Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!  Time to answer your hard-hitting questions…

Airelle writes: “What did you do with all the blueberries??”

Answer: I set aside a containerful for my houseguests, then froze the rest.  I’ll use them in my breakfast shakes.

Tam Dixon writes: “That picture with Lulu & Su is priceless! I suppose Su isn’t used to pets?”

Answer: She doesn’t have a pet, but she would LOVE a french bulldog.  I suspect Lulu knows this and has cranked up the cuteness to 11.

Fagate writes: “OK, you are finally working like us ordinary people.”

Answer: With the added bonus of arguing over subspace communications.  Or do you do that as well?

Fagate also writes: “Now, should we already begin to worry about the poor doctor member of the crew of your soon to be sci-fi series…will he die? Of course. The only problem is when!!”

Answer: To ensure we don’t fall back on old patterns, we have elected not to have a doctor on board the ship.

David Knowles writes: “Probably to much to hope it a Star Trek series, so here hoping it a show base on your dark matter comic book series or perhaps something entirely unexpected MGM getting it act together and commissioning a new Stargate show.

Answer: Star Trek?  No, they’ve already got that covered.  And MGM has Stargate covered as well with the planned reboot.  Sadly, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a new Stargate series for quite some time.

Gary Ansorge writes: “i doubt feeding a dog blueberries is really all that good for them,,,”

Answer: Oh, Akemi did the research.  They’re fine in moderation, providing the same antioxidants, fiber and phytochemicals we humans benefit from when we eat them.

dasndanger writes: “I had a dream about you last night, Joey. You gave me your phone number, then when I tried to call you never answered, and when you finally did answer you told me not to call! Then why did you give me your number?! Anyway, we decided it was best to keep our communication confined to the inter webs.  The dream made me feel sad and rejected. Big meanie.”

Answer: Well, that’s altogether bizarre because, as everyone knows, not only do I happily give out my phone number to anyone who will take it, I have also been known to foster needy Stargate fans as well.

Ponytail writes: “In that first picture up there, Akemi looks a little pregnant.”

Answer: It’s a sweatshirt with a pocket in the front for storing things.  No, not pregnant.  But I’ll pass along your well-wishes.

kabra writes: “Did I read somewhere here that you got a green light on one of your projects!!!??? ”

Answer: Yep, it’s true.  We’re back at it – pitching, spinning, breaking and writing.  Soon prepping.  Eventually, producing.

Tam Dixon writes: “Is Jelly sleeping later than 5?”

Answer: Yes.  She does a little melatonin before bedtime and now sleeps through the night.  Previously, she would wake up at all hours and cry.  I’d have to lay my hand on her back and she would eventually doze off.  And then be up at the crack of dawn!

Mark writes: “I just rewatched the Vegas episode of Stargate: Atlantis and there is one question burning me up. Did the Sheppard of that reality die in the dessert or was he just passed out and later rescued?”

Answer: Depends.  What do YOU think happened?  Did he die?  Did the ambulance get there in the nick of time and save his life?  Did the ambulance get there in the nick of time but accidentally park on him when they arrived on the scene?  There are as many possibilities as there are alternate universes!

Tam Dixon writes: “Is it normal for a show to have that many scripts done so fast?”

Answer: No.  Which is why you have a lot of shows that start off strong and then peter out as the season progresses, the result of productions scrambling to produce last minute scripts in order to make their delivery dates.  This extra lead time is a great (and greatly appreciated) luxury that will allow us to plot a season full of set-ups and payoffs.  No making it up as we go along.  We can introduce all sorts clues, foreshadow, develop some terrific twists and turns, all enroute to our shocking finale.

Tam Dixon writes: “How was “The Lost Fleet”?”

Answer: It was fine.  Reminiscent of David Weber’s Honor Harrington series although the characters aren’t as well drawn.

Duptiang writes: “Q: Has the book of the month club adjourned for the Summer? I might have missed something.”

Answer: Yep, we’re adjourned for the time being.

Duptiang also writes: “.Q: if the ship is using a form of elector magnetic radiation for the sensors how can it detect something going the speed of light or near in time.”

Answer: It’s not, so FTL travel isn’t an issue.  Instead of sensors, the crew will simply rely on their intuitions.

Duptiang also writes: “So will your ships have W.C.s? ”

Answer: Uh…depends.  What are W.C.’s?  World Cups?  Water Closets?  I’m going to say no.

I leave you with this awesome Grey Poupon commercial:




19 thoughts on “July 14, 2014: Mailbag! And Grey Poupon!

  1. Dogs are omnivores like people and bears so they can eat many of the same things we eat. Cats, however, are carnivorous and should not be fed too many fruits, veggies and starches. So yeah blueberries are ok. Just needed to reiterate that.

    I’m gullible when it comes to glitter. My best friend had me convinced there was a store that only sold glitter. Why would I believe such a thing? And he is diabolical to lie to me about such a wondrous place.

    Allie is safely in Thailand. It’s really weird that she’s on the other side of the planet. My mommy senses keep misfiring. O.o

    How is everyone else’s Monday?


