Yesterday, Akemi and I bought a new oven.  NOT a Whirlpool (or Maytag) owing to their crap customer service.  Earlier this year, the digital control on my old Maytag oven stopped working.  We contacted the manufacturer, now Whirlpool, who arranged for a repairman to come over.  “Repairman” is a misnomer.  He didn’t actually repair anything.  He just peeled off the old digital control, slapped on a new one, and charged me $300+.

Three months later, the new digital control on the oven stopped working.  Again!  I contacted Whirlpool who sent over the same “repairman” who informed me that, unfortunately, the warranty on that new digital display had expired (these things are apparently only good for two months) and Whirlpool wasn’t willing to help me out.  So, I had the “repairman” “repair” my oven again – peeling off the old digital control and slapping on a new one.

Fast forward a couple of months and THE NEW DIGITAL DISPLAY ON MY MAYTAG OVEN HAS STOPPED WORKING!  Frustrated beyond belief, I contact Maytag customer service who, after hearing me out, offered me the following solution to my ongoing oven problems: 15% off a new Whirlpool oven!  I shit you not!  I informed the customer service rep that I wanted someone to come over and address the problem to which she responded “The warranty has expired on your oven” – so they wouldn’t be sending anyone over.  EVEN IF I OFFERED TO PAY FOR THE VISIT!  She followed up by offering up that rebate because I am apparently part of their Fucked Over Friends and Family Program, over whatever they call it.

I passed on their bullshit offer and sent an email outlining my situation to their head office.

Well, they got right back to me and made me feel like a valued custom – JUUUUST KIDDING!  They ignored me completely, perfectly in keeping with their shitty customer service.

I plan to block off two days to hit every Whirlpool and Maytag-related site and forum with a rundown of my experience.  If I can convince just ten people to NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL or MAYTAG, this rant will have been worthwhile.

And I’m pretty damn sure I can do it!


Randomness writes: “For the best reaction at the wedding, I suggest a Yakuza outfit.”

Answer: Okay.  Should i cut off the tip of my pinky finger to complete the outfit?

2cats writes: “How are the furry kids doing, all is well?”

Answer: Lulu is wearing her cone of shame to ensure she doesn’t lick her infected right paw.  She’s also battling an ear infection.  Jelly and Bubba are their usual cranky/lazy/famished/spirited selves!  Thanks for asking.

DP writes: “I think the dark suit is better for you. And the hair? I’m recommending sumo.”

Answer: Akemi is recommending something a little more traditional…

1dasndanger writes: “All kidding aside, however, I would seriously consider wearing the kimono. It’s a once in a lifetime experience! I don’t think you’d look like a douchebag at all. ..or at least no more than when you’re sporting shiny silk shirts and gold chains like the don of Dons.”

Answer: Because, of course, that was my other option.

Luis writes: “Joe,Those pics are kool ……is that an I-Phone App???”

Answer: Nope, just really bad photo shop.

Jeff W writes: “Glad to see that you and Akemi have made good recoveries. But the next question…about Raw Canvas, if there was not painting involved, would you go back for the food?”

Answer: Hmmmm, probably not.  It was good, but I suspect I could pick up the same selection, at half the price, at Oyama on Granville Island.

pounpuppy29 (Erika) writes: “Wish the TPTW of Stargate when they were doing SGU would’ve done that wrapped everything up instead of leaving a cliffhanger like they did I remember when it aired and I was on the major Stargate fan site GateWorld and the numbers were not good and I think the writing was on the wall they just didn’t see it.”

Answer: It’s not that we didn’t see the writing on the wall.  We were aware the show was struggling in the ratings, however, at the time we we were writing/prepping/shooting the final episodes, we were working under the understanding that we would have one more, final, season to complete our story.  Apparently, things changed.

dasndanger writes: “Lookie what’s on the interwebs today, just for you!

Answer: So, as Akemi rightly pointed out, we should avoid eating EVERYTHING.

FagateOne writes: “No developments about your many projects?”

Answer: A huge setback for one project; a huge step forward for another.

