My Snow Monkeys relaxing after a hard-won victory.  And loss.
My Snow Monkeys relaxing after a hard-won victory. And loss.

Well, one week into the 2013 fantasy football season, and my Snow Monkeys have tasted their first victory AND suffered their first loss of the year.  The win came in impressive fashion, on the very last play of the opening weekend.    Down late, my Snow Monkeys snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with a game-winning field goal from Houston kicker Randy Bollock.  Finale score: Snow Monkeys 121.28 Petunia Power 118.96.  Meanwhile, in my (Stargate) League of Apathy, I lost to the best team in the league – which is small solace considering I have to play them twice this year.  On the bright, next weekend looks much rosier as my Snow Monkeys face off against Ivon Bartok’s Running Dead.  Both teams are in search of a win and, while I have the utmost respect for my opponent, I have no doubt he’ll be coming out on the losing end of this won.  Nevertheless, I do admire his delusional optimism and his desire to “make things interesting”.  He suggested that, if he wins (which is NOT going to happen), I should dedicate an entire blog entry to what a wonderful guy he is.  Sure.  Conversely, I’m thinking it might be nice to take a day off from blogging and having a guest blogger – say, Ivon – come in and write a blog entry about yours truly.  What do you think?

Well, this is disconcerting:

And this:

And this:

And this:

17 thoughts on “September 11, 2013: Snow Monkeys win! And lose! Well, this is disconcerting!

  1. G’day all

    @ Line Noise – “Good Times” was shown on Aussie tv. Depending on how old you are you may not have seen it. I can just remember a bit of it from when I was rather young, mostly the way JJ talked and the theme song.

    AFL is in the finals series now, my team is just hanging in there. This Saturday they play against the reigning premiers.
    Go THE BLUE BAGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Snow Monkeys.

  2. the bee vid is blocked.

    about those videos (especially the first 3), to quote several people in the star wars movies, we’re doomed.

    about the master chief jr. vid i nearly laughed at the little blond girl screaming: “whip it like a man!”
    those kids might need therapy after that show.

  3. I think if Ivon loses, he has to guest blog and talk about how wonderful you are.

    If Ivon wins, he has to guest blog and talk about you (or Lulu), and he can tell the truth.

  4. If Ivon does become a guest blogger, would you mention to him that we like pictures. 🙂 Thanks.

    Congrats and condolences to the Snow Monkeys.

  5. I missed yesterday’s post. Please tell Akemi that it might taste like diabetes, but carbs worse than fat for that. It should taste like freaking heart blockage.

    I agree with archersangel, doom seems imminent.

  6. The first video is comforting in that it shows how quickly a substance can disperse through the Pacific Ocean considering the contamination is happening off the coast of a densely populated country that eats a lot of seafood.

    It’s disconcerting because whatever the actual measurements of contamination off the coast of Japan are won’t reflect how much is being dumped. There will be false comfort available in reports of contamination measurements that won’t seem as bad as the situation really is. It’s analogous to a measurement of rainfall levels taken above a storm drain.

    There are other insects more effective than honeybees at pollinating. Maybe the plants are revolting against the forced injection of honeybee populations and putting off something that kills the honeybees. It’s Shyamalan’s The Happening, except it’s happening for just the honeybees.

  7. OMG! A Junior Master Chef? Wasn’t the adult version enough of an insult to intellect?

    Yeah, start them young and train them in nastiness…

  8. Joe, re that leak/radiation video…it’s bollocks.

    200 tons are leaking daily (and that won’t last forever). That’s about 180m³ of water (1 ton = 0.9m³). The Pacific Ocean has an (estimated) volume of 6.6×10^17m³.

    IOW, that’s like taking one drop of water, dyed blue & dividing it into 1000 parts. Then put that 1,000th of a water drop into your full-to-the-brim bathtub.

    It’s a problem, yes, but there won’t be a warming glow in Vancouver Harbour from the water…

  9. Ah, Snow Monkeys, what shall we do with you? Make Joe happy, okay? Although Ivon as a guest blogger would be lovely.

  10. “Whip it! Whip like a man!” Those tiny chefs are hilarious, but as I can’t help thinking that combining kids with hot stoves is bad.

    That overconsumption vid is worrying. Yep, we do consume way, way too much. Kinda hard to enjoy lunch after watching that. Still this was the year of the clone burger, so there is hope we’ll transcend our need to eat our fellow creatures.

    Perhaps your Snow Monkey’s need a more dynamic studio approved name to inspire them, like the Dark Snow Monkeys, Revenge of the Fallen Snow Monkeys, or Chasing Snow Monkeys.

  11. Hmmm…something seems a little off in that Fukushima simulation. Prevailing currents and winds should distribute Cs-137 in a roughly clockwise pattern up from Japan across the bearing straight and down the west coast of North America (following trade-winds and currents). Instead the simulation shows it mostly spear-heading due east in a fractal like pattern (perhaps this sim is loosely based on the Mandelbrot set?) In any case,I wouldn’t put too much credence into the accuracy of it.

    Something similar happened to Europe after Chernobyl (i.e. distribution of Cs-137). The good news is the half-life is relatively short (about 30-years) and it easily binds with Prussian Blue, so there are some well-understood cleanup and control measures. The real test is in how much ends up in wildlife; time will tell.

    @Tam Dixon:

    I’ll have to look into that breakfast place on our way to Savannah (and Tampa) next year! That trip is still in the planning stages, but I should have the major dates nailed down next month. For Nashville, we’ll be visiting the Loveless Cafe next week. I’ll give an update sometime later.

  12. @Jay

    Somewhat agree, if anything it’s only the immediate effects of the stuff leaking into the ocean that’s an issue, from a long term perspective it’s not threatening.

  13. The Fukushima stuff is just scary. I saw a similar scenario but it wasn’t so pretty as the colors in this one. I have no doubt that even though this looks limited to the Pacific, any fish or mammals swimming through there will become radioactive. How will we know if a fish in the Atlantic did not swim through it on their way to the other side? Poor Hawaii too. They will be surrounded by it. It costs a fortune to live there now and what are they going to do when they have to ship everything in including water? What happens to the crops they have to water or the water they have to put on their bodies? Will their be beach bans? Their favorite pastime is surfing. Real estate property values will plummet which will cause states to lose tax revenue and have dire consequences globally. How many people are going to wind up in hospitals with radiation poisoning? How many people will get cancers prematurely as a result of this? Some of the Syfy channels wacky stories of mutant fish may not be far from the truth, like Sharktopus. Stock up on iodine and fish oil now before you have by ones that will make you glow not in a good way.

    Maybe you’ll have to rename your team the Nuclear Snow Monkeys.

    Icon writing a blog is a win-win for everyone.

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