49 thoughts on “March 1, 2014: Yet another personality quiz!

  1. *shakes head*

    I think something is missing, Joe. Did you confuse March 1 with April Fools’ Day?

    Gilder Anne McCarroll

  2. Dalek. I haven’t ever watched Dr. Who. I guess I had better start. Also, folks, try different devices if you cannot see the cloud. It was not visible on my iPad or Android phone but was visible on my old iMac.

  3. I got the The Declaration of Independence…whateverthehellthatmeans. 😕


  4. Mario Batali’s Apron here too…not surprised that it was food related, although I was rather expecting to come up as a turnip or sloe gin ..

    Hey ho….

  5. I just did it again, changing a few answers that I had two (or more) choices for, but I didn’t change those answers that only had one possible response. This time I got…

    Omega 3 fish oil. 😕 😕 😕

    I have one more round to go (some questions I had three-way ties for, so I’ll see what I get with my third possible round of answers. (I really wish I was more decisive about pears…:P )


  6. Mince pie? I hate them… thanks Joe lol… also I have no idea what Question 4 was but I liked Koko the gorilla so I answered that. Could you translate please Joe?

    I wonder what it all means… this is going to consume my evening Joseph Mallozzi *frown*

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. please make Ivon do it haha

  7. Okay – Third time with the most accurate answers I could give, and I got Declaration of Independence again. I guess that’s what I get for ticking off ‘frumpy’. 🙂


  8. I’m the same as 10.9% of respondents, a Christmas Ornament….well, Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

  9. Same as you Joe and others: Mario Batali’s apron … ok.. i love cooking and food! well spotted! I loved the Japanese reading and comprehension questions!! more of those please… i need to practise my Japanese, as I have started teaching it last week 🙂
    @Akemi San: Doko … i said koko.. lol but I never could get this really.. AKEMI!! Help! please!! Haiku = Japanese poetry … I only read a few years ago.. can we please have some of those online Akemi!! please please please.. if only in comments if Joe San would not allow a post on Haiku 🙂 どうぞ, お願いします.

  10. Your quiz did not like me. It got stuck two times.
    So, I have no personality.
    Likely as interesting as a door knob….sigh.

  11. 1st Question.. “My favorite Gilligan’s Island character is…”..
    I’ve never seen Gilligan’s Island.
    I’m not even sure if it was ever shown in the UK.
    I know OF it, and I could hum most of the theme tune, but .. nope. never seen it.

  12. I got Mario Batali’s apron, too. I have no idea who or what Mario Batali is.

  13. I see nothing….but I quit taking these quizzes after I saw Which of Jesus’ Apostles are you?

  14. Dalek! I’m a freakin’ pepper pot! Yep, that’s sounds about right!

    Weirdest damned quiz I’ve ever taken! I have to admit I’ve NEVER seen Gilligan’s Island … so I kinda plumped for the obvious – Gilligan! Seemed like a safe bet! 🙂

  15. oh.. ended up watching the Host last night, that was one of the facebook suggestions i got last night. here is a link to it:
    @Joe and everybody else.. has anybody noticed the strange similarities between this plot and SG1 love story Jolinar/ Carter and Martoof/ O’Neill… among other things such as:
    1- the humans are taken by parasite, and then the taken humans eye color changes into a glowing color, the parasites enter through the back of the neck after an incision is made
    Of course those parasites have taken over 12 other planets, and live in symbiosis with their hosts there in their views, but take control never the less.
    2- the parasites take the humans against their will and supress the human consciousness
    3- except in the case of our hero Melanie, who can talk to her parasite…

    sounds familiar so far? right check this out…
    4- Melanie is in love with Gerard, but Wonder (the good parasite, who turned against her kind to support Melanie), Wonder falls in love with Ian, and there is some inner struggle going on within Melanie’s body.. reminds me of Carter/ Martoof relationship… of course like in SG1, Wonder and Ian talk about their feelings in the desert… hum.. like a Tok’ra planet..
    5- the resistance lives in caves, just like the Tok’ra does..
    6- in the end, many of the parasite turn against their own species, just like the Tok’ra and the resistance is liberating the humans from their parasites guests…

    humm… is The Host part of the Stargate Franchise? because if it isn’t I think it should be.. lol/.. or else.. well.. Joe and Carl and everybody can write a story similar to SG1, but not call it SG1 🙂 !

    anyway, never mind my ranting, i did enjoy that movie, as there are differences never the less, and i would recommend it, especially to nostaligics of SG1\

  16. Oh Goody~~ Mario Batali’s apron! I just knew it would be food related,,ta da!! 29.9 %..

  17. I’m Mario Batali’s apron.

    I have several boutiques of buttercups and shared one with the neighbor. The storm is coming our way. How did you fare Ponytail?

  18. Mince Pie? WTF? I don’t even like those!

    Actually, that quiz was hilarious. I HATE those things on FB, they only exist as clickbait for the advertisements on the pages at Buzzfeed. Not this one though. It was cool. Still, “mince pie”??

  19. Hey Joe
    I, too, got Mario Batali’s Apron. Can’t believe we had the same answers to those questions.


  20. Mario Batali’s apron here, too. Seems to be a very common answer from the accompanying (appropriately) pie chart. And speaking of pie, don’t forget that pi(e) day is right around the corner! Actually a 12 days away, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.

  21. 😳 meant bouquet. They are so beautiful! I hope the ice doesn’t kill all my bulbs.

  22. I am a Christmas ornament. No clue what that means but like Peggy, I like the holiday so guess its all good.

  23. @ Tam Dixon – Your storm is here now. It is 26 degrees and still falling. That’s down 56 degrees from yesterday. Sleet and very light snow. My beagle is taking a “break” out there right now with her butt tucked under, tip toeing around. Her wittle feet are cold!

  24. David was Omega 3 Fishoil, and I was a Toilet Paper Roll.

    Barb was tied up in a book, which was probably a better use of her time 😉

  25. I had to google who Mario Batali was…and I still don’t really know who he is. 😛


  26. It seems I’m not allowed to take this quiz. I’ve tried three different browsers, and none of them allow me past the “Enter your name” section. ;(

  27. Joseph Mallozzi

    Results, please.

    i got the apron. i didn’t understand most of those questions & just picked an answer at random. kind of how i got through most of high school.

  28. G’day

    Christmas ornament
    Like the others, no idea what it means, but I do love Christmas.

  29. I’m a Christmas ornament? Maybe it’s because my birthday is during the holiday season or I’m round and shiny. :p

  30. I am Mario Batali’s Apron. I guess that means I am stained and Mario wipes his hands on me. Interesting…

  31. Neuromancer is *always* a good book to read, no mater where you get the suggestion from.
    It’s like saying “You may want to watch Blade Runner, or Logan’s run” to a dystopian scifi fan.

  32. Hmm… I’m Omega 3 Fish Oil.

    Is there going to be some sort of answer key that tells us what these result titles mean? 😉

    -Mike A.

  33. I am Crab nebula. I started the quiz and then had to come back to it so sorry if my name pops up twice.

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