I have learned so much from reading your blog (ideas on how to produce a tv series, among other things! LOL). I have never heard of Miracle Fruit or Yuzu. Thanks for sharing.

  2. #10 – I like, especially dark-chocolate coated!
    #9 – didn’t mind them when I a kid, but now I’m ALLERGIC to them…
    #8 – not that fond of them or mangos either, much perfer GUAVA instead.
    #7 – never tried…
    #6 – never heard of them
    #5 – DEADLY *ALLERGIC* TO!! – Although, there was a time when I wasn’t and would ENJOY them… I do miss them… :-[
    #4 – LOVE! And, the smell…
    #3 – ***LOVE***!!! – I drink the juice EVERYDAY!
    #2 – eww! Absolutely **HATE**!!
    #1 – not that crazy about them, either. Besides, there’s tons more potassium in KIWIs! [tastier, too!]

  3. No raspberries, strawberries, pineapples, passionfruit, apples or oranges? They would be on my list..,

    Looking forward to reading about your Paleo adventures with Ivon. Would make an awesome TV series

    Cheers Chev

  4. No mangoes? I love mangoes. Pain in the ass to eat but oh so tasty!

    I haven’t tried yuzu or miracle fruit. I can’t stand avocados. (Why does the plural of mango have an ‘es’ while plural of avocado only has an ‘s’?)

    Bananas are OK raw but I hate them cooked unless it’s in banana cake.

    I tried making some watermelon sorbet the other day. It’s OK but the watermelon flavour is overpowered by the taste of sugar. I need to reduce the amount of sugar or put some lemon or lime juice in to cut the sweetness.

    I’m glad to see there’s no citrus in your list. I can cope with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice but that’s about it when it comes to citrus. Although, I did make that delicious key lime pie that one time . . .

  5. @Das: Heh, heh, he said “butt”.

    Anyway, I would put cherries, blueberries and watermelon in 1,2,3 in that list. The rest are fine. I don’t think I’ve ever had that miracle fruit though. Sounds like it over promises.

  6. Raspberries. First and foremost. No those pretty, giant flavorless things they sell in Costco, but my sun warmed tiny berries growing just outside my kitchen door, Fabulous.

  7. I’ve never had fresh coconut, yuzu or miracle fruit. I’ll have to try them. I saw dragon fruit at our local store. Is that good? I’d have to look up how to eat them.

    Do you eat your watermelon plain? I ask because my dad used to sprinkle salt on watermelon and also on his grapefruit too. Pretty good but I usually skip the salt.

    I love fruit and eat at least one avocado, orange, and a banana every day. While buying fruit, I was talking to a Pilipino lady at the store and she said she mashes avocado up with banana. She doesn’t understand Americans using avocados in savory foods like salsa. Interesting but I think I’ll pass on the banana/avocado combo.

    Ganymede: Deadly allergic? Does that mean your tongue/throat swell up? I have tons of allergies but thankfully, have never had an anaphylactic reaction. Although, after taking sulfa, I woke up with very full luscious looking lips. 😆

    Das & for the Love of Beckett: Frisky last night, weren’t you? 😉

    Last week was long! Today is a little rainy and we’ve decided to hit the Memphis Zoo. The rain cooled things off and the animals will be out but it’s a little rainy, so the kids will stay home. 😉 That’s the plan anyway.

    G’day all!

    P.S. How is Miss Jelly today?

  8. Your yuzu looks like what we have growing all over the place here in Key West – Sour Oranges (bitter oranges). These are used locally here and in all of South Florida by Cubans in Mojo Criollo (sauce) and in other dishes.

  9. Coconut: Yum
    Pear: Yum.
    Papaya: No thanks.
    Miracle fruit: Never heard of it.
    Yuzu: Never heard of it.
    Cherry: Okay. Tart dark cherry juice (100% of course) is good.
    Watermelon: Yum.
    Blueberry: Tastes like dirty dish water.
    Avocado: Hate.
    Banana: Yum

    But I have to agree with Chev here: Raspberries, strawberries, pineapples, apples and oranges would have to be on my list.

  10. Cherries, Raspberries, Strawberries…all from Kent and all fresh in the Summer….the rest of the year I die a little from lack of summer fruits…

  11. Hm… gosh always depends on my mood… but top ones
    watermelon, avocado (though they are more vegetabley to me), dates, figs, peaches… those I could eat daily. But I also love mangoes, pomegranates, cherrys, blueberries.. well most fruit.

    for : Line Noise
    No mangoes? I love mangoes. Pain in the ass to eat but oh so tasty!
    Here you go (lol bones instead of seeds)


  12. Never saw or tried Miracle fruit or Yuzu in my market and not fond of coconut. I never considered avocado a fruit, but a veggie. It’s really a fruit? I occasionally like them.
    Left off your list are crisp, tart apples (like McIntosh), sweet oranges, raspberries, mangoes and green seedless grapes!
    Otherwise, love blueberries, watermelon, Anjou pears, Bing cherries, meh on bananas and papaya.


  13. Don’t think I have ever had Yuzu or Miracle Fruit, but open to new things. I would add Strawberry and Mango to the list. I could live on Mango, Banana and Avocado. Your list is well put together. What are the nutritional benefits of Miracle Fruit? What does it taste like?

  14. Great list, I’d clarify that the best cherry are the Ranier, and add guineps and rose apples. And the best banana is plantain, so great fried, or candied or boiled in soup.

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