Akemi has “the” worst sense of direction.  And that’s really saying something coming from me, someone who HAD “the” worst sense of direction prior to my meeting her and relinquishing the crown.  Every time she takes the dogs out for a walk, I experience an uneasy sense of foreboding, sort of akin to what the loved ones of pre-colonial explorers must have felt as they watched their significant others disappear into the wild.  “Pack a snack!”I want to say as she heads out the door. “And some water!  And this handy compass and map of the neighborhood!”

This afternoon, we took Lulu out for a not-all-that circuitous stroll around the block.  As I took a right, down our street, Akemi hesitated. “Oh,”she said.  “I thought we had to turn left.”

“Well, YOU have to turn left,”I told her, “because that’s the way to the airport.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for three wonderful years and wish you all the best.  If you need a letter of reference for your next relationship, I’d be more than happy to – ”

“Oh, no,”she interrupted matter-of-factly, turning right and leading the way toward home.  “I’m going to stay for another three years.”

“You are?”

“Yes.  It’s in the contract you signed.”

“Hunh.  I don’t recall signing a contract.”

“No.  You were probably drunk.  But I remember.”

Well, there you go.  Not great with directions but excellent with memories, phantom or otherwise.

Lulu wants it to be clear: there are boundaries, especially when it comes to chew toys.
Lulu wants it to be clear: there are boundaries, especially when it comes to chew toys.

So, hey, the other day I was perusing facebook for invitations to play Farmville when I happened across a post via the Pugs in Canada page. A family had moved away and surrendered their ten year old pug. Rather than dropping the dog off at the local SPCA, a concerned neighbor took him in and was looking for a new home for the poor little guy.  Now, as many of you know, I’ve been considering adopting a senior pug – one of those old-timers who everyone else has given up on.  I’ve been vacillating for months now, checking out the local (and not so local) pug rescue sites on a nightly basis.  And when I read the aforementioned post, I was torn.  On the one hand, I wasn’t sure I was ready to make an addition to the pack.  On the other hand, I’ve been thinking about a certain pug I was considering adopting months ago – a portly black fellow who reminded me of my late pug Maximus.  I considered, re-considered, decided against adopting – and the dog ended up going to another home.  I was happy for the little guy – until I read an update that he had disappeared from his adoptive family’s back yard.  They suspect coyotes, but who knows?  I can’t help but think that if I had made up my mind and acted sooner, I could have saved that pug.

Realistically, there are many dogs in need out there and I can’t save them all.  But maybe, I thought after reading that facebook post, I could save THAT one.  So I contacted the poster who informed me that she was already talking to a family that had expressed interest in taking him in – but if those discussions fell through…

Alas, I was informed this morning that it’s a happy ending for the little guy who has been placed with a loving family.  I’m both relieved and…well…kind of relieved.  But also a little sad.

Maybe next time?

A quick shout out to Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada, a non-profit registered group, all volunteer-run, some of who were trained under Noah’s Wish in the US. During a disaster, they will retrieve/shelter/ feed pets and then return them to their families. They services the Quesenl, B.C. area but will assist other communities if invited to do so, working with any pet in a safe working relationship (horses-  to kittens—and more): Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada – Our mission is to save …

Pssst.  I here someone may be moving in.
Pssst. I here someone may be moving in.

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Bilo&Kasper – and a second dedication to Joanie!

21 thoughts on “July 17, 2013: Contractual obligations! And an almost addition to the pack!

  1. Garmin Nuvi’s have a pedestrian mode (and a four hour battery) 🙂

    And what does the Canadian Customs procedure look like for dogs coming from the U.S.? If it’s not too strenuous, I could keep an eye out for a pug that needs a home and let you know.

  2. I learned the alternate fate of a potential adoptee from the radio. I won’t let myself get to the point of learning names again until I’m sure.

  3. How great that Akemi is going to be with you for another 3 years. I know my sense of direction is the worst as I have none.

  4. Sounds like a great contract! As for having a sense of direction – I think some of us are just gifted with a natural ability to be lost. I have to have a GPS in my vehicle to find my way around my neighborhood and I’ve lived here for many many years.
    Now as for alternate fate of adoptee pets – is there anyone that can give me a good website to list animals in need of a good home here in the US? Three very young kittens have been abandoned by their mother on my pool deck and although they are very cute, I already practically run a zoo at my house and have no way to support further pets. I tried taking them to the local private animal rescue but they were full and couldn’t take them. I am reluctant to take them to the humane society as I know what will happen to them there. Anyone have any suggestions?

  5. @jcckeith

    In all honesty, you’ll be better off asking on a cat forum, there are plenty around with knowledgeable owners who can advise you better. It does sound like you’ve got a stray cat abandoning their kittens situation on your hands though.

