A heads up to all those who knew cherluvya.  This from blog regular PBMom:

“In honor of Cheryl Ann McCabe, on Friday night (tomorrow), Oct 11, 2013 we are going to watch the final 3 episodes of SGU and talk about the show and our memories of Cheryl, funny stories, her words of wisdom. Come join us. It is 1 a.m. BST, which is 8 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Central Time, 6 p.m. Mountain Time, 5 p.m. Pacific Time. I’m not sure what it would be in other countries though. Here is the link: http://sgurewind.com/chats/

“The ability to experience positive emotions, like love and attachment, would mean that dogs have a level of sentience comparable to that of a human child.”: Dogs are people too? We don’t need scientists to tell us that

Is it time Hollywood started rethinking its big budget pic strategy?  The answer is “Yes, obviously!”.  The real question should be: “Will they?”  http://wallstcheatsheet.com/stocks/5-top-grossing-paramount-films-that-barely-made-a-profit.html/?ref=YF

Oh those little rascals!  5 of the Worst Failures in the History of Adult Supervision 

The director and co-writer of the execrable Natural Born Killers criticizes the Breaking Bad finale for being too violent: Oliver Stone Slams “Ridiculous” Violence In ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

I know airline food is bad, but really!  Air China Serves Expired In-Flight Food; 50 Fall Ill

Just in time for my trip to Tokyo: 11 unique experiences for tourists to Japan

Weatherman accidentally eats cat vomit.  What more can I say?  http://bigfrog104.com/watch-weatherman-who-accidentally-eats-cat-vomit-during-live-broadcast-video/

12 thoughts on “October 10, 2013: News of note!

  1. hi, joe,

    has brad wright thought about novelizing the 3rd sg1 movie, ‘stargate: revolution’?

    or novelizing the combo movie talked about, combining all three series?

    this might be the only way of continuing the stargate we know and love! 🙂

    ps- that weatherman/cat vid left me gaggy…

  2. So are you going to try any of those unique Japanese tourist experiences on your next trip? Shopping with a Lolita perhaps? Learning to be a ninja? You’ll probably be too busy with the wedding…

    And thanks for sharing the cat vomit story, but I think I’ll take a pass on watching that one.

  3. Speaking of movies, I know this will probably be of interest to you Joe. The new Steins Gate movie which came out in Japan in April is getting a home video release December 13, you might want to look this up when you have the time in December(I assume you watch stuff online too). It follows on directly from the end of the anime and pretty much deals with the effects of Okabe messing with time(The whole shifting world line thing).

  4. RE: Cat Vomit Guy: My mom accidentally ate a cat turd once the same way…it was a small fleck and she thought it was chocolate. 😛

    She also ate a balled up piece of used green chewing gum because she thought it was a fresh green pea, and my dad once accidently – I suppose a muscle memory sort of thing – licked the spoon after scooping the wet cat food into the kitty’s bowl. With those genes it goes without saying I always think twice – sometimes three or four times – before I pop anything into my mouth. 😛


  5. I would like to add that people of all Stargate shows are welcome. You don’t have to watch the show while chatting. Come and share just about Cheryl. You can pop in for 5 minutes. There is no obligation to stay. To log on when you go to the link, just choose a logon name (no registration required), skip the “password” box, and just click “login” and boom you are in. The family is building a remembrance book and I am gathering comments as best I can from all platforms of social media regarding Cheryl including the transcript of the chat (editing out the parts not relevant to Cheryl) for them to all read all in one place. If you posted on Joe’s blog, I have already grabbed them for them and will keep looking for new ones. I am glad to be busy and proactive.

  6. Those are some very appealing Japanese activities! Living in a small friendly neighborhood, I got to make homemade sushi with the neighbors and go to the neighborhood O-Bon. One of the neighbors was an ex-bar hostess who practiced shiatsu on us, usually while we were hanging out on the sidewalk chatting. How I learned “Itai! itai!” Felt so damn good when she stopped.

    I also have tales from when I lived in a much less nice neighborhood, when I was a single sailor. Oh my.

    My acquired kid and his wife are in Atsugi now, and they are out and about quite a bit to interesting places. She models, so I see some amazing pictures on her FB page from shoots and shows in Tokyo. Not the usual commercial modeling work Americans can find there, actual high fashion stuff. I’m very proud of “my kids”.

  7. There is a family fable about my grandfather making a midnight snack sandwich with the dog food grandmother had placed in the fridge on a plate. Yum.

  8. Joe,
    You’ve GOT to learn how to be a ninja! My guess is you’ll be the only one in your circle of friends to be able to boast that.

  9. Is it time Hollywood started rethinking its big budget pic strategy? The answer is “Yes, obviously!”. The real question should be: “Will they?”

    probably not. unless more things start tanking horribly.
    i hear they often make up the profit on DVD (now blu-ray too, guess) sales and as long as that works out for them, they won’t change.

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