    Ooooh.. I see what he did.. he distracted me from worrying about Allie. Well played bestie. Well played.

  2. Although the commercial isn’t REALLY banned but a spoof, I love it.

    As for blueberries… of course they are fine. As long as in moderation, about the only “human” foods you should NOT give your dogs:
    onions/garlic (though small amts won’t hurt them, large amts mess up blood)
    macadamia nuts
    food with Xylitol and alcohol (duh)

  3. 1. Well, then…gimme yer number! 😀

    2. I have actually argued over subspace communications. At work. I think once, even at church. 😛

    3. That commercial is hilarious! Reminds me of K-Mart’s ‘ship my pants’ ad a while back.

    4. @ Mark – In *my* Vegas reality, the Wraith heals from the blast, and then feeds on Sheppard until fully restored. He lives happily ever after in Vegas, feeding and gambling and basically doing what everyone else does in that sordid little town, and no one on the outside is wise to it because ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. 🙂

    @ Ponytail – You win blog faux pas of the year!!!! 😀


  4. “Fagate writes: “OK, you are finally working like us ordinary people.”

    Answer: With the added bonus of arguing over subspace communications. Or do you do that as well?”

    If this includes wanting to tell the person who sits next to you to “Shut the hell up! You talk so loud, I can’t hear myself think!”, then yes.

    @ Mark – Sheppard did not die! And he did not get run over by the ambulance. A helicopter came just in time and took him to the hospital.

  5. @ Das – Did you see that picture? I rest my case. Like DP said, it was her “glow”. She’s so beautiful. 🙂

  6. Hey Joe, thanks for the great mailbag. I love reading those.

    Had a bad day today – my step-mom, who has been doing pretty well on average lately, took a sudden bad turn over the weekend and today was even worse. She’s been able to pull through a lot of times, but I’ve never seen her this bad. She has heart issues and that is the problem this time. I’ve been there for a few hours until I had to come home for some rest, but plan to head back in the morning. However, the way things are I would not be surprised to get “that call” before then.

    You never know though, she’s pulled through some pretty scary times before. The staff at the nursing home don’t seem to think this will be one though.

    This feels like a downer post – sorry about that. Wish me luck.

  7. joe/Answer: Star Trek? No, they’ve already got that covered. And MGM has Stargate covered as well with the planned reboot. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a new Stargate series for quite some time.

    so when beavis and butthead reboot stargate into a flop, what happens to the franchise then?

  8. Thanks for the mailbag!

    I love blueberry iced tea, yum
    If you ever do another mailbag I was wondering about writing all the episodes so early, before the actors have been cast. Is there room for adjustment if you find that some of the actors work better than others, a pairing just “clicks” or one of them just doesn’t work out? Or if they see someone they like in a one off role and want to have him/her back?

    Oh, and Vegas Sheppard totally doesn’t die. McKay saves him and they go back to Atlantis together and have great adventures. Or Todd breaks out of containment and scoops him up on his way home (of course he has a way home) spouting poetry all the way.

  9. Poupon everything…

    ,,,as far as ftl communications are concerned,,,in an 11 dimensional universe,,,7 dimensions are still enfolded so,,,sending data thru one of these gets it to everywhere in the expanded dimensions,,,instantly…snark…

  10. I’m sure Su will make a wonderful pet owner! Love the way she cuts her eyes toward Lulu in that picture though.

    Melatonin for dogs? Great idea and I’m glad it’s working for little Jelly.

    Which is why you have a lot of shows that start off strong and then peter out as the season progresses, the result of productions scrambling to produce last minute scripts in order to make their delivery dates. Well that explains a lot about a few shows out there. With all the extra time the completed scripts buy, it should make for better storylines later…Yay! Plus, I imagine some of the stress will be reduced. Always a good thing!

    whoviantrish: Such an amazing opportunity that your daughter has! I won’t say “don’t worry” because that would be impossible for you (or me). However, I will say congrats on raising such a wonderfully independent daughter. Whenever I miss my son (he’s off at college), I try and remember the goal (or should be goal) of every parent, “Let him/her grow up to be independent, resourceful, confident and a good person.”

  11. But if you’re walking outside and something lands on your shoulder, odds are it’s *not* Grey Poupon. 😀

    I like to throw blueberries in my breakfast cereal. They thaw just-in-time. So good. My eyes goggled at that big “flat” of berries. You have to make at least ONE blueberry cobbler! (Now I want to hunt up DP’s cobbler recipe.)

    Joe, sent you an e-mail a couple weeks ago. Maybe it ended up in the spam folder?

  12. gforce, am sending prayers for your step-mom, you, and everyone taking care for her.

    Das, loved hearing about your day at the beach. Could so use that right now. Have you ever floated in the waves? Bliss…

  13. Thank you for including the dogs in the Philly Steak sandwich video. 🙂 I was away for a year, but when I heard that you had a show green lighted, I came back. Congratulations. I’m only reading back to the beginning of July (for now). Glad to see Alkemi is still with you. Did you two ever get married?

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