JAN writes: “Hey Joe, I thought I would share this link. I can see why you love visiting Japan so much! I REALLY need to find this Japanese show online, which will lead to me wanting to learn Japanese:

Answer: Ah, the things they can get away with on Japanese television…

DP writes: “So, now that you’re feeling better, here’s the foodie question I was going to run by you.

Wash the raw poultry or don’t?”

Answer: Interesting.  I’ve always rinsed but after reading that article…

Josh writes: “Hey Joe, It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a question on here but I’m curious what your thoughts are on this thread:

Answer: I suppose it depends on the definition of the term “superhuman”.  I think the Satedans were certainly physically superior to the average human, and Ronon was certainly physically superior to the average Satedan.

Deni writes: “Well, we did our best to adopt Stewey, the dog my daughter and I picked up in Savannah for a rescue group here.”

Answer: Ah, you’re a good person.  But, all too often, even the best of intentions aren’t enough.  It can be very tough, especially introducing a dog to a household that already has a pack.  Any updates on Stewey?

Janet writes: “Well almost a year after my daughter broke BOTH her arms, she a hurt it today at school. Whacked her elbow against a post, do not think it is broken but very sore elbow. Waiting to see what develops before I take her to hospital.”

Answer: So what’s the update?

Airelle writes: “Is your pulled muscle feeling any better?”

Answer: Not fully healed – still painful at night – but much better.  Thanks for asking!

Chris writes: “Do you ever thought about crowdfunding for the Stargate Films or Series? Maybe this brings the investors to think about the whole franchise when they see how many people want this films/series.”

Answer: Unfortunately, I don’t own the rights to the Stargate franchise (MGM does).  The decision to produce another series or movie lies in their hands.



25 thoughts on “August 30, 2013: My Whirlpool Rant! Mailbag!

  1. Dear Joseph,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and the valuable information about the non-reliability and horrible customer service from Maytag and Whirlpool.

    This is very helpful to me as my house and ALL my appliances are 24 years old now, and I will soon start replacing those that no longer operate like they should.


    Thank you again for the timely information. I owe you!


  2. I went to visit my mom this June and 2 days after arriving her washer died, so off to buy a new one, She wanted a whirlpool but for some reason,(it had to fit thru the door and into a smaller room) that was not the one we chose and I think I can see why now after listening to your tale of woe, it was probably a good choice. They don’t make appliances in general like they used to,now its all about if it breaks buy a new one, they tell you not to even buy extended warranties on stuff. Now we really know why the maytag repair man was so lonely, no one called anymore,coz service was crap. thanks for the rant!
    ~~ and if you go with the kimono, don’t forget your underwear, for some reason that thought popped into my head,,hmmm. something about kilts and the like…

  3. @Joe:

    My Whirlpool Rant!

    My first casual reading of this made me think I was about to hear about the evils of hot tubs! 🙂

  4. I had huge issues about 12 years ago with a brand new GM pickup (transmission kept failing plus numerous other things and they were happy to put a new one in, but the stupid thing spent 2 months in the shop of the 3 months I had it). Definitely a lemon since the truck was very highly rated and had a good history. I wrote to GM with 2 pages of vehicle breakdown issues and they basically said tough luck, you have a warranty, what’s the problem? Apparently, they’ve never hauled horses on the 401 going through Toronto and have crappy brakes and a transmission blow–lots of fun!! Anyways, I got rid of the GM got a Toyota Tundra (which never failed me any which way) and told everyone who would listen about my GM experience. I know of at least 9 people who did not buy a GM vehicle just from my story, so assuming the average vehicle was $25,000, I was quite pleased to figure I cost them nearly a quarter of a million in sales. I still tell the story and I’m sure many others have had second thoughts. So, Joe, go for it!!!

  5. You might consider sharing your opinion on Maytag on Twitter, I find it a excellent place to “share” with a wide audience and sometimes get the attention of a company

  6. Although I was joking with my suggestions, I hope things go well for you at the wedding. I can imagine it’ll be a bit of an experience for you.

    >Apparently, things changed.

    Although I don’t agree with MGMs decision, I don’t think it was done out of malicious intent or anything. At least Stargate friendly networks are open to more Stargate in some form, and I take the view that any future Stargate show will be airing on the Syfy channel in the US and Space in Canada.

