StellaByStargate writes: “I’m curious as to who (person or organization) “owns”–for lack of a better word–the scripts for the SGA and SG-1 movies? So many of us would love to see those novelized and made part of the Stargate canon…is there any way we could launch a campaign to make that happen? Who would we have to annoy/pester/wheedle/cajole/blackmail? If any group is up to the task, I’m guessing it’s the Stargate fandom.”

Answer: GREAT question!

The rights to both Stargate movie scripts (Stargate: Extinction and Stargate: Revolution) rest with the studio, MGM.  It is up to them if and when Stargate fans will see these stories, in some form or other.  Unfortunately, for reasons I’ve gone over here (September 12, 2013: Whither Stargate?) it’s highly unlikely the Atlantis movie will be produced.  However, there are other options…

To be honest, I have neither the time nor the patience to sit down and novelize the Atlantis script (Stargate: Extinction).  Besides, I think the writers of the Legacy series have done a fine job continuing the adventures in book form.

Having said that, I certainly would make the time to script a four-issue comic book based on Stargate: Extinction if I was approached to do so.  I had a great experience working on a previous comic book project, Dark Matter, and believe the comic book format would be a great way to get the story out there.  It would be especially convenient for fans who want to check out the story but may not be inclined to invest the time required to read a full novel.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that this is actually a fantastic idea.  For several reasons.  Not only is it the best, most visual, fan-accessible means of experiencing Stargate: Extinction, it also works to MGM’s benefit by revitalizing the fan base in advance of whatever they have planned next for the franchise.

Fan campaigns, while well-intentioned, will never have as meaningful an impact because, at the end of the day, decisions are based on the bottom line.  Are the potential viewers still out there and is there money to be made?  Well, what better way to find out than by testing the waters with a comic book based on a story Stargate fans have been clamoring for?  Yes, it may be easy to ignore a deluge of fan mail in support of a show, but much more difficult to dismiss solid sales figures.

If the studio gave the go-ahead to a Stargate: Extinction comic book, there would be no downside for anyone, only plenty of upside for both MGM and the fans.

Worst case scenario: Stargate: Extinction is released as a comic book but doesn’t sell as well as hoped (highly unlikely).  At the very least, the fans finally get to experience the story that brings Atlantis back to the Pegasus Galaxy.

Better case scenario: Stargate: Extinction is released as a comic book and does well. So well, in fact, that further stories are commissioned.  What would be next?  Well, there are all those episode ideas we were kicking around for Stargate: Atlantis’s sixth season (September 30, 2008: An AU Season 6!).  There is also the SG-1 movie, Stargate: Revolution, and the further adventures of SG-1.  And, of course, there’s also the possibility of continuing the Stargate: Universe storyline.

Best case scenario: Stargate: Extinction is released as a comic book and surpasses sales expectations, making MGM stand up and take notice that the television franchise, and Atlantis in particular, still has a huge and devoted fan base. And then maybe, just maybe, we succeed where earlier fan campaigns have failed: taking a giant step in convincing MGM to continue the story onscreen.

But, first things first.  We have to make the Stargate: Extinction comic book happen.

So, let the studio know.  Contact MGM and tell them you want to see a Stargate: Extinction comic book, a comic book based on the unproduced Stargate: Atlantis script.

Get the word out!  And tell your fellow fans to get the word out!

Make enough noise, get their attention, and we’ll have our Stargate: Extinction comic.  And potentially much more because for the first time in a long while, YOU THE FANS will be able to influence the future of Stargate.

Coming your way?
Coming your way?

36 thoughts on “December 13, 2013: Stargate: Extinction! The comic book?!

  1. Joe, do you have an address for MGM (and legal) to whom we can send such a letter? I’m more than willing to do so if you think it would make a difference, and I’ll do it soon! (gotta beat that postal rate increase! 😉 )

    I would love to see such a thing happen, to show with hard numbers than there area still many, many fans who want the franchise to continue.

  2. “that there are still many….” Ugh, it’s too late for me to be up, obviously.

  3. Count! Me! In! Were do I sign? I would love a comic book for Stargate Atlantis. As I’ve mentioned before, Ronon would look great (like a superhero) in a comic book!

  4. I’m ready to write a letter of support for this. Does anyone have a snail mail address? A few minutes of searching on the internet (including the Official Stargate MGM website) produced nothing.

  5. I’d buy it in a heartbeat! Anyone have addresses for the appropriate people at MGM to contact?

  6. I’m in. I’ll buy. I’ll get others to buy and read.
    I’ll write….now, where do we send all the cards and letters?

    Oh…forgot to say yesterday.

