I woke up this morning to find the above-pictured oranges sitting on my kitchen counter, and Paul’s pass on our latest script sitting in my inbox.  I looked it over, made a few changes, and then sent the script wide – and, in this particular case, “wide” refers to the 3-5 individuals involved in this development process.  Word is they want all the materials in by early February so that they’ll have plenty of time to review them prior to a decision in March.  Will we finally get that elusive series order?   Well, I feel very good about this project – but, in all fairness, I felt pretty good about Dark Matter which was in the same position last year only to ultimately lose out to another property by the very slimmest of margins.  My writing partner, like a spurned lover, refuses to get his hopes up, maintaining an emotional distance as if the project were a relative going in for risky life-saving surgery.

Speaking of Dark Matter, I’m trying to arrange a conference call with my partners to discuss where things stand.  When last er spoke, we had a modest budget in place that, while impressive to the uninitiated, isn’t really quite enough to make a good ship-based series.  I’ve been running comparison budgets with my savvy friend and former colleague, Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, and it would seem we’ll need an additional 15-20% to do it properly.  I don’t suppose any of you happened to have any lottery winnings you’re looking to invest?  If so, let me know!

Having completed a first draft of that southern gothic pilot with Tara, I’m taking some time of from the script so that I can return to it, fresh, in about a week.  I’ve always found that when you’re writing, it’s very easy to get attached to what you’ve put down on the page so a little time away allows you to come back to it with a more open mind.  Meanwhile, I’m about 23 pages into the horror script.  Ideally, I’d love to hit the 30 page mark before my partner on this one, Alex Levine, frees up his busy schedule.  So far, so creepy!


Took my old gal Jelly (she’ll be 15 next month!) in to see the vet today.  Over the past couple of days, she’s been doing a lot of panting and crying, especially in the middle of the night.  She checked out okay, no obvious health issues, so I’m going to have to keep an eye on her.  And be prepared to wake up A LOT in the wee hours of the morning.

Today was Jelly and tomorrow it’s my turn to go visit the doctor to check out yet another in a long line of mystery ailments.  They’re racking up.  No sooner did I make an appointment to ask an opinion on one issue than another unrelated issue cropped up.  Akemi joked it was because I’m getting old.  The kidder!

A couple of purchases today…

1This handsome statue in preparation for my future supervillain-themed office.  How’s that for optimism?

1Yes, I have heard of kindle.  And, yes, I still prefer real books.  The only problem is all the late-night Stargate: Universe-watching with Akemi has eaten into my reading time so I need to free up an after-dinnner/pre-workout block just to play catch-up.

Hey, speaking of reading, don’t forget to vote for our upcoming Book of the Month Club selection.  Your choices…

Our discussion will begin a month after the polls close – or, a month after the winning book is actually released, whichever comes last.

20 thoughts on “January 8, 2014: Project-hopping! Jelly and me hanging in there! Did you vote for our Book of the Month Club?!

  1. I am convinced (or at least very hopeful) that it’s a matter of when, not if, that Dark Matter will see production. The idea (and the writing!) is just too darn good to not come to a series.

    Happy pre-birthday to Jelly! I hope there’s nothing serious going on, although I suppose she may just be experiencing some age-related aches and pains that are keeping her up. Not like you, of course. 😉

    I don’t really like e-readers either. I can see their upside for traveling, but that’s about it. There’s just something so tangible, so connected to the written word that a real book represents that I really prefer it.

  2. Heya,
    1. Agree with Marsha_R what happened to the oranges/tangerines/clementines?
    2. Are you thinking kickstarter or similar for funding? IF YES….I’m in.
    Did not/Have not won lottery so not speaking of too many zeros, however, sure would like to see this get started.
    3. Yes…voted, and already bought the book for kindle. GREAT PRICE.

  3. Happy Birthday Jelly!

    Sorry…no lottery winnings here, just January bills and I’m expecting the heating bill to be a duesy this month. If I fall into some money though, I’d be sure to invest it in to Dark Matter.

    I’ve found the same thing as you on the articles and technical papers I’ve written; it helps to leave it alone for a few days and then come back and re-read it. Things I had written that seemed so clear and tight at the time I wrote them became obtuse, in-exact, and incomplete later on. And then there’s the spelling and grammar! 😉 Which reminds me; I have an abstract due in February which I better start working on.

    On the Kindle reader, I’ve come to like it. Besides the convenience when traveling, it comes in handy when Barb has fallen asleep and I still want to read. She finds a book-light to be too bright as she’s a very light sleeper, and the night setting on the Kindle, which is white text on a black background, provides a comfortable contrast to read by, but not enough to light to disturb Barb. Works for me.

    As always, good luck on the projects, and I hope you hear something soon.

  4. Real books are so much more satisfying, but the good thing about e-books is that you can carry a few hundred in your pocket and not break your back.

    Have to go back to work. Today is one of those warm muggy days that sends you to sleep and where you are doing several things at once and keep forgetting what it was you were doing. *yawn*

  5. I cant really blame you with regards to Dark Matter, if you’re going to do something you may as well do something right. If that involves more money then that’s just how it goes right? But surely you’d reach a point where you’d just want to take whats on the table if it involves your creation coming to life?

    You would have a compelling argument if Dark Matter appears on television and rates well for a budget increase.

  6. Dude, if I had the money you know you’d be first on the list. Or maybe second after I pay Joss Wheedon for another season of Firefly. 🙂

  7. fingers crossed on all the projects, and better luck yet in mystery illness diagnoses. old age is only part of the problem, and you work hard to mitigate what you can. Perhaps creative geniuses are required to have a touch of hypochondria? And what IS the deal with those pumpkins?