  7. Won’t buy Maytag or Whirlpool here, either, so you’re two down (Ponytail), eight to go. 🙂

    Update on Stewey: The guy that adopted Stewey’s brothers wanted to see if they’d get along and is thinking about adopting him. As far as I know, they were getting along really well tonight (even got a photo), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I gave Anna (the volunteer that is fostering him because her boyfriend won’t let her take him back to the kennels at the rescue) some money to buy him whatever his little heart desired, and they went shopping for a bunch of Stewey-resistant toys and a Gentle Leader. He was horrible on the leash and hated the Gentle Leader at first, but is quickly getting the idea of a civilized walk now. I hope he gets adopted; nothing could make me happier. 🙂

    I’m pet-sitting little Casey this weekend and Cody is going nuts. He was a pup last time she was here (a year ago, her mom brings her up for the UF football games and leaves her with me), and now he’s all tough and handsome and shit. What a pain in the ass! Meanwhile, Casey, a tiny Maltese, barked at Riley and scared her. Yeah, that’s my tough Boxer. 🙂

    Have a good weekend, Joe, Akemi, pups and everybody!

  8. Joe, I agree with Jim Lawson. Twitter is a great place to share about your horror story. For the most bang for your buck, assuming you want to go that route, Richard Dean Anderson (, Amanda Tapping (, Michael Shanks ( and Cliff Simon ( all have huge followings. You will, technically, inform several million people about Maytag/Whirlpool.

  9. I know, get a crowd funder going big enough to buy MGM. Then make any darn thing you want! I’ll chip in.

  10. @Bella&Kasper:

    I’m guessing that Canada does not have Lemon Laws like many US states do. I had a similar experience with a 2003 Buick Rendezvous, although not a bad as your experience. In 3 years it had blown manifold gaskets, corroding paint non the hood, leaking head gaskets, 3 separate suspension compressors, and a bad alternator. None of them disabled the vehicle enough to claim it as a lemon, but it definitely soured me on the GM brand (at least the recent models).

    Now I mostly buy used (a few years old), which gives enough time for the reliability of a model to be documented online. Not always foolproof, but a good start at least.


    Unfortunately, I already have a kitchen full of Whirlpool and Amana appliances, with two of them having had multiple repairs on them over the 14-years I’ve had them. The Amana refrigerator has had three separate thermostat sensors replaced, the ice maker rebuilt, a defroster coil replaced, and a defrost timer replaced. All but the first thermostat I have done myself (it’s how I justify keeping them; the repairs are cheaper than replacements.

    The oven, a Whirlpool, has had both igniters go, and the front light switch break (both of which I have fixed), but no other issues; although I probably just jinxed myself. The Whirlpool dishwasher and microwave have held up fine though.

    Nowadays, it’s hard to know what brands to buy (based on reviews anyway) since the manufacturers change their models every year or so, and that is simply not enough time for reliability statistics.

    Anyway, good luck in your oven shopping and let us know what you get. I may follow suit when I redo my kitchen.

  11. Well.. this may well turn into a customer service general complaints website.. but i bought a lenovo laptop in January and the battery lasts only half an hour after using it for 2 months.. i about to go to them and ask if they can replace my battery.. but my partner things it will be a total waste of time.. as the batteries are usually only on guarantee for 6 months.. so . it is 8 months old.. i will prob. come back writing a long post about the experience too ! 🙂 hugs and make sure the customer services is good before you make your next purchase :(non Whirpool or Maytag of course 🙂 . xo

  12. I don’t think Maytag or Whirlpool have ever shown up on my radar when buying appliances and now I will make sure to avoid them. What brand did you end up buying? I’ve heard very good things about Miele.

    I call shenanigans on that Japanese prank show. Some of the camera angles (especially with the dinosaur clip from the other day) were not possible without the prankee seeing the camera and cameraman. I think they’re all actors. Or maybe I’m just a cynic. If it’s real then it’s very cruel and if I was the victim of something like that then I’d sue the ass of the production company and disassociate myself from my so-called friends and family.

    I’ve never heard of washing poultry before cooking it and have never done it. I’ve never had food poisoning from poultry and I would cook chicken at least once a week (including eating it cold for lunch the next day). I regularly use a temperature probe to make sure meat is cooked (great for getting the perfect medium-rare roast beef!).

    Good suggestion about the wedding hairdo! But I don’t think you’ve got time to grow your hair long enough. 🙁 I’m sure you can buy top-knot wigs, though, so all you’d need to do is shave the top of your head. Go for it!

  13. That Japanese sniper clip is awesome! Can you imagine them doing some like that on N. American television?

    The problem I see with the whole appliance situation is that it seems there are really only a few manufacturers of stuff lately on which numerous brands put their own labels, with only cosmetic differences. When I was shopping for a dishwasher a while ago, it became apparently that there were a LOT of the same design out there, all under different brands. So, there’s no guarantee that when buying a different brand, that you’re actually getting a different design from any one of a number of “manufacturers”.

    Step-mom update: Yesterday was a bit better. She was sitting up and having a coherent conversation, so that was a definite improvement.

  14. Answer: It’s not that we didn’t see the writing on the wall. We were aware the show was struggling in the ratings, however, at the time we we were writing/prepping/shooting the final episodes, we were working under the understanding that we would have one more, final, season to complete our story. Apparently, things changed.

    Oh! I did not know that part of the issue so syfy screwed you they lied to you that does not surprise me I mean wouldn’t it be logical to tell the people who produce a show on your network who you have a long history with the truth that the show you currently are producing only has till the end of that current season in enough time to write to wrap up the show that would be logical but I forgot most people are not logical they are too short sighted GRRR thank you for answering me I do appreciate it

  15. Ok so never to buy Whirlpool or Maytag. GE has been very kind to us. We had GE appliances in our old kitchen and in the new place.Oh wait the fridge in the old place was a Frigidaire, it’s about 12 years old, still works well. The old DW was a Whirlpool, it was crap come to think of it. Our washer and dryer are LG – LOVE ‘EM! Good luck Joe.

    Speaking of crap appliances… I have Keurig that’s about 3 years old, about a year ago… it started dispensing 4 out of 8 oz of coffee. After cleaning it,I got 7 out 8 oz. After a few uses – we’re back to 4 oz again. Anyone else experiencing this? I did post my sadness on FB, because I loved that thing. Not so much anymore and I never got a reply. 🙁

  16. Deni: Meanwhile, Casey, a tiny Maltese, barked at Riley and scared her. It’s all in the attitude. 😉 Thanks for the stories and for helping out the pups! It can heartbreaking. We’ve all have our “war wounds”…. You are a brave soul.

    Great Q & A! Comments: 1. I’m still washing my chicken but I’ll be careful how it’s done. 2. Please give Lulu a hug/treat from me and for all the others (so they don’t get jealous). 😉 3. Janet, I hope your daughter is doing well.

    Sorry about your stove. When you get a new one, are you looking for any cool upgrades?

    Personally, I’ve had good luck with LGs’. Have you tried looking on Consumer Reports? Whenever we make a big purchase, I look up their reliability stats. So far, they’ve been spot on for me.

  17. Joe, I have a bottom-of-the-line, cheap, builder-installed GE stove, and the electronic control died a mere few months after the warranty expired. I spent $100 on a new control and installed it myself. Fortunately it’s been working ever since (around 13 years), but if I ever have to replace the stove, it won’t be a GE, Whirlpool, or Maytag. I certainly will spread the word for you.

  18. Joe: What brand of oven did you get? And special features? Is it a convection?

    Whirlpool makes these brands (from Wikipedia):

    Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Gladiator GarageWorks, Inglis, Estate, Brastemp, Bauknecht and Consul.

    I had much the same problem with a KitchenAid fridge, problem after problem, I had purchased through Sears. Eventually they replaced the entire fridge with a brand new model. Part of the problem was a design flaw in the diffuser, which was fixed after the third diffuser.
    But problems continued.