    Though you could always advertise in your local area if anyone wants a kitten? Or ask any friends or family. Depending on the age they’ll need to be cared for properly. I would go for an advert in your local newspaper route though.

  6. I don’t know if Mapquest works in Canada but it has a pedestrian mode. I used it with my new client when I got turned around in their neighborhood because these particular roads are not straight. I have the app on my IPhone.

    Sad about the pug, but I do know how that feels. My timeline on Facebook gets filled with all these animals. You can’t save them all. Your pack sounds like our book club. We are so used to one another that we’ve talked about inviting new people and we have tried out one or two people but it chances the dynamic. One will be moving to another state at the end of the year, and with all my dog sitting I don’t know when I might be able to go again.

  7. @ jcckeith, if you want to private message me at DebraDownSth at aol.com I will be happy to find you a local good cat rescue. Although I do almost exclusively dog rescue, cats fall into our laps sometimes (ie dumped at our house).

    🙁 Bad Joseph Mallozzi… teach Akemi about leaving. She didn’t mean 3 yrs, she meant 300.

  8. @ Joanie – Sending good thoughts and big hugs your way!! Hang in there!

    @ Bella&Kasper – Very sorry to hear about your horse, Dundee. it does suck getting old. Big hugs to you, too!


  9. Wow, has it been 3 yrs, time does fly when you are having fun. Akemi sounds like a woman with a plan, always a good thing. And she can cook! So you probably did sign something virtual. Its all good.
    @Bilo&Kasper and Joanie,, {{hugs}}

  10. I have four cats, one had been fostered by my neighbor (who had five or six cats, not sure), one was handed to me at a Petco by college who had found him starving, and my father’s two elderly cats. They were with him when he passed away, and very confused, poor things. I have tow keep my two and the ladies separate, or there is far too much growling and wicked swats. Blood has been drawn. I couldn’t add another cat now without moving from a tense standoff to outright war.

  11. Everything looks the same in the suburbs. I found my way around Bombay, Paris and Tokyo but I always get lost in the suburbs.

  12. Actually, I have the worst sense of direction of anyone. Except when I’m carrying my phone, then I have all the information I need. I used to consider spending a number of hours lost every week just something I had to deal with if I wanted to leave the house.

    People with a bad sense of direction just see the world from a different perspective, from the inside out and their own set of assumptions. The world would have very boring philosophy without us.

  13. Thanks Joe, and I’m so sorry you missed out on the dog. I’m sure the little guy will have a good life with his new owners, but I just know he would have had a better one with you. One things for sure, you will get that perfect match – it’s just a matter of time.

    Speaking of matches, I have to hand it to Akemi! Just like a woman to keep track of the important stuff. BTW…have you actually seen this contract? Mind you, the girl’s doing a great job of looking after you and the brood so I think you’re doing pretty well out the deal.

    Oh…and I’m crap with directions too. As someone said to me recently “No, take a step to your other right…’

  14. Prayers to both Bilo&Kasper & Joanie!

    What else did you sign while you were drunk? Hmm, 😉 .

    As long as Akemi has her phone, she can call for help. Just make sure she keeps it charged it.

    I’m really loving my hubby’s new phone charger. It’s like the charger you had in SGU, a plate charger. Real life meets Scifi!

    I wouldn’t worry about finding a dog to rescue. In my experience, they turn up at unexpected times. It’s a tough economy. 🙁

    Das: Your hubby might like Longmire. It’s a modern western.

  15. “A quick shout out to Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada, a non-profit registered group, all volunteer-run, some of who were trained under Noah’s Wish in the US. During a disaster, they will retrieve/shelter/ feed pets and then return them to their families.”

    Fantastic work groups like this do. I only wish they’d been around for hurricanes Andrew and Katrina. So many heartbreaking stories.

    I’m so glad the Pug got a home! Doesn’t really matter where, as long as he’s loved. 🙂

  16. @Christian

    That’s great, the show also had a fantastic premiere, drawing 3 million viewers, 1 million more than Season 22 of The Amazing Race on CTV. I have a feeling the network were playing it safe making the show use locations exclusively in Canada, for one once you leave the country your budget skyrockets.

    I think the show will go on for a good 5 seasons personally. There’s plenty to do in Canada in the spirit of the Amazing Race and still make it feel fresh to viewers.

  17. Thanks Joe, das, & Tam.

    Spirit, my 12-year-old mare who grew up with Dundee has finally stopped calling for him and is resigned to hang out with LJ, our 8-year-old gelding. 🙁

  18. I am so glad Akemi will stay with you for another 3 years!! and that you won’t have to write a relationship reference letter for her… 🙂 !! lol I am not sure would I have liked to read that on your blog Jo! 🙂
    Thumbs up for the animal rescue interest that you share with all of us! and thanks you on their behalf 🙂
    Have a great weekend xoxo

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