    @Akemi…it would be sooooo very cool if you would be a guest reviewer of the SGU episodes. And, Please consider Atlantis and the original SG1 as well.

  7. First off…

    Joe, thank you for the direction so many of us have thirsted for for so long but had no idea where to start.If I saw one more post begging YOU to bring it all back I was going to bang my head on a desk! This may turn into your longest blog post yet! Hope you know you have created a monster with this one… LOL

    Ok everyone, (and by no means am I presenting myself as group leader for this, if I only had the time!!! ) However, many of you know me and know there are not too many bigger fans than myself. If only the get in the gate contest could have been rigged… =)

    For thos of you that do not know me… I still to this day work on Stargate gear almost on a DAILY basis! I have 5 Zats sitting on my breakfast nook table, and 6 jackets that I need to finish and ship out! So excuse my shamless plug… (www.stitchsloft.com) My wife and I met due to Stargate and I work very hard for the fans and try to keep the fandom and the costumes alive for anyone who seeks me out!!! Stargate will always hold special place in our hearts and I know I am only one of millions of fans!!!

    So before we start sending lemons (again) we need to get organized!!! A cause is great, but a plan is better! We have basic plan from Joe, but we also need organization! We have seen what the masses can do when they come together as a whole. Cases in point: (Firefly) (Quantum Leap) (Roswell).

    Anyway… Finally some light at the end of the wormhole for SG fans! So my recommendation is let a select few of us make some calls and make sure we are pointed to the EXACT address and then we can get organized via social media if someone wants to take charge of a FB page and we not have 17 of them pop up.

    We want ONE direction and a well laid out plan! Lets communicate here and when we have bit more of an offense we can strike back to the powers that be! I think this could work with the right drive and getting the word out. I have direct connections with LARGE UK fan groups, Australia fan groups, and fans from all corners of the globe that I think be willing to take part in this movement! I personally average 30-50 visits a day to my site. If we get the word out to some FB groups and the masses this could go viral in days!

    My inbox is going to regret clicking these “Notify me” blocks I just know it!!! =o)~

  8. Comic book? I’m in!! 😀

    Also, just a little something to show why rugby is better than American football…


    That’s about 68 yards, with a few to spare. A beautiful strike by a promising young lad.

    That’s not a record, however – the record in international play is over 70 yards/64m back in ’86, and the longest ever authenticated penalty goal in a rugby match is an 81-yard/74.06m toe-punt with an old leather ball made by Ernie Cooper for Bridlington School in 1944. Pretty impressive, no? 🙂


  9. Well, Buffy and Smallville did it. And isn’t The X-Files trying? I feel like that was something that came up at ComicCon…

    Anyway, I’d gladly read it! I miss Atlantis so very much.

  10. It’s as easy as sending a formal letter showing an interest in knowing the price for a comic book miniseries adaptation rights. And sure they tell us some nice figures whenever the question is formally made​​.
    Someone with legal training to formalize the query letter on behalf of some indeterminate investors.
    And then when we know the price, do a charity to kickstart the money.
    Only a little organization and we need a lawyer plz lads.

  11. I know i’d like to suggest to them the idea of making a Stargate Atlantis – Ultimate Visual Guide just like the SG-1 Guide. lol

  12. I bought and read every SGA novel. Some were great & some were real clinkers. While I would buy the novelization, I would never consider a graphic novel. I have never enjoyed them.

  13. And to think I very nearly didn’t click “Post Comment”….

    Write a letter? Or a few dozen? Yeah, sure, you betcha!!!

  14. A comic book is a brilliant idea! I’m in. You did a great job with Dark Matter, you tease. Giving us great characters with sooooo much potential and then leaving us… But I digress. 😉 Let us know where to send the letters!

  15. The return of Stargate in whichever way form?? Hell yes I’m in! It’s my all time favorite science fiction franchise. Followed closely by Star Trek, Which if all goes well might come back to the small screen due to the crowd funded, independent / Star Trek alumni backed / Pilot already shot, Star Trek Renegades. If they can do it, We can too!!! 😀

  16. I agree with Joseph, the Stargate Atlantis Legacy novel writers have done a very good job of continuing the story. Jo Graham and Melissa Scott wrote the continuation of Stargate Atlantis.
    Stargate Atlantis Legacy series:
    Book 1: Homecoming
    Book 2: The Lost
    Book 3: Allegiance
    Book 4: Avengers
    Book 5: The Secret
    Book 6: The Inheritors

    The same writers also wrote a continuation of the Stargate SG1 two part episodes Moebius. That was the episode where the team goes back in time to ancient Egypt looking for a ZPM. One of my all time favourite episodes.