  8. I am heading out to play the lottery, will sure keep you in mind when I win…
    ~creative fruit ideas, how cool is that!, nice touch Akemi, keeping Joe on his toes..
    ~~hugs to Jelly baby{{{hugs}}}.

  9. It sucks gettin’ old.

    It also sucks gettin’ a cold…which I think I’m doing right now (thanks, mom 😛 ).


  10. Investment money for Joe… I guess that is another reason to buy a lottery ticket. I’ll let you know how that works out for me.

    So, if we are going with Terms of Enlistment which has twice the votes of its nearest competitor there is good news for you Kindle owners: if you have an Amazon Prime membership and own a Kindle, you can read the book for free using the Amazon lending library!

  11. @Randomness I think we cant blame Joey as i understand for my camp of expertise; you have to get the money you need in contract to ensure that the job is done properly. In following seasons network sure will want to tighten the costs ,when normally the cost for you increases with time. Improve your performance for dollar is a tricky bussines.

    If the vet says Jelly is ok perhaps is some external noise you are not aware.
    I Remember mine with a similar age, certain nights not to late go where my mother was and barking and make much noise for general confusion. Until we realized that he ear the intro music of a telenovela that my mother liked but not watch long time ago. The music come from a neighbor whose house was 50 meters and 4 walls from my house. we realize our idea was correct changing to the apropiate channel then my dog shut up and down to sleep like an inocent good boy. 😆

    In the bussines front i have the feeling 2014 it will be a good year. Nice statue thia is the spirit.

    I have Ancillary Justice in my list too. Love minus eighty seem an interesting add to me.

    I have a nook and i cant live without it. I take all my spare time and waiting time for reading. In my home i prefer paper of course.

  12. Akemi has such a wonderful imagination! I never would have thought of putting faces on oranges. So cute! She would be great working with kids.

    Das great advice you gave Dan yesterday! I’ll add that neutered dogs don’t get testicular cancer. Neutering also helps decrease aggression. If a dog has demodex, neutering them can help decrease outbreaks of that too (I believe that’s because demodetic manage is worse when stressed). There are just tons of great advantages to neutering a dog. Dogs don’t have that emotional baggage that holds a person down. They don’t get depressed after neutering or even when they lose a limb. I’ve seen dogs wake up from an amputation of a leg and ask for dinner. Dogs are amazing!

    On that note, I hope Jelly is feeling better. Do you think the weather might be bothering her? I know a few people that can tell if it rains by their arthritis. What did your doc say Mr. M.?

    Patricia: I’m glad you are doing so well after surgery!

    Deni: Have you scheduled the big move yet?

    Crazy news around here. First of all, can you believe Dennis Rodman? Or as we refer to him, Hanoi Rodman. The we had a bit of Memphis news that floored me. The new police director of Memphis came out with news of a backlog of DNA kits that haven’t been run: 12,000 kits!!!!! I was expecting the director to admit to 2-3,000 but 12,000 is like “we don’t care if your rapist is ever caught”. All those DNA profiles that could have helped convict or link other crimes together wasted. The city is trying to raise funds to run those kits but the statute of limitations might have run out for some of the victims. http://www.memphisdailynews.com/news/2013/dec/31/rape-kit-backlog-triggers-calls-for-change/print

    I’ve started reading Work Done for Hire. It’s good but gory. Also, it’s like two books in one.

    I personally would have a hard time without an ebook. My eyes are so bad. Ebook readers enlarge the text. Plus, I can carry 100+ books in one hand! To each their own.

  13. Blame the expanded Aurora Borealis, today everybody at work is a little loopy. Maybe it’s the first long week back after the holidays but we are a cranky bunch. I’m hoping to see the aurora tonight.

    The projects sound interesting, I have been on a space drama binge lately; Supernova, Red Planet, Elysium, none of them as awesome as Atlantis or Cowboy Bebop. The SGverse has such terrific action, suspense and exciting arcs. I loved the fight choreography on Atlantis, I’m bummed that Intelligence didn’t have a really cool fight scene in it. I’ve been spoiled by Bam Bam, his fight scenes are rewindably awesome.

    I hope you guys will consider kickstarting Dark Matter for that 20%, I’ve loved the kickstarter projects I’ve donated to.

  14. I feel your pain as far as Jelly is concerned. We just recently had to put our 15 year old Siamese to sleep after some sudden health problems, and his 16 year old brother now goes around the house howling at 2, 3 and 4 something in the morning.

  15. Well, not quite lottery winnings, but are we taking six figures or seven?

    Would I get an EP credit and get to show up on set whenever I damn well please? 😉

    -Mike A.

  16. Maybe Jelly Is having bad dreams?

    BarbaroMy condolences on the loss of your Siamese. 🙁 Your other cat might be having thyroid issues. Hyperthyroidism causes them to yowl at weird times, among other health problems if left untreated. It’s a cheap blood test with several options for treatment.

  17. Saying prayers for Jelly. And pre-birthday wishes for her–just in case I don’t remember this conversation in the morning. I’m tired. I hope your doctor appointment checks out fine as well.

  18. “The only problem is all the late-night Stargate: Universe-watching with Akemi has eaten into my reading time…”

    It just makes me happy to read, that you still (or rather again) watch SGU. I didn’t get in touch with anything SGU related (including your blog) for all this time after watching the last episode. Not that I didn’t want to – I did very much and tried several times. It was just to painful and made me cry whenever I watched a few minutes. But a few days ago I started to watch it together with my husband and enjoyed it very much.

    I hope your Jelly is ok, one of my dogs just turned 10 and I will have to see the vet this week with him. Hopefully he turns out ok too.

  19. I got Ancillary Justice for christmas, now I just have to find time to read it along with everything else in my big stack of unread books.

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