News of note:

How are you doing in our Fantasy T.V. Pilot Pool?  BROADCAST PREMIERE WEEK: How Did The Networks Do, What Did We Learn?

Maybe it’s time for another pool?  ‘The Simpsons’ to Kill Off Character – The Hollywood Reporter

Wow.  I thought the problem with global warming was bad, but not THIS bad: Scientists Recommend Having Earth Put Down

Hey, what’s the legal drinking age in the U.K.?  12?  UK A&Es seeing ‘drunk children’

“If you are speeding and suddenly up ahead see a cop that clearly just tagged you, slow down and wave to him/her. Your odds of being pulled over are quite a bit reduced.”  Really?  32 Real Life Cheat Codes That Will Change Your Life

The Most Brutal Endings of Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows  SGU made the list!

On the other hand: “Breaking Bad” Ends: 10 Great Series Finales  SGU didn’t make the list!

26 scenes from sci-fi series that caused viewers to give up on the show  Or this list!

Dickens’  coincidences, Melville’s meandering, and Shakespeare’s creaky plotting: 5 Famous Writers With Flaws Everyone Tries to Ignore 

Apparently, we eat a lot of sugar:  An Unforgiving Breakdown of How Much Sugar America Consumes [Infographic] 

No actual butts were harmed in the creation of this butt pudding:

15 thoughts on “October 1, 2013: News of note!

  1. Speaking of eating a lot of sugar, have you read “Salt, Sugar, Fat”? That’s an eye-opening book! One the most interesting tidbits I learned from that book is that fast food companies such as McDonalds have learned from experience that if they advertise a new product as “healthy” or reformulate an existing product and label it a “new, healthier version” the product won’t sell well. So recently, McDonalds HAS been reformulating its products to be healthier, but just not advertising that fact. If they emphasize the taste, the mouthfeel, anything BUT the nutritional aspects, the better-for-you products sell just as well as the unhealthy products. The moral: we’ve convinced ourselves, as a society, that to eat healthier, we have to give up taste or texture or convenience, and that we’re being deprived of something if we buy what we know to be a healthier reformulation of a favorite product. So the best way to get us to eat better is to fool us into thinking we’re not. How crazy is that?

  2. I don’t know about that list of “cheat codes”. Some I just don’t believe (like the wave to a cop thing, or the press 9 to put yourself on a do-not-call list when a telemarketer calls thing). Others are just too obvious to be of any use. I mean, take this one:

    27. Go to free workshops or presentations offered at your college. Most have free food.

    Who doesn’t figure this out within the first week of college? Duh!

    This list seems like just another example of internet flotsam recycled as filler for a site with marginal utility beyond generating clicks for ads.

    * grumble, grumble *

  3. 26 scenes from sci-fi series that caused viewers to give up on the show

    did i miss the memo declaring that the big bang theory was sci-fi?

  4. Interesting news. I’m going to try the press 9 thing. Hang up on unwanted telemarketers AND be taken off their list at the same time. Hmmm, this I gotta see. Thanks for the tip on waving to a policeman who just tagged you. Should I go ahead and pull over too before he even has time to get in his car? Declare my guilt and ask for mercy? And number 21…already knew that… 😉 😳

  5. @msstargate

    That article is almost 4 years old, it doesn’t however change the fact that Stargate SG1 is easily one of the top 10 Scifi shows of all time.


    That 26 reason thing is both silly and insightful, some of the opinions given anyway. Some of the opinions given completely disregard the overall quality of the show and focus purely on one instance they didn’t like.

    The Eureka thing, it’s not like they said nothing happened when they returned from the past to discover the timeline altered, infact the characters remember what had happened, but obviously due to the changes in the timeline, they were forced to adapt to their new lives and pretty much accepted their situation. I don’t see anything at all wrong with that, they were happy to live in the new timeline, with their previous memories intact, it didn’t effect the show in a negative way.

    The Revolution one, the tattoo coverage made someone stop watching, really? The Under the Dome one is funny too, Juniors reaction was clearly because he couldn’t deal with rejection. Then of course The Walking Dead one, it’s not unrealistic for Rick to become stressed to the point he basically shuts down because of the grief and stuff.

    While I respect peoples opinions, most of the 26 reasons came across as silly/nit-picky and basically because they didn’t like an episode, or an plot hook they gave up a show entirely?

  6. just read the “real life cheat codes thing” (somehow missed the first time through)

    #13 i thought everyone knew not to say anything until after the 4th month.

    #19 yeah, assuming you can zoom in to read it.

    #21 i’ll have to keep that in mind.

    #22 that won’t help if they say the name is something gender-neutral or is usually a boy’s name & they’re using it for a girl & vice versa.

    #23 if i put something in my shoe i would not want to touch it again. maybe placing it by your shoes would be better.

  7. I caught the second episode of Blacklist…I’d watch it again. Also caught S.H.I.E.L.D. and the whole family enjoyed it. It had silly parts but what doesn’t? I’m always amazed at Ming Na, the lady just doesn’t age!

    articgoddess: Stay warm! What is summer like there?

    Having much lower standards than you do, I liked Iron Man 3. Yes, it has some silly parts but I’d give it 7 cookies. Not the sugar free crappy ones but real chocolate chippers! It made me laugh and hubby/son love explosions.

    I downloaded the new iOS7 patch last night (iOS7-2?), can’t tell any difference. Still hate it but ……I’m told change is good. 🙄

    Everybody’s back better?

  8. Ok, Joe, fess up. How did you REALLY find butt pudding? What in the world were you searching for on Google? You can confess to us, it’ll make you feel better about it.

    On second thought, maybe we don’t want to know…. 😉

    -Mike A.

  9. Wow Joe these week 2 numbers are crazy, HUGE drops for ABC shows on Tuesday, including Agents of Shield that is down to 8 mill viewers.

  10. I finished watching Steins Gate. I enjoyed it a far bit. It picked up from the first few episodes.
    I’ve started watching Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. (Suisei No Gargantia) It’s not as good as Steins Gate, but it’s not bad.

  11. Quantum Leap ending incorporated time paradox – by changing the past so that Beth and Al could be together, the prior futue timeline was negated, presumably leaving Sam outside of the timeline, with God or whoever it was.

    SGU ending? well, i’m waiting for the feature length movie to be made one day.

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