    STARGATE SG-1: Moebius Squared – Jo Graham and Melissa Scott

    (TV Spoilers)
    I thought Graham and Scott did a really good job on this novel as well. If you recall, the team went back in time and got stuck there. They never returned, the gate was taken by Ra instead of buried, so the Stargate project was never created. Moebius Squared takes place in Ancient Egypt and shows us the events through the eyes of the team that got stuck in Egypt.
    It can be a little confusing if you consider the time travel bits, but if you can ignore that you’ll enjoy the ride.

    All of these novels are available at Amazon.com (or Amazon.ca) as E-books. No, I have no financial interest, other then I’d like to see the authors do well so they write more books in the Stargate series.
    The only thing I would prefer is that the novels would come in an audiobook version.

    Since you mentioned them Joseph I assume you don’t mind me plugging them?

    I would like to see Stargate Atlantis as a graphic novel, though honestly I’d rather have the works Joseph mentioned as written novel or audiobook. But I’ll take what I can get, I’m not picky.

    I’ve noticed that rugby players have a something in common with hockey players. A general lack of front teeth. Is that so they can breath easier when they are giving it their all? A smoother pathway for the passage of air? I could see how they wouldn’t want those pesky teeth in the way!

  17. Oh this is by far the greatest idea in a long time :-). I would buy the comic in a heartbeat, since Atlantis is my fav series of all time ;-). I really REALLY hope that by combining efforts we can make it happen and rekindle MGMs belief in the series

  18. Sorry but no desire to read Legacy-pretty-much-simply-fanfic.

    I also don’t like graphic novels or comics. 🙁 In fact the stats from DC comics showed women make up 7 to max 23% (the later online stats) of comic readers. I suspect graphic novels fit pretty much in there. While I have women friends who like Neil Gaiman’s work they don’t like others at all.

    So I’d love to see it in book format. Then again, I like reading, I find the crafting of words almost as important as the story. I often find I read topics (like magic) that I find silly if the writer is talented. comics/graphics.. sorry Joe, meh, not so much.

  19. I think if anything we just need to sit back and wait for when Stargate is revived, it’ll be a snowball effect.

  20. @ Sparrowhawk – I think the kid’s only 20 years old, too. AND he’s a ginger! 🙂

    @ Mike from Canada – As far as I know most rugby players do manage to keep most of their teeth as they wear mouthguards (old school guys may not – not sure – but since I’ve been watching most seem to retain their original choppers). Some, of course, do lose them regardless, but not like what you once saw in hockey (don’t hockey players now wear mouthguards, too?). Some mouth guards are black in the center, giving the illusion that the player has missing teeth when they do not.

    Of course…with so many rugby players being English…bad teeth may have nothing to do with the game… 😉


  21. Hey Joe! Been awhile but had to chime in…love this idea. A webcomic/motion comics is probably something you could sell in if there were writers/designers here to help. Check out YT “channels” that might be a worthwhile partner (CineFix, etc.). Just a thought…! Miss you guys! We were just reminiscing recently about the good ol’ Stargate days! 😉

  22. While I’m estatic for the story of Stargate: Extinction, I have my lingering doubts since I’m not the only person that thought the Legacy series was so bad that the question had to be asked as to whether or not any of the authors had ever actually seen any part of the Atlantis TV show ever. While I truly believe the details of Extinction will be invaluable to my own Atlantis Season Six (fanfic blog), I’m reserved about it. 🙁

  23. Sending love and prayers to Jill.

    Really love this idea. I was so grateful to see Jericho in comic book format so the story could continue. While I would like it even better if it came back on screen, I was happy with comics. I think the same holds true with Stargate.

  24. Joe, how do you explain that the authors of the SGA Legacy book have managed to write the sequel of the television series and not you ? That they have got the agreement of the mgm ?

  25. Stargateatlantisseasonsix. what the hell are you trying to accomplish with your writing. Clearly not story.

  26. Correction I’m a fool. I somehow jumped and it made no logical sense. Apologies on my rudeness.

  27. Hey,

    I would like to write MGM and ask about it, I have a few friends that would too – would love to see this comic! Anyone have an email address for them? Is there any sort of petition started for this? I figure if they can get Xfiles back on the air, SGA fans should at least be able to get a comic book!!

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