    I then placed the fridge on a surge protector and most of the problems disappeared. You can get surge protector breakers, even for an oven, though for the most part it would probably be overkill. I also tightened all connections and wires on the outlet and breaker panel. Its a pain because you have to shut down all the power, you might lose all your programming on your DVR. I hate programming the DVR. My wife has about 20 shows setup for recording.

    Of course I wouldn’t recommend this as a home do it yourself.

    If the new oven has an electronic control and it happens again, I would suggest thinking about a surge protector breaker for the ovens circuit. I would have suggested tightening the connections on the old oven, but I guess it’s too late for that now. The guy who installs it should do the job right.

    Or consider what else might be in your house that draws high amounts of energy all at once. Often motors. Doesn’t have to be 220 volts. Perhaps air conditioner? Was the AC on when the oven control died? Do you see lights dimming at times?

    Of course it could have just been a piss poor designed control board.

    I keep all old parts from my fridge. I’ve found about half can be repaired. Their sitting on a shelf waiting for the next time something breaks. The last part was the water dispenser and ice maker solenoid. It sprayed water all over the inside of the freezer. The coil had gone. It was one of five replaceable parts on a module. Of course I had to buy the entire module.

    I just started fixing the fridge myself. As you say, they don’t repair it. They simply replace modules. The hardest part is determining what is wrong and if it’s caused by something else being wrong.

    After getting a half dozen repair people who had no clue, I thought I had plenty of time and no clue. I can do that job. And the internet has instructions for diagnosing and repairing almost everything now.

    Of course my time isn’t valuable. I imagine yours is. Besides, I kind of enjoy the challenge and frustration. It’s like a really big expensive puzzle that keeps my food cold. Well, keeps my food cold most of the time.

  19. Just so you know…my 24 year old refrigerator, washer, and dryer are Kenmore. They’ve never seen any repairs and are still going strong. (knock-on-wood!). My builder installed, bottom of the line (at least back then) 24 year old Magic Chef stove and dish washer need replacing. I do not use the dish washer because it has a small leak (that developed after about 20 years). My stove I use everyday, but one of the big burners only knows High temperature. I just stay away from that one big burner. I’m afraid I’ll turn it on and it won’t turn off. I have an un-natural fear of all household appliances. I fear they might explode, catch fire, electrocute, flood, and kill me.

  20. Arcticgoddess’ suggestion about Twitter is not quite accurate. No one will actually see it except that actor/actress (and the people that follow both you and them) unless they retweet it for you. Not sure if they are willing to retweet it, but the blog followers here would be happy to retweet it and maybe their friends will retweet it, etc.

    I checked my appliances and my 21-year-old refrigerator is a Whirlpool. So is my dryer (maybe 3-5 years of age). My washer of 3-5 years of age is a Kenmore as is my 7- to 10-year-old dishwasher. My 21-year-old microwave is a Whirlpool. My 5- to 7-year-old oven is a Kenmore.

  21. @gforce I remember relating a story about dehumidifiers a while ago. The one failed after a 3 or so years. Bought different brand name. I could swap the buckets out and the new worked fine.

    Joe, I was going to write a bit tongue and cheek about the paints, but with your posting for your upcoming wedding trip I think there is something deeper. In looking at Akemi’s painting I thought it looked like a special big cake and near water like English Bay on a sunny July day, a nice picnic theme. But it seems she was thinking about a big cruise ship, which are plentiful in Vancouver this time of year, on the ocean heading into the sun. The sun sets in the west and in the direction of Japan, despite Japan being know as the land of the rising sun. I still think the ship looks like a cake in celebration of the coming November date. So she has the future trip on mind. What do you think? I am not sure about your picture. Digital photography can be tricky. With you love cartoons I some how notice a bit of Sponge Bob. I do see some expressionist tendencies.

    I bought a new stove two years ago from Sears. It is a simple one no bell or computer chips. Since it is gas, I have a repair plan with my gas utility $24US a month and 7 days a week call-out. At one time the tech even gave me a replacement part on the old stove.

    I thought you might try the Kabuke theme. It would be fitting for your work and it is a bit chilly in Japan in November.
    Regarding the photo above, I am wondering if that would be a good way to deal with my increasing hair line. It would beat that tacky come over